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We Paid Cash For Our Minivan

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We Paid Cash For Our Minivan

We finally did it! We paid cash for our minivan, and it is the best feeling ever. Did you hear me? BEST FEELING EVER!

During my previous rambling post, you might have read that we made a huge purchase on March 31st. This huge purchase was our new-to-us minivan we have been saving for what seems like forever.

We were so torn about this van. One minute we wanted it and the next, we were like nah! We have been saving  for quite some time and had an account specifically for this purchase.

You guys! This is like some happy moment for us. We have never, EVER, bought a car cash.

All my cars I have made ridiculous payments because I wanted cool cars, but even though this is not a “cool car” after all the time we took saving for it, is a very special car to me.

What made us decide to buy the minivan?

One evening, while in our monthly date night we decided to talk about it to see how we both felt about buying a minivan. We have a tendency of saying things or mentioning things and not following through with them.

We Paid Cash For Our Minivan

That's what was happening to our minivan issue. We needed one but we just weren't serious about it.  We weren't making it a priority or maybe I just didn't want to get rid of my vehicle. 😉 Heck, at one point we decided we didn't need to purchase a minivan just yet. The reality is that our family is growing and our Jetta wasn't for our family anymore.

During our dinner date, we talked and decided to start looking. We listened to one another and decided on a budget. We decided that we will trade our Jetta  (my heart broke that moment) as well. As much as I would love to have another vehicle we can't afford it right now. That's our reality right now and we have adapted for closed to a year with just one car, a Jetta for a family of 5!

For 2 weeks, we researched locally for a nice van. We decided on a budget of $9000.00. We saved enough and it was time to reward ourselves! This is what's so good about saving money, when you reach your goal the rewards feels amazing.

After feeling amazing about our cash only budget last month and how successful it was for us, we decided to go get our minivan. We have been looking at this particular minivan for about 2 weeks. We looked at others but we kept coming back to this one the price was $10,200.

The salesman who serviced us was very interesting to say the least. We personally think he wasn't good at his job or just didn't care.

We test drove the car, found a few things that needed fixing. Salesman responds, “This car was  just inspected this month” My responds, “Oh yeah? Great work with the wipers!” Turns out the wiper blades were ripped pretty bad. The dealer manager came out an apologized about it. As far as the few things needing fixing, they got fixed a few days later free.

When we asked for the price to come down this is what our fabulous salesman said, “Just because you are paying cash doesn't mean the price is going down. These vehicles are already at rock bottom prices.”  My respond, “We will see.”

After appraising our vehicle. Which by the way, during our drive to the dealership  the check engine light turned on. I am not making this up!  The salesman informed us that due to the 3 lights being turned on.

The check engine light, the airbag light, and the daylight lights (not sure what this light is called but it lets you know that the headlights are turned on during the day) our vehicle will be totaled.

I am not kidding here.

This time my quiet husband was the one that spoke and said, “Sir, we are leaving.” Our car is not the greatest but if this guy doesn't know crap about cars then he needs to be treated like he doesn't know what he is doing.

The manager basically stepped in a few times and treated us better.

I think the salesman thought he was dealing with idiots and, quite honestly, the bitch mode button was turned on because every chance I could get I would let him know how disappointed I was at him. Over and over again as I paid them $6200 and left with our van.

So not only did we get the van that we wanted  we also were under budget. To know that we don't have to make monthly payments. The this vehicle is ours. That months of saving and backing down and waiting was so freaking worth it!  This is the first time ever that we bought a car without financing it.

My advice to you all is to be patient and work hard for you goals. I am pretty impatient at times but thanks to my husband and our financial planning we got the van we wanted and under our budget.  Stick to your plans and don't let anyone (salesman) tell you otherwise. Paying cash is NOT old fashion.  Paying cash is rewarding.If the minivan ever needs any repairs, we might even look into DIY repair manuals to save even more money!

Now that you read we paid cash for our minivan have you ever paid cash for a vehicle?

Update 04/2017 – We still have this minivan and is still our reliable car. We are a one car family and we are doing great!

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