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Painless Ways to Help Your Kids’ School Financially

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Everyone agrees that our children's education is important.  We all want the best for our children.  One way we can help with our children's education is by helping their school. Many schools have big needs. Our schedules and wallets don't always allow for us to do as much as we desire for our schools. Luckily there some painless ways to help your kids' school financially.

There are 6 ways as parents you can help your kid's school financially this year. Follow any of this ideas and make this school year a financially success!

5 Painless Ways to Help Your Kids' School Financially

I think everyone is interested in a painless way to help their kids' school financially without busting their budget? You know that I follow a strict budget and I have to get creative with how I help my local schools.

The fact is that many schools are under-supplied, have outdated equipment and facilities and there are important programs that can't be funded. These things affect our kids and our community.

Schools have a budget just like families do and those budgets are tight. There are a lot of ways families can help their school out financially without a major sacrifice.

Box Tops for Education

Almost every school collects Box Tops for Education. The Box Tops for Education program is totally dedicated to giving CASH back to schools.  It is a wonderful program and allows parents to easily help schools financially just by clipping the box tops off of products they are already buying.

If you aren't sure if your school is participating just call the school office or ask the local Parent Teacher Association. You can find out which products have a Box Top on them by checking HERE.

School Supply Donations

It is sad, but every year there are children who do NOT have any school supplies. When this happens the school will typically try to give the kids the most important supplies they will need.

It costs the schools money to buy these supplies. If they have a lot of children in need this cost can get high.

One easy way to help your child's school financially is to donate school supplies. Back to school time is a great time to stock up on school supplies for your own children and to help the school. Sometimes you can even get FREE supplies.

Also, check around your house. Most families have extra supplies in drawers or cabinets that could be donated. If you haven't created your back to school budget yet…there is still time!

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Save Your Pennies

I have several articles that talk about saving your change.  There are a lot of things you can save your change for. What if you decided to start saving all of your pennies…or nickels…or dimes…or quarters.  You could even save ALL of your change.

Once you fill the jar with coins then you can donate that money to the school. Many schools have special funds that they are saving money in for a big project.  Ask if you can donate to one of these funds.

It may not seem like a lot, but every little bit counts. If the whole family participates you will be surprised how much money your family could raise.


Volunteering may not seem like a way to help financially, but it really is. If you can set a volunteer schedule up the school can really put you to work.

Reading with a child or assisting them with math work will free up staff for other more intensive teachings. Maybe they will have you help with hall decor or decorating bulletin boards.

Time is money and by sharing your time with the school they are able to allocate their resources in a more effective way.

Organize a Drive

I have a friend who organized a coat drive in her community. The concept wasn't hard and it made a big difference to a lot of people.

Talk to the school and find out some specific needs they have. Gather a few other parents and organize a drive to help meet that need.

One of the easiest ways to help your local school financially is by working with other families. When we work together we can have a huge impact!

How Will You Help Your Kids' School Financially?

Have any of these ideas sparked a desire to help your child's school financially? What will you do to make a difference? I would love to hear your ideas!










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  1. Box tops are great if you already buy those products. Some grocery stores will also let you link up your loyalty card so that a tiny portion of what you buy goes to the local school of your choice.

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