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6 Money Saving Tips For Back To School Shopping Season (2023 Tax-Free Holiday)

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Back-to-school shopping season and inflation might be a difficult combination for parents nationwide. According to the National Retail Federation, the average family with school-age children will spend $848.90 on apparel, supplies, and electronics.

As any parent knows, the start of the school year can be a busy and expensive time. In addition to buying new clothes and school supplies, there are also often fees for extracurricular activities and field trips.

As a result, many families begin their fall shopping in August, hoping to spread the cost over a few months. In 2021, however, there has been an unexpected spike in office supply store sales.

With record-breaking inflation and no stimulus or child credit to help families this year, parents are left with difficult decisions regarding back-to-school spending.

Here are a few tips to help you save money this shopping season:

Shop during Tax-Free Days

Tax-free days are special days when you can buy certain items without paying taxes. This can save you a lot of money, especially if you buy big-ticket items like computers or school supplies.

Most states offer at least one tax-free day yearly, typically during the summer. However, some states have specific rules and regulations that you must follow, so please check with your state before shopping.

I have gathered all the information below with the link to each state to help you out. The list of tax-free items varies by state, so be sure to check what is eligible in your state. Tax-free days are a great way to save money on back-to-school shopping, so take advantage of them if your state offers them. 

2023 Sale Tax Holiday

StateItems IncludedDates
Alabamaclothing, computers, school supplies –Download PDFJuly 21-23, 2023
Mississippi clothing & footwear, school supplies – Download PFDAugust 4-6, 2023
Tennesseeclothing, school supplies – $100 or less
Computers – $1500 or less
July 38- July 30, 2023
Florida apparel – $60 or less per item
computers – $1000 or less
school supplies – $15 or less
Download PDF
July 24 – August 6, 2023
January 1 – 14, 2024
Ohio clothing – $75 or less per item
school supplies – $20 or less per item.
school instructional materials -$20 or less per item
Download PDF
August 4-6, 2023
Virginia school supplies – $20 or less per item
clothing and footwear – $100 or less per item
August 7-9, 2023
South Carolina clothing, accessories, and shoes to school supplies, backpacks, and computersAugust 4-6, 2023
Oklahoma clothing that is under $100August 4-6, 2023
New Mexico clothing – less than $100 per item
school supplies – less than $30 per item
computers – $1,000 or less per item
Download PDF
August 4-6, 2023
Missouri Clothing and shoes – $100 or less per item.
School supplies – $50 or less per purchase
August 4-6, 2023
Iowa clothing and footwear – less than $100 per itemAugust 4-5, 2023
Arkansas clothing and footwear – less than $100 per item
accessories – less than $50 per item
school supplies
computers and electronic devices
Download PDF
August 5-6, 2023
Texas clothing and shoes – less than $100 per item
school supplies – less than $100 per item
August 11-13, 2023
Maryland clothing and footwear – $100 or less per item
Bookbags and backpacks – the first $40 is tax-free
Download PDF
August 13-19, 2023
Connecticut clothing & footwear – $100 or less per itemAugust 20-26, 2023
Massachusettsspecific items less than $2,500TBD

Shop Sales

Each week stores will have a weekly sale available with great deals. This is a great time to stock up on items you know your child will need for the school year.

What retailers am I referring to? Retailers like Walmart, Target, Office Max/Depot, and so much more are the places to get your children's back-to-school merchandise.

If you are looking for clothes, take advantage of the end-of-season sales, where you can find summer clothes at a fraction of the cost. You can also find great deals on back-to-school supplies during these sales.

But don't wait until the last minute to shop the sales. The best deals always go quickly; if you wait too long, you might not find what you need. So, be sure to keep an eye out for sales and plan your shopping accordingly.

Use Coupons

Coupons can save you a lot of money on back-to-school shopping. Many stores offer coupons that you can use to save money on clothes, supplies, and more.

Many deal and coupon websites and apps will help you save money. Some of my favorites include:

Using coupons is a great way to save money on back-to-school shopping. So be sure to take advantage of them when you can.

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Shop Online

Shopping online is a great way to save money on back-to-school shopping. Many stores offer discounts and free shipping when you shop online.

You can also use coupons and promo codes when you shop online. And, if you have a store credit card, you can often get an additional discount when you use it.

Online shopping offers more selection than brick-and-mortar stores, and you won't waste your time heading to the store only to find out they ran out of the items you need.

So, if you are looking for the best deals on back-to-school shopping, be sure to shop online.

Buy Used

Purchasing used items is a great way to save money on back-to-school shopping. You can often find slightly used clothes and supplies for a fraction of the cost of new things.

There are many places to buy used items, including consignment shops, thrift stores, and yard sales. You can also find great deals on used items on websites like eBay and Craigslist.

Before you purchase any used items, be sure to inspect them carefully to ensure they are in good condition. You don't want to end up with things that are damaged or need to be replaced.

You can find great deals on used items for your back-to-school shopping with a little effort.

Create a Budget

Creating a budget is one of the best ways to save money on back-to-school shopping. You can shop more carefully and avoid overspending when you know how much money you have to spend.

To create a budget, start by making a list of all the items you need to purchase. Then, research the prices of those items and set a spending limit for each one.

Once you have a budget, stick to it. It can be tempting to spend more than you planned but resist the urge. If you stick to your budget, you will save money on your back-to-school shopping.

These are just a few tips to help you save money on back-to-school shopping. By following these tips, you can avoid overspending and stay within your budget. So, start planning your back-to-school shopping now, and be sure to use these money-saving tips.

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  1. Its great tips. I love saving money, my son was schooling next year. these tips was really helpful to all mom’s thanks for sharing your tips.

  2. I miss tax free days and all the sales that came along with them! The one bummer about living in a state where clothes and food are tax free year round. 🙂

    1. Me too Femme, me too 🙁 I remember it was like Christmas when I worked retail.

  3. I love Ibotta – it’s so easy to use. I forget to clip actual coupons all the time, so at least I can still check out what Ibotta has coupons for once I’m in the store.

    1. I love Ibotta too! I think out of all the apps it is the best to get cash and when you have a team it’s even better.

  4. Great tips! I don’t use any rebate apps but I’m seriously considering signing up for some because I see them recommended everywhere.

    1. Ibotta is so simple and a good way to earn extra cash. What I love is that its items we buy like fruits, and milk and such. You should give it a try not cutting coupons at all.

  5. I”m always too impatient when school supplies come out primarily because if you don’t hurry and get them right then and there, they’re gone! And if it’s one thing I hate is searching for specific colored folders at the last minute. I typically will spend about $80 a kid on supplies alone. #SimplySundays

    1. I was surprised when I received my nephew’s school list and I had to sit and find 4 folders of this color and 4 of this one. I never received such a long and detailed school list ever. Thank you for stopping by.

  6. thank you for sharing a tips! i usually grab for the sales here in our place, and using a coupon for discounts..and sometimes i use to buy in a bulk for a less amount of prize then i will store it for the next school year..

    1. Great advice Leny! I only had one child going to school and I would go nuts spending money because he deals were so good. 🙂

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