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Wedding Planning: Update & Tea Party Bridal Shower

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My Frugal Bridal Shower

My friends, I’m here and still alive. Wedding is fast approaching and because we chose to keep things simple and as frugal as possible it has kept me very busy. This has been years in the making and the excitement is building. We are both happy and so our children who will take part in the ceremony. Regardless whether our budget is high or low, the stress level is ridiculous when it comes to wedding planning. We bowed to only do this once! 😉

As far as getting my self-uniting license in Berks County that was a bust. As the person in charge informed me that until the court orders it “it will never happen in his office.” He also explained that because it has not happened in his 19 years he has been in that office and because of his “personal legal opinion” he will not give a self uniting license out to anyone. Not even an Amish or a Quaker. I will be posting more about this as I took this further but decided that I would not wait for this office to grant me this license.

This last weekend  was my bridal shower and I wanted to tell you a little bit about it because I want you to understand why is important to stick to what you want and what defies you. I am blessed with good neighbors. What they have done for us since I’ve lived in this small town I can’t thank them enough. From helping us wen we lost our  house to a fire, to helping us build our home, I can’t tell you the love and appreciation I have for all of them. This weekend I was able to prove to my extended family and others how awesome they are and why I would do anything for them.

The location of my bridal shower was next door because my neighbor thought it would be beautiful to have a bridal tea party there. Her yard is beautiful and spacious. She has been wanting to do something for my wedding and she was glad to offer year resident to me. She baked the most delicious pies imaginable.

The decorations came from my budget buddy /friend and as you can see from the pictures they were beautiful.

All the games we played came from Gamesforbridalshower.com

Wild Flower Arrangement

The banners were created by us, neighbors, family, and friends. The flowers were created with flowers from the garden and also wild flowers found by the road.

The sugar cookies with our names and cake was made by my sister-in-law. The cupcake cake was something she saw in Pinterest and fell in love with.  The food came from family and friends! The tables and chairs came from family and friends.

Everyone took part and created this memorable shower for me and for that I am thankful. Everyone was budget conscious and knew that a simple shower I would love.

We played games, we ate, and laughed. We truly enjoyed this day! I was very humble and grateful that I have family and friends who care enough to do this for me. The same family and friends are helping us on our wedding. If this date was truly amazing and unforgettable I can only imagine our wedding.

I wanted to share this special day with you all and tell you how utilizing your friends and family can save you tons of money. Most importantly it makes you appreciate them even more! Is not about how big your bridal shower is, about gifts, or money, but about spending and celebrating a special day with the people that matter the most!

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