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My Stay At Home Adventures Year In Review Part Dos

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Welcome to our second part of My Stay At Home Adventures Year In Review, where I write about my favorite posts of 2014, with a side note of updates and comments. Hope you enjoyed the first part where you can read how 2014 started for my blog, and how much I hated the snow. During My Stay At Home Adventures Year In Review Part Dos, you will know what helped me turn this blog around.

This post, we will start with July, and will end in December. You will see a transition on how My Stay At Home Adventures started to pick up during the fall year, and maybe while working on this post, I’ll see what exactly I did or changed in me to get this blog moving. I am enjoying writing this year in review posts because I get to look back at my work, and see where I was and how I felt. It's a pretty cool feeling. I hope my blogging friends do this too, so I can read your side comments about your 2014 posts.

July 2014

During the month of July, I continued to work on my 52 Week Saving Challenge. I lost my beloved uncle the day after my son turned 4, ten months after losing his older brother. I was so devastated and heartbroken. Yet, I managed to pick up my sad heart, and keep going. I miss him terribly, he was the light of our family. The one that made everyone laugh. Anyway, during this month, I was in my To-Do List daily challenge too!

Why Are You Not Receiving Your Favorite Newsletters – For some time, my blog newsletters were not being received, nor was I getting my favorite blogs emails. After doing some research, I found something that helped my problem without having to pay.

Amazon Wedding Registry – We used this for our wedding registry, and don’t regret it one bit. It was easy and simple for everyone.

August 2014

Again, this month seemed to be laid-back for me; probably because I was sad or something. I continued to do my 52 Week Challenge, but I seemed to unplugged from the PC more during this month.

July Recap – A Life Changing Month – I wrote about the our July events, and how our gas budget went up. Just reading this, I see a sense of sadness in my tone. hugs self My baby girl turned 16 too!

A Surprising Discovery While Doing To-Do List – This was a recap of the entire month of July, and what I discovered while working on this month's long challenge.

How To Stick To A Wedding Budget – Pretty helpful post about sticking to your wedding budget. This helped us out a lot during our wedding planning.

Changing my Daily Routine – UPDATE – I write an update on my routine, and how I am doing. I love the vegetable picture from my garden.

Frugal Wedding Planning – Self-Uniting Marriage License – I write about how our state of Pennsylvania honors Self-Uniting Marriages, and our decision to have one.

get out of debtGet Out Of Debt: Start an Emergency Fund – I write this post because I was tired of reading the same thing when it came to emergency funds and how to kill your debt. Many feel that giving all your money to kill debt is the best thing to do, while others don’t. What do you think?

September 2014

This month was a busy month for us. Our wedding was fast approaching, it felt like this month flew by pretty fast.

Top 5 Recipes For Plantains – I gathered up all my favorite plantain recipes for everyone to enjoy. Plantains are so affordable, and so delicious; if you have not tried this fruit, I recommend it.

Wedding Planning: Update & Tea Party Bridal Shower – Here is a post about my bridal shower, and how beautiful it came out without breaking the bank.

October 2014

This was the best month ever for me. Not only did we finally get married, something clicked inside of me that decided to break free from my insecurities, and start kicking butt on this blog. I found an awesome book that helped me get over my blogging insecurities, and I could see how my blog was starting to turn little by little. I hope you see how the posts started coming, becoming more personal, and detailed during this month.

25 Ways To Save Money For Christmas

25 Ways To Save Money For Christmas – This is where the posts started to become more popular, and this one started it all! During the month of December, it was featured in a Weekend Wanderer and it blew up! I love the picture, I love that I was experimenting with the information I had gathered. It set the tone to what My Stay At Home Adventures should be about. Pinterest loved it.

How This Girl Dumped $14,500 in Debt While Working Retail – This not only was so super exciting, but had more meaning that just this titled. Behind the scene, a friend helped me to leave my comfort zone, and shared with the world how freaking awesome I am! Those are our boys, I love them so much! I am a very lucky mama.

Family: My Many Firsts – This was an old post, but somehow I re-posted it during this month because it had so many personal meanings behind it. I was getting married for the first time ever. I was experiencing so many “firsts” during this month that I felt the need to share this post with others.

5 Ways To Make Cash Before Christmas – I wrote this post while coming up with ways to make money for Christmas. In reality, the list was pretty long, so I had to narrow it down to the top 5 ways that have worked for us in the past 2 years.

Today Is The Day! – This day will be forever in my memories. I married a wonderful person who, still to this day, I have to pinch myself and thank God for having him in my life. There’s something special about telling the rest of the world how much you love someone!

3 Surprising Reasons To Use Coupons To Reduce Your Debt – I love coupons. I think coupons, if used correctly, can help you reduce your debt.

Why We Don’t Buy Toys For Our Children – I wrote about the reasons we don’t buy toys for our kids. Not because we want to brag about being cool parents, but the real reasons behind it are given here. Hope you enjoy this post.

November 2014

We came back from our honeymoon from Puerto Rico. This was something we both needed. We decided that we needed to take time for ourselves, and focus on what we both want for 2015. During this month, I came home to work on my blog and started getting ready for the Holidays. I was still a bit nervous about it as my blog wasn’t doing as well since I was away on our honeymoon, it was running on autopilot. I was feeling pretty good about my 52 Week Saving Challenge since I have passed the $1000 marked!

5 Step To Take Control Of Your Finances – I was on a kick to write about what I am passionate about, and that is personal finances.

We Finally Got Married – I wrote about one of the best days of my life. Very personal. Very beautiful.

My Fall Wedding Inspirations – A peek of what inspired our wedding.

10 Helpful Tips To Survive Black Friday Shopping – Love it or hate it, Black Friday was coming and I wrote these helpful tips to survive one of the biggest shopping days of the year.

My Personal Goals For Christmas

My Personal Goals For Christmas – I wrote about my personal goals for Christmas. I started out with the bang, only to fall short. You see we got struck with a nasty flu that affected the entire house. This set us back with everything. Cooking and baking was the last thing we wanted to do. However, I had no regrets writing this down because we accomplished the majority of the list.

52 Week Saving Challenge Week 48: What Are You Financially Thankful For? – One of my favorite weekly 52 Week Challenge posts. Read why.

December 2014

This month was the best month, besides October of course. The blog broke tons of records on viewership and financially, all because I stop caring about my insecurities. Found a great book, and my husband gave me such a great encouragement.

Are You Mom Or Your Children’s Friend? – I wrote this post after having a candid conversation with my friends about this topic. I want to know, since when being a mom stopped being cool! I received a few emails about it. My response is this: why are you afraid of being a mom to your children? Since when is being a mom not a cool thing? What are you afraid of?

Best Christmas Gifts For Moms – I had so much fun writing this post. I love laughing and being silly.

My Biggest Failure As A Blogger – A very open post about myself. I was surprised about the comments, and so glad I was able to help others.

52 Week Saving Challenge Ends – I am so proud that I was able to complete this challenge and keep going for the entire 2014! I didn’t write about it when it was a fad, I kept going with weekly recaps and encouragement. HURRAY!

Tips to Successfully Complete The 52Tips to Successfully Complete The 52 Week Saving Challenge – Wrote an entire post about how to complete this challenge.

Tips To Not Overspend Money This Christmas – Helpful tips to help you NOT overspend.

5 Money Saving Ideas For 2015 – Helpful ways to save money starting 2015! Again, something I am very passionate about.

Best Financial Challenges for 2015 – If you loved 52 Week Saving Challenge, find a financial challenge for 2015 that will work for you!

There it is, finally the end of a fabulous year. I started this year with the goal of stepping out of my insecurities and taking this blog to the next level. Yet, somehow, I didn’t know how until the fall when I discovered this book, How To Blog For Profit: Without Selling Your Soul. I recommend this book to anyone who wants to start a blog or are a blogger that wants to take your blog to the next level.

I really hope you enjoyed my year in review posts and would come back and visit us to see what 2015 will bring!

Happy New Year!

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  1. I’m so sorry to hear about your uncle. Those losses really define us, but I firmly believe that as long as they are remembered and spoken of they live on.

    Congrats on such a great fall!!! I’m dying to know which book that was that helped so much?

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