We Finally Got Married

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IMG_20141028_075828_zpsqx2ezaiuIf you haven't heard we finally got married October 25th, 2014. After many years together and having a family we made it official in a simple self-uniting ceremony in front of our close family and friends. Many of you have emailed me and knew the exact day and here's the post of one of my favorite, most memorable days of my life.

Our wedding was short and simple and very meaningful to us. As I said earlier, it was a self-uniting ceremony where we didn't have a third party marrying us. The license we obtained for our wedding ceremony is also known as a “Quaker” license and it took a small fight to get  that particular license in my county. We both said our own written vows to one another and our close friend served as the master of ceremony to keep people inform of what was going on. It would of been awkward to walk in say our vows and have people confused as to what the heck we were doing. I will also write about self-uniting wedding and how we did ours.

our weddingSince the day before, we were laughing and joking and practice was fun. The next day, the minute I walked in and walked down the isle and saw him standing there I broke down. I cried during my vows to him,  I was a mess! I love this guy! The ceremony was just us, simple to the point. Everyone was crying. Our children were running around like maniacs because everyone was so into our ceremony.

What made me even more emotional was that I finally got to see the people that matter the most in one place. Celebrating our wedding, not a funeral. We have lost 2 important people in our family and seeing them there celebrating and shedding tears of joy instead of mourning was very touching to me. I cried even more when I saw my childhood and close friends there. I haven't seen many of them in years and I didn't realized how much I missed them. It was like we have never been apart, it felt good, it felt great.

What made this day special to me, though we have been together in like forever, is that we finally got to share our love and our commitment to one another in front of God, family, and friends. The feeling is indescribable. Marriage is something we were both looking forward to and having this celebration the way we wanted with our family and friends was worth the wait.Wedding photos

Our wedding was done during the right time. Not only did it bring us together as husband and wife but it brought our families together. Is not about how much you spent on your wedding, who you invited, the material stuff, is about celebrating your love and commitment to one another and sharing it with the people that are most important to you.

A wedding should be a celebration not a money burden. My family cooked the meals and it didn't cost as much as catering service would of. We had about 90 guests, um way more than the projected 75 was our goal. Friends and family brought pasta salad, Greek pastries,we made lemonade and ice tea and lemonade to bring the cost of buying the soda from the hall. The wedding cake was a wedding gift from my high school friend. She make beautiful creations. My nails were a gift from another friends. We had one on one time the day before which I truly enjoyed.The make up was done by a friends who loves makes up. My cousin who is a cosmetologist did my hair for free. A dear friend took pictures at my home when I was getting ready. Friends and family took pictures and helped to decorate and clean up the hall. You see the point here?  I am blessed with family and friends and this day showed how bless I am and how grateful I am to have them in my life!

We skip a lot of traditions in our wedding day. Planning a wedding is hard, planning a wedding when you have children is a bit harder. We skipped the tradition of not seeing each other before our wedding. Um someone has to put the kids to sleep and cook and stuff. Just because we are getting married doesn't stop our daily home life routine. However, we decided to not see each other after we were getting ready. So he didn't know what I was wearing or how I looked. He stayed away.

We skipped the father/daughter dance or any other dance. My husband doesn't dance. We did our first dance and he made a disclaimer before we even started that this was his first dance ever. He did wonderful and I loved him for doing this.

We did have alcohol and this girl was drunk. I am not a drinker and they knew this (I'll blame others for this 😉 ). We had for a particular beer and a certain wines the rest was a cash bar and boy did my guests used it. I don't do shots but that night  I did.  We were both so happy. I was happy and we enjoyed ourselves. Even if this girl was sick as a dog the next day. 😉

We didn't get into any debt with our wedding. We worked hard to save and we had a wedding celebration that reflected who we are. We saved money doing our own decorations and cooking our own food instead of catering. Our wedding was meaningful and worth waiting for.

Thank you for asking and your emails, my friends.

Next post I will write about the honeymoon that was not going to happen.

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  1. Congrats, Britnee! It sounds like such a beautiful day! And you know I feel you on the kids during the ceremony thing. 😉 I’m so glad that you guys got the wedding you wanted, and so proud of you for doing it right and not going broke to get it. Kudos and congratulations!

  2. Britnee, what an AWESOME celebration!!!! So very cool that you did things the way you wanted to, and even cooler that you did it debt free. That cake is gorgeous!!! I love how your friends/family all worked together to help bless this day and get you everything you needed. It sounds like the absolutely perfect day – huge congrats to your whole cute little family.

    1. IT was a perfect day. I was so emotional that day. When I saw how my family and friends came together. I just can’t describe it. Unbelievable feeling.

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