Review: Train Your Way To Financial Fitness

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Before I start with my review on Train Your Way to Financial Fitness, I want to let you know that this book was given to me to review. The opinions expressed in this post are my own and have not been influenced by any third party. That being said, let me begin by saying that I have been reading Shannon’s blog, Financially Blonde, for quite some time. I enjoy her blog because it’s motivational, real, and helpful. Also, she’s a female and a mom.

When I received the email inviting me to read her book, I was kind of glad and kind of sad. I was glad that Shannon invited me to review her book. I was sad because I like Shannon, but was afraid of reading one of “those” books, those kind of books that just keep repeating the same thing, and I did not want to be let down. Then I read her book Train Your Way To Financial Fitness and below is my review.

I enjoyed this book. When I thought I could not possibly learn anything else about finances, or how to become debt free, I learned more. This financial book is different from any other. This book is for everyone, from those who are in serious financial crisis, to debt free, and even experts.

You are not going to find anything degrading, or negative, in this book. This book is positive and upbeat, and you can read how honest the author is. The reader never feels shamed or judged because of their finances.

What I find makes this book different than the rest is, as a reader, you take a quiz. Relax, it’s not bad. You answer the questions honestly, and at the end, you add up the points. There are three different levels:

  • Financially Fat
  • Financially Skinny
  • Financially Fit

Depending on your score, you will be instructed to read the chapters assigned for each financial level. Let’s be real here, don’t think that just because you are debt free that you will rightly get a good grade, because you may not! This book delivers a powerful reminder that we all need a financial road map for life. By constantly working on your finances, checking your budget, and reworking your financial goals; you will be able to become financially fit. Like a real life weight loss, being debt free is a constant battle that if we don’t continually work at it, we might end up on the same road we were on in the past.

I highly recommend this book to anyone. This is a completely different book with positive, insightful knowledge about finances. If you are having debt issues, if you are debt free, or even if you have your finances together, you must read this book.

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  1. Thank you SO much for reviewing my book Britnee!!! I have had a crazy week, so I am sorry I am just now getting here to read it. I really appreciate your perspective and appreciate your support of my blog as well. Thank you!!!!

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