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How To Earn Free Gift Cards The Easy Way

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Have you ever wanted to know how people earn free gift cards?  Is it really possible to earn free gift cards without selling your soul?

The answer is YES it really is because I have done it myself.  I also know lots of people who successfully earn gift cards every single month.  I am going to show you how to earn gift cards the easy way!

How to Earn Gift Cards the Easy Way

The easiest way I know to earn gift cards is by using Swagbucks.  Swagbucks is an online website that rewards their users with “virtual” money.  You receive rewards for doing all sorts of everyday activities.  The more you use Swagbucks the more gift cards you can earn.

How to Get Started Earning Gift Cards the Easy Way

The first step is to sign up for Swagbucks.  It is free to open an account and all you need is an email address.  There is no money required and no credit card needed to sign up.  It is totally free!

Now that you are a member you can play around on the website and read all about the program details.

Swagbucks are virtual currency or points that you receive when you do certain activities that are outlined on the Swagbucks website. You can redeem the Swagbucks points for gift cards or even PayPal cash!  My favorite reward is a $5 Amazon gift card for only 450 Swagbucks.

Learn how to earning free gift cards the legit and easy way. These 6 painless ways to earn free gift cards are fun, and family friendly!

6 Easy Ways to Earn Gift Cards With Swagbucks

There are 6 categories for earning points.  Each category offers ways to help you earn points that are clear-cut and simple to understand.

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Earn Points by Shopping

You can earn points by doing your online shopping through the Swagbucks website.  Before you make any online purchases you will simply login to Swagbucks and click on the Shop tab.

Type the store name into the search bar and proceed to that store through the Swagbucks website.  You will earn a certain percentage or number of Swagbucks for your purchase.

You aren’t spending any extra to use the Swagbucks Shopping feature, but you are actually getting MORE FREE because those Swagbucks you earned will turn into free gift cards!

Earn Points by Watching

If you like to watch TV and learn about new products and ideas then this tab is for you.  Swagbucks has videos you can watch and you will earn points for viewing the video.


There are new and different videos offered all the time so check your Watch tab each time you log in.

Earn Points by Answering

The Answer tab is the survey area for Swagbucks.  You can take surveys and give your opinion on topics in exchange for points.  The survey opportunities change regularly and you may or may not fit the criteria for each survey…so try each one!

Earn Points by Discovering

Discovering new products, companies and ideas can translate into free gift cards for you.  You can search through the Discover tab to find all sorts of offers.  Each offer will tell you what is needed and how many Swagbucks you will earn for completing it.  Some of these offers are BIG too.

Earn Points by Searching

Do you search the internet basically every day as I do?  Doing a quick internet search to find out the answer to any question we have is the American way.  You can do your internet searches through the Swagbucks search bar or even install their search engine on your phone or computer.

Doing basic internet searches will earn you Swagbucks. Period.  It is really that simple.

Earn Points by Playing

The last way to earn Swagbucks is by playing games online.  Many people already play games online, but don’t get any benefits from it.  Now you can have the best of both worlds.  Playing games and earning points will get you some free gift cards.

Some of My Favorites

I listed a bunch of ways to earn Swagbucks.  I do have some favorites!!  🙂  Most of my Swagbucks are earned from my online searches, printing grocery coupons under the Shop tab and online shopping.  Each user has their favorite ways to earn and these are mine.

Consistency is key to earning gift cards with Swagbucks.  Remembering to log in each time I am online is important!

I can honestly say that the gift cards I earn are a big way we save money for Christmas each year.   If you love to hoard gift cards like I do you definitely need to check out The Best Place to Buy or Sell Gift Cards!

I encourage you to start using Swagbuck.com and give it a try. This site has helped me save tons of money throughout the years. If you are serious about starting to save money and paying down your debt why not give Swagbucks.com a try. This is one legitimate way to earn free gift cards without spending a dime.


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  2. Thanks for sharing this! I’ll have to download Swagbucks now. I’ve been using Qmee (and blogged about it here: http://cominguprosestheblog.com/get-paid-online-kate-spade-office-giveaway/) and it seems pretty similar, except you can choose to have your few bucks donated to charity at the end of the month instead of translating them to gift cards. Don’t you just love services like this though, that reward you for just doin’ your thang?


    1. Yes Erica!! Getting rewarded for doing our own thang! Is so simple and no hassle. I’ll go check out your link. Thank you for sharing it.

  3. Interesting post! I have never heard of this! I shall check this out! Thanks….. Also, I’d like to tell you I love the name of your site. I am a Momma to a three year old and it seems home sure can be an adventure some times! 🙂 Thanks again for the information.

    1. Denise you have to give it a try. Is pretty easy to make swagbucks. We save them all up for this time of the year and use it for gift cards.

  4. I’ve been doing Swagbucks for a couple months and I basically have not complaints… I did think it was awesome when I ordered my Christmas cards from Snapfish (which I always do anyway) and was able to earn Swagbucks for it!

    1. I saved all my Amazon gift cards and I’m loving shopping at Amazon.

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  11. I signed up for Swagbucks years ago but never did much with it. I’ll have to revisit them!

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