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2014 Personal Goals Update

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I always have a hard time on what to call my new year resolutions. I love calling them goals because they tend to mean more “business” and I seem to finish them or attempt to finish them than a “resolution”. During 2014, I wrote a few personal goals that I wanted to complete for the year. These yearly long goals were written for the purpose of breaking away from my insecurities. This post is about my 2014 Personal Goals Update post where I will tell you how I did and where I failed.

I have to say that 2014 was filled with happiness and sadness it will be a memorable one for sure. We finally got married after many years of being together. We were able to pay for our wedding and have a fabulous honeymoon without going into debt. We bought our new to us minivan and paid cash! 2014 will one of our favorite years for sure.

How do I compare with the rest of my 2014 personal goals I set for myself? Let’s compare my 2014 personal goals and see how I did during 2014.

2014 Personal Goal Update


Facing my fears. – On 2014 I decided to really work on this because it was holding me back on a lot of things I wanted to do in my life. One was taking this blog to the next level. I was so afraid of taking the next step for fear of rejection and because I was also comparing myself to others. I am proud to say that this is one of my greatest accomplishments and my blog has taken off to the next level. Not quite where I want it to be but getting there.

Continue to lose weight by staying active and eating healthy. – This summer I managed to start jogging almost everyday! This was a huge accomplishment for me. I managed to lose about 10 lbs but it wasn’t about the pounds it was about being able to run over a mile and continue to do it daily. Because 2014 was full with major events I didn’t get a chance to do a 5K, but there is always next year. We also managed to grow some of our own vegetables.

Continue to improve and maintain my time management. I took a drastic change on my routine during the summer that seem to kicked my motivation back up. All because I changed my daily routine around. I recommend doing this challenge for at least a month and see if changing your daily routine will benefit you.

Enjoy more night outs. This was something we both needed and, quite honestly, when we went on our honeymoon to Puerto Rico we realized how much we needed time alone. We love our children but spending time with each other was simply the best thing ever for us!


Take on the 52 Week Saving Challenge. – This was the best thing that ever happened to me during this year. Boy did I take this challenge serious and was able to save enough money for Christmas and other needed things we were holding up on. To read all about my 52 Week Challenge read all about it here.

Take our frugal ways to the next level on 2014. We managed to grow our own vegetables during the summer. We were able to make more homemade meals. Not where I wanted us to be but that is going to take a little bit more time. We are coming up with plans to help and improve our progress for 2015.

Invest our money. – We epically failed on this department on 2014. Our excuse was that we had so much on our plate with wedding planning and other events that we didn't have time.

Invest on my blog.- I have made some investment on my blog that are paying off. This is something I decided I needed to write about during 2015 to help others and hold me accountable for my fails.

For 2014, I say my goals were almost completed. Is funny when we sat down to write them last year life was going to throw us some major curve balls. What I am thankful for was that we were able to overcome them and continue. We didn’t managed to invest our money the way we wanted to but we managed to do other important things and we also learned a lot about investing.

How did you do with your 2014 goals? Tell us!

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