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17 Things That Sell Well at Yard Sales (and will make you money!)

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2020 had made yard sales a hard find these days. This article has been updated to show the top things that sell well at yard sales during quarantine.

You want to get rid of your stuff and make a quick buck off it, right?

We have covered yard sales mistake to avoid, and now we want to make sure that the items we sell in are going to be a big hit.

The truth is that there are many items people love to buy at a yard sale or garage sale.

These are the items that people look for when they hit local yard sales during the weekends.

People want these items, and they want it at a bargain price, and as you recalled from the previous post, to sell, you have to price to sell.

What’s the idea percentage off you should sell these items?

Good question.

People are looking to buy items for 50 to 90 percent off the original price. If they can’t find it at a low price, they are going to leave your yard sale, and you are going to be stuck with the unwanted item and no cash.

So, what are these things that sell well at yard sales?

Let’s begin with 2020 and the future of yard sales, shall we?

Whether or not yard sales are allowed in your area will depend on your local restrictions. Some states are reopening while others aren’t. Make sure to follow local rules or you could face a penalty which includes hefty fines.

Will people still go to yard sales while social distancing?

Yes! If you live in an area where yard sales are allowed, the people will come. Not only do people want out of their house, but many are on a limited income due to the quarantine. That’s also why some things will do better this year than previous years.

How can I host a yard sale while following social distancing suggestions?

Have your yard sales outdoors rather than in the garage, if possible. This will allow you to spread out more.

Spread your tables or clothes far apart so that people can view different areas without being too close to one another.

If you have family members helping, give each person a fanny pack with change so that people can pay without creating a big line.

Follow your state and CDC policies and facemask. When posting about your yard sale make sure you mention about keeping social distance, wearing a mask (if required by state guidelines).

Make sure you don’t touch your face and again make sure you follow guidelines.

We have updated the post to includes what will be the hot yard sale items for 2020 because of quarantine.

So, let’s begin!

17 Hot Summer Yard Sale Items for 2020

This year is going to be different. People are looking for items to help keep them and their families entertained at home.

They are also looking for items they would normally purchase in-store, but will purchase used to save money. Here are just a few items that will be hot this summer.

Summer Clothing

People will need summer clothing for their children. With many people having been unemployed for at least a few weeks, the budget for clothes shopping isn’t as big as normal.

Go through your kids’ clothing and sell anything they’ve outgrown. You can also go through any clothing you may have outgrown during quarantine and all that snacking.

Board Games and Puzzles

Board games and puzzles are huge right now. People need ways to keep their families entertained at home.

While many states are loosening their restrictions on staying home, some people are still choosing to stay home.

Not only are people wanting to protect their family, but the loss of income derailed vacation plans for many families.

Gaming Systems and Video Games

Gaming systems and video games and controllers that used to sell for a couple bucks are selling for much higher.

An example is Wii Sports that used to sell for $10 is now selling for $25 to $30. Again, people want to stay entertained. Go through your old stuff that your kids no longer play with and sell it.


Books are always a great escape. While you never make much money selling books at a yard sale, you can lot up similar titles and sell 5 paperbacks for $3 or a box of books for $5. It’s a great way to clear up your own bookshelves and make some money in the process.

One tip we recommend is selling books for less than $1 if you want to get rid of them and if these books are available at any dollar store.

Sports Equipment

Last, but not least, sell your old sports equipment. While summer may be different, kids and families can still use sports equipment in their own yard. You’ll also be able to price things a bit higher than you normally would because the demand will be so high.

Equipment and Tools

Items such as:

  • Woodworking tools
  • Yard tools
  • Trimmers
  • Lawnmowers
  • blowers

These items are more will sell quickly if they are in excellent condition and priced to sell.

If some of these items are broken but fixable, they have a chance Again make sure that these items are cleaned and priced well.

Kids’ Outdoor Toys

Kids outdoor toys are one of my favorite things to buy when I’m at a yard sale or local garage sale.

You see, swing sets, kid’s tables and other outdoor kid’s toys are pretty expensive.

Make sure that if you are selling these items, you take a beautiful picture of them to advertise and price them to sell because your potential buyers are coming to check them out.

One important thing to remember is that these toys will sell well during the spring as the weather is starting to warm up.

Outdoor Furniture

As the weather warms up, people are looking for outdoor furniture to pretty up their backyards and decks.

Items such as lawn chairs, picnic tables and such will sell well during a yard or garage sale.

Make sure that if you do have a set place them together and pretty up the items for a fast sale.

Wood Furniture

Older wood furniture is refurbished gold for some people. If you have old wood furniture sitting around and you want to get rid of it, then I suggest you sell them at your next yard sale.

Refurbishing furniture is trendy and it is one of the top items people look for at yard sales.

Another critical thing to remember that you can even sell these items online since they have become very popular.

Costume Jewelry

Costume jewelry that is repairable is okay to sell at a garage sale because customers enjoy them.

This item is also useful to use in crafts as well and since you are selling them very affordable people love to buy them.

One thing to remember is that jewelry will not make you a good profit when you sell them at your yard sale so keep that in mind.

Kids’ Clothing

Kid’s clothing is another top item people love to shop for, and I’m going to add that boys’ clothes, not infants, are a top one.

Selling your used kids’ clothing in your yard sale will sell fast if it is priced to sell.

One thing I will add is that when you donate clothes, they get put up on sale which means that sometimes these clothes are not even affordable to those who need them.

You will make more money if you sell them yourself than you will make the write-off you will get for your taxes. Think about it.

Name Brand Clothing

Many people love name brand clothing, and if they find it at a great price at your yard sale, you are going to sell them.

This item you want to make sure you display them well, and this will give people a better view of your item.

Name brand kids’ clothing will sell pretty fast too if priced correctly.

Like-New Items

If you have an item that looks like-new, chances are they are going to sell well at your next yard sale.

Remember people are looking for a bargain and seeing like-new items, it’s like they are getting something new at a low price.

People will buy like-new items, keep that in mind.

Home Décor Items

Home décor items is another top item that will sell at your next garage sale.

People go yard sale hunting for these items so if you need to get rid of some home décor, selling them at your next yard sale is the fastest way to get rid of them and make a quick buck.

To sell them place the items together and display them as a set.

Before we continue, our Yard Sale Guide is a 30 page digital product that will help you and guide you to plan your next yard sale. This is a very useful tool and affordable at $3.99. Use it over and over again every time you host a yard or garage sale.

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Cold Drinks and Snacks

While hosting your yard sale, sell sodas and bottles of water for a buck.

Have your cute kids sell them for you!

Snacks such as cookies and crackers will sell well during your yard sale too!

Retro Toys

Retro toys are hot items, seriously!

They even have conventions all about retro toys.

If you have older wooden toys, train sets, Barbies in the package or anything 80’s or earlier, sell them!

And if you think you have a goldmine then you better not sell it at your garage sale, I will recommend doing more research and sale them another way.

Now, if you don’t then sell them at your next yard sale, they will sell well.


Antiques continue to be a top item people love to shop at yard sales.

If your antiques need some fixing up, your next garage sale will be the place to sell them.

A broken antique you will not be able to sell at a higher price and if you have no desire to do anything and it is taking up space then sell it!


As you can see, these things to sell at yard sales are what people are looking for.

Now that you have an idea it is time to planning your yard sale.

Selling your stuff at a yard sale can be cathartic. It can also help you gather some extra money for savings, trips and more. Plus, your home will be a lot cleaner when you get rid of stuff that is just collecting dust and taking up space.

Your turn: What are other things that sell well at yard sales?

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