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7 Quick Ways to Make Money For Christmas You Can Do Today!

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Free money for Christmas is easy to find and these 7 ways to make money for Christmas will prove it to you! Read on!

Looking to make easy cash for Christmas? Find out how you can earn free money for Christmas starting today!

Christmas is just around the corner and let's face it this is the time of the year when our finances get hit hard!

Like everyone else around the country, we want to make the best out of the holiday season.

The problem is that sometimes we tend to overspend money and not plan our finances around this time of the year.

We want to enjoy Christmas without stressing over money. We want to be able to have a debt-free Christmas this year.

The truth is that this is very hard to do. Think about it, if this was as easy as it seems everyone will be debt-free!

So, what can you do to enjoy a debt-free Christmas?

We all want to enjoy our holidays without thinking about our finances. A year where all we can focus our attention and our stress on other things that are not money-related.

What are the top reasons Americans spend too much on Christmas?

We spend money during the holiday for these top 3  significant factors:


Seriously, everywhere you turn all you see is advertisement enticing us to get the latest product.

The latest iPhone is the new talk of the town. Mind you the price is over $1,100, and people are buying them because they “need” it.

Advertisements are telling us that we need to be cool and we need to get this product to fit in with others.

Making us consumers feel like we need to have specific products to fit in, to be cool, make our lives easier is why we buy the insane amount of stuff we buy.

During the holiday season we are in buying mode and companies know this. Look at the biggest shopping days of the year are around this time of the year.

Companies want us to spend our hard-earned money. I mean think about it we want to get presents for everyone and just buy the latest and “coolest” gadgets because we believe it matters.

Getting that special gift, your child wants for Christmas makes us feels like we are the greatest and because of that, we buy.

Not planning

Be honest and tell me when the last time you sat down and wrote a plan for the holidays?

Did you create a budget?

Did you write down a list of what you are getting? How much are you spending? Did you even look at this month's income and expenses?

When you start writing down what your plans are for Christmas, it makes it more real. Creating a plan helps everyone stay focus on what’s important.


We spend money when new are happy, and we spend money when we are sad. Spending money to keep up an image and we also spend money to impress others.

Learning to control what triggers our spending money habits is essential to help our finances.

Remember Christmas is the time we tend to be more emotional and willing to spend our money.

7 Quick Ways To Make Christmas Money

Find out if the government owes YOU money!

Did you know that there are billions of dollars in unclaimed money lying around waiting to be claimed by individuals?

I tried it and found out that I had money that was owed to me. The unclaimed money could be from:

  • Banks – Many of these come from failed financial institutions, unclaimed deposits, and such.
  • Unpaid wages – Think you are owed money from previous employers? Head over here to check and see if you have unpaid wages.
  • Pensions
  • Taxes
  • International
  • Retailers

To find out by states, just head over to NAUPA (National Association of Unclaimed Property Administrators) to find out if money is owed to you.

Yard Sale

During the upcoming fall season, start preparing and organizing items that you no longer need or want and sell them at a yard sale.

Think about it this way you are getting rid of unwanted items and getting pay for it! Yard sales are an amazing way to earn extra cash for the holiday season.

To earn more money from a yard sale, you have to make sure you avoid some of these yard sale mistakes:

  • Price your items.
  • Price to sell.
  • Make sure your items are in good condition to sell (clean).
  • Keep it organized.
  • Advertise your yard sale.
  • Have change for your customers.

Learn 13 things that sell well at a yard sale and will make you money for sure!

Online Surveys

Believe it or not, you can make extra money by simply doing surveys online, reading e-mails, and even watching videos. Tons of companies will pay you for doing these simple things.

However, you will not get rich doing this, but it will add up if you start now. Having extra cash and free gift cards for Christmas will be extremely helpful.

The negative side of doing online surveys are:

  • You won’t get as much money right away.
  • It is time-consuming. Sometimes it can be a waste of time if you answer a bunch of questions only to find out that you didn’t qualify.

Below you will find a list of online survey companies:

Using Swagbucks to Make Money

You can still score points like Swagbucks and use this toward rewards. So not all of them are a waste of time.

Swagbucks is my personal favorite and one of my favorite sites where I score free gift cards. I save up my Swagbucks and redeem them for Amazon gift cards to shop during the holiday season.

Unlike other survey companies, you don't waste your time answering questions only to be rejected after spending 15 minutes on what you thought was the survey.

Here are some ways you can earn rewards towards your free gift cards:

Earn Points by Shopping

You can earn points by doing your online shopping through the Swagbucks website.  Before you make any online purchases, you will simply log in to Swagbucks and click on the Shop tab.

Earn Points by Watching

If you like to watch TV and learn about new products and ideas then this tab is for you.  Swagbucks has videos you can watch and you will earn points for viewing the video.

Earn Points by Answering

The Answer tab is the survey area for Swagbucks.  You can take surveys and give your opinion on topics in exchange for points.  The survey opportunities change regularly, and you may or may not fit the criteria for each survey…so try each one!

Earn Points by Discovering

Discovering new products, companies and ideas can translate into free gift cards for you.  You can search through the Discover tab to find all sorts of offers.  Each offer will tell you what is needed and how many Swagbucks you will earn for completing it.  Some of these offers are BIG too.

Earn Points by Searching

Do you search the internet basically every day as I do?  Doing a quick internet search to find out the answer to any question we have is the American way. 

You can do your internet searches through the Swagbucks search bar or even install their search engine on your phone or computer.  Doing basic internet searches will earn you Swagbucks. Period.  It is really that simple.

Earn Points by Playing

The last way to earn Swagbucks is by playing games online.  Many people already play games online, but don’t get any benefits from it.  Now you can have the best of both worlds.  Playing games and earning points will get you some free gift cards.

Now that you know all you need to know about Swagbucks, let's continue with the post.

Shop online and earn free money

Many deal websites will pay you money when you shop online using their sites! I received a check when I do my shopping through sites like ShopAtHome.com, MyPoints, and Rakuten!

You need to know that you won't get your cash right away as each of this site have a minimum limit before they payout.


If a yard sale is not your thing, then try selling your things online. Sites like eBay and Craigslist are great ways to sell your unwanted items and make extra cash.

Also, Facebook has (yard sale) groups where you can sell your items locally. My suggestion would be to sell locally. It’s fast, easy, and saves on shipping fees.

Smartphone Mobile Apps  

Mobile apps are the latest in helping you earn free money and if you are not taking advantage of these apps, my friends you need to start today!

These apps are easy to follow and easy to earn. You get paid to shop, to scan, for walking into your favorite store!

There are many rebate apps out there, below is a list of my favorites and must-have apps that will help you earn money.

Side Hustles

Read these posts:

Yes, hustle… not the way you think, this is legal. I need money; I babysit, I clean houses, I drive someone to work for money. I do what it takes to get me some cash.

Offer extra services to cash and save that money. My husband fixes computers for extra cash! I work as a virtual assistant to make some money for the holiday season.

I also have this little blog I work from home to make money. Don't believe me? Read my online income reports. I do this for a few hours a week and from home, and I love it.

The ways to make money for Christmas are endless. It all depends on you, and let me add that once you start earning that extra dinero, it gets addicting. To have a debt-free Christmas, having extra cash is so beneficial in many ways.

Earning free money for Christmas is possible. How do you make money for Christmas? Share it with us!

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