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25 Never Thought Of Ways To Save Money For Christmas You Can Do Today!

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These 25 ways to save money for Christmas are going to help you save money this holiday season for sure!

Christmas is around the corner, and before you realize it, you are struggling financially to meet your budget during December.

Though we are only a few weeks away from Christmas how you manage your money today matters and this is why you need to read this post.

These 25 ways to save money for Christmas will inspire you to save money and enjoy the holiday season the way it was intended.

Now some of these money-saving ideas are simple, and it will only take you a few minutes to do.

And others might have you thinking twice, but I will beg you to at least give some of these money-saving ideas and tips a try and you will save money for Christmas.

How much you save this holiday is entirely up to you!

Before we continue, let’s start by answering the top questions people ask about saving money for Christmas.

Let’s go over them.

How much money should you save for Christmas?

Financial experts recommend that you only spend 1% of your overall household income on Christmas.

This is a simple, straightforward rule. For example, if you and your spouse make a combined $90,000, you would spend no more than $900.

If you have several kids or a large family, this may not seem like enough money to make things happen.

Quite the contrary.

A budget like this encourages you to take your time, be creative, and to look for awesome deals.

If you want to save more for Christmas than this, it’s up to you. Just make sure something necessary isn’t suffering in order to spend extravagantly at Christmas.

How can I save money for Christmas all year?

There are so many great ways to save money for Christmas all year. First of all, saving money for Christmas begins with after-Christmas sales.

You can save money on wrapping paper, greeting cards, and decorations during the after-Christmas sales.

Not only that but the longer the items are on the shelves, the less expensive they are.

It’s not uncommon to snag Christmas items for 90% off. You can also save money on gifts for next year by starting to shop for gifts after Christmas.

Shop for gifts all throughout the year to save tons of money. Always check the clearance sections and keep your eyes open for great deals.

Of course, it’s essential to have a budget. Let’s say you want to spend a total of $1000 for Christmas.

Break the budget down into categories so that you know how much you can comfortably spend on gifts, decorations, and holiday food.

As you purchase things throughout the year, deduct them from your budget.

Also, once you have your budget in mind, you’ll know exactly how much you need to save weekly to meet your goal.

For example, if you’re going to spend $1000, you would want to put away roughly $85 for 52 weeks. If you have less time than that, up your weekly amount accordingly.

So, how do you make this happen? If you have $85 a week in disposable income, this can be the money you save for Christmas.

You can put this money into a regular savings account or ask your bank if they have a special Christmas savings account.

These accounts usually require you to keep the money in the bank until the holidays arrive.

This is great if you want to make sure you don’t touch the money, but can be difficult if you want to shop throughout the year. If you don’t have a lot of disposable income.

You need to decide if you want to cut expenses or do a side gig to have the extra money.

25 Never Thought Of Ways To Save Money For Christmas

Create a budget

Having a budget is going to be important when it comes to managing your money this holiday season.

Keep it real

With the current global situation, keep it real. By keeping real this means to understand that the way we celebrated the holidays, the way we shopped, and travels.

Let’s keep that in mind and keep things real. Keep things small and safe and scale it down your plans for this holiday season.

Scale things down and this will help you save money.

Use coupons

You don’t have to spend hours cutting coupons, but you can take advantage of store coupons that are available.

Coupons do help you save money and if you take a few minutes a day you plan your shopping trip you can score significant savings with coupons.

Coupons and discounts codes will save you money. Always search for coupon codes.

Set aside your savings

Every week set aside a certain amount of money. Even if you don’t have much, then set aside the amount you are saving and set it aside. Putting away money into an account is a great way to save money for Christmas.

Buy items on sale

Many items do go on sale and to be honest, if you purchase items at their regular price you are not saving money at all.

During the holiday season make sure you buy items that are on sale. Now on that note, hot ticket items are not going to be on sale.

If you are waiting for a hot item to go on sale chances are is not going to happen.

Use a shopping list

Writing a shopping list and sticking to it will help you save money.

Write a menu plan for the week

Start writing a weekly menu plan to help you reduce the time in the kitchen and to help you save money too.

Quit eating out

I know it is so tempting to stop and grab something to eat when you are holiday shopping, but if you want to save money avoid eating out as much as possible.

Bring your lunch

When going to work, please make sure you pack your lunch and avoid buying lunch at work, By doing this, you will save money, guaranteed!

Make your own coffee

Again, I know its cold out there, and you want to warm up with a nice hot cup of overpriced coffee. Skip buying coffee and start making your own coffee at home.

Quit smoking

I know this sounds easy but seriously it’s 2019, and we all know that nothing good comes from smoking. Maybe it is time to cut back and make this a 2020 goal to quit smoking.

Quit buying alcohol

If you want to save money, then you are going to have to cut down on purchasing alcohol. If you are hosting holiday gatherings and purchasing alcohol, it’s going to cost you money. The solution for this is to have your guests bring their own alcohol.

Stop getting your nails done professionally

Avoid getting your hair done and use that money toward something you need. If saving money is what you want to do this holiday season, skip getting your nails done and save that money.

Sell your unwanted stuff

Social media and apps are making it easier to get rid of unwanted items for cash. Take advantage of these services and start making money for things you no longer want or need.

Insulate your home during the winter

Reducing the cost of your bills is essential and insulating your home during the winter will surely save you money on your house bills. Again, you can take the money saved and use it for Christmas expenses.

Make homemade meals

Make your meals at home, and you will see how much money you will be saving. Use your menu plan and shopping list, and you will see a reduction in your grocery budget.

Turn off and unplug your appliances

If you are not using it, unplug it. This goes with Christmas lights too set them on a schedule and avoid having them turn on all the time.

Use Swagbucks to earn free giftcards

There are so many ways you can earn Swagbucks and exchange them for gift cards which are going to help you save money. You can learn more about Swagbucks and how to earn free giftcards here.

Don’t overspend on gifts

I know you want to make sure your kids have a memorable Christmas, but going broke buying too many toys is not worth it. Keep it real and create memories in another way.

Get rid of cable

You don’t need all those channels. Find other alternatives to watching TV like Hulu, Amazon Prime, Netflix, and such. I can guarantee you that there will be tons of Christmas movies there.

You can get free HDTV with no annual contract with Mohu.

Find the right mobile plan for you

With many people staying home and traveling less, switching from mobile plans is a great way to save money.

With less traveling, and people working from home more and being home more, why pay for continue mobile services you don’t need.

Use Wifi and lower your data plan will result in great savings.

I have paid as low as $15 a month on my smartphone plan and to be honest, you have to look around for smaller companies.

If you are interested in finding an affordable mobile carrier, then I recommend my cellular company, Republic Wireless.

Want to lower it even more?

Switch to Tello!

Tello is a great service I am using with my iPhone and pay $11 a month for 1 Gig.

Don’t use your credit cards

If you have credit card debt, I will suggest you stop using a credit card and stick to a cash-only budget. And not just during the holiday season but until you have your credit card use under control.

Why increase your debt using credit cards this holiday season that will add to your financial stress.

Switch Insurance

Call around and start looking for a lower rate. Every two years we recommend you start shopping for a new insurance company.

During pandemic, people are driving less, call your insurance and see how you can save money.

Make your own items

Make your own laundry soap; it will save you tons of money. Make your own cleaner and use vinegar to clean your windows and as a fabric softener.

Use money making apps

If you have a smartphone I recommend downloading and using these apps:

To even help you save money download our 10 page Christmas Planner at no cost to you. Click the photo for more information.


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I know there are tons of other ways you can save money for Christmas, but these ideas you have to admit are very helpful. Especially when you are short on time and Christmas day is fast approaching.

Now your turn: What other way do you save money for Christmas? Share it with us.

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  1. I started shopping a couple of weeks ago so that Christmas doesn’t hit me all at one. I also like to use my Swagbucks and InboxDollars for Christmas shopping. Every little bit counts!

    1. I haven’t started yet to be honest. I have been saving my Swagbucks and all the money I have save using my phone apps too. Like you said is not a lot but every bit counts! Thanks Alexa!

  2. These are great trips. I have to say I agree about the alcohol : ) adds up really really quickly!

  3. Great ideas! I do most of these…except 14! I can’t give up my nails (mostly because I am pregnant and can’t reach my toes and my nail lady gives the BEST hand massages! Lol!)

  4. I really need to start saving money for the holidays. I’m so bad with managing money. I could use all the extra money I could get! I love these tips. Everyone keeps saying good things about Swagbucks. I guess I need to check them out! I’m also really bad at budgeting. Yikes! Hopefully my boyfriend can help me out. Thanks for the tips!

  5. Great tips! I wish we could get rid of cable but don’t think we’re ready yet. Can’t wait til we do a yard sale next year.

  6. Great tips! We started putting money aside back in January for Christmas – we didn’t move it to a separate account but it’s earmarked for Christmas so it doesn’t feel like such a shock when we spend a lot!

  7. I love coupons but unfortunately SA doesn’t offer many, I do try and keep to a shopping list.

  8. We make a lot of our own stuff, as well as quite a few on this list and they really do help! I think our downfall is we love to eat out!

  9. I especially love the “stop smoking” and “quit getting your nails done” tips. It’s always bothered me when people who are in debt and not making much income spend their money on frivolous things like that. But, who am I to judge? Anyway, great tips! 🙂

  10. Excellent suggestions! We really live in a want world vs real needs when it comes down to it. You point that out well with some of your top 25!

  11. I need to budget for gifts to be more prepared, and I love to make my own coffee. We have been trying to cook more at home and it really does make a difference in the checkbook. 🙂 Great tips!

    1. What used to kill my finances was eating out. It was until we did a budget that we realized how much money we were spending by simply eating out. Thank you for commenting.

  12. I love this! Currently making a dollhouse for my nieces… and all the requisite furniture. It’s so fun, I wonder who the gift’s really for. 😉

  13. Really good tips. I will try to use Swagbucks more this year. I also need to change our insurance to see if we can save, and I am planning to make even more of our household items in the near future.

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