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What Do Hispanics Drink at Christmas?

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The holiday season is a special time for many Latin American cultures. During this festive period, Hispanics' most popular drinks include Mexican hot chocolate, ponche Navideño, atole de nuez, and champurrado.

Of course, every country has its own unique way of celebrating and drinking during Christmas. From coquito in Puerto Rico to Canelazo in Ecuador, here are some of the most popular drinks for Latin Americans during Christmas.

collage of Latin American holiday drinks

When it comes to the holiday season, Latin Americans celebrate the season longer than other countries. For example, January 6th is known as Dia de Los Reyes and marks the season's end. Another essential factor in learning about these holiday drinks is that each country has its own version of the same drink.

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For example, hot chocolate is a beloved drink throughout Latin American countries. Mexicans are particularly fond of their version that includes cinnamon, vanilla, and sometimes chili powder! In Puerto Rico, coquito is a variation of coconut eggnog. It can be made with or without rum and is often topped with cinnamon powder.

In Ecuador, Canelazo is a warm spiced apple cider served with aguardiente, a sugar cane liquor. The rest of Latin America also has its own variations of this drink, including Colombia and Peru.

Ponche De Huevo is known as Rompope de Huevo in Mexico and is a type of eggnog made with eggs, milk, sugar, cinnamon, and brandy or rum. The drink is served warm and sometimes with a scoop of ice cream. This drink is served in Ecuador, Honduras, El Salvador, and Nicaragua with slight variations.

Atole de nuez is a hot drink made from corn and walnuts that is also popular during this time of year. The combination of these flavors creates an unforgettable taste, and it's often served with pieces of nougat.

Finally, champurrado is a warm drink made from ground corn with milk and chocolate in many countries. This can be served with or without anise seeds, depending on which country you are in.

As you can see, Hispanic Christmas drinks vary from country to country, and each is a delicious way to celebrate the holiday season. So grab a hot cup of Mexican hot chocolate or a glass of coquito and celebrate!

There is not just one popular drink due to the large variety of cultures that make up Latin America. However, one of the most popular drinks is Mexican hot chocolate, made with cocoa, and Coquito in Puerto Rico, made with condensed milk, coconut milk, rum, and spices. Other popular drinks include Ponche Navideño from Mexico, Atole de Nuez from Colombia, and Champurrado from Mexico.

Latin American Holiday Drinks

It is always important to mark special occasions with delicious food and drinks during the holidays.

In Latin America, many holiday traditions highlight local favorites, like tamales or pozole, paired with different flavorful drinks.

From hot beverages to fruity ciders and fizzy sodas—there’s no shortage of creative recipes that provide a unique touch to each region!

On the list, we will discover just what flavors make up some of these classic Latin American holiday drinks.

So grab your favorite mug and a warm sweater because you are about to embark on an incredible journey worldwide for an educational and tasty experience!

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