My Stay At Home Adventures for 2016

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As I sit here looking at numbers, reading my old posts, and thinking of what a year 2015 was for us on our business side. I can't stop thinking about the future of My Stay At Home Adventures and where this little blog that could is heading.

From writing my first income report and goals back in February and barely making $100 a month, to doubling what I made from my part-time job as of today. Oh the good times, the learning times, and yes, the fun times. Until this day, I will say that using my 52 Week Saving Challenge money and investing it in Elite Blog Academy (EBA) online course was the best thing I ever did for my blog.

Deciding to use my retail knowledge and implementing that to my blog paid off; it's continuing to pay off thanks to planning and the goals that we set. I even set a yearly goal with a plan of making $500 a month from my blog and reach 50,000 page views.

There were months where I made over $100, and about two months where I was in the negative! The good news was that I approached my blog as a business and I didn't want to start investing until I started seeing results.

Some might disagree with this approach, but until I was able to afford Elite Blog Academy (EBA) and be sure that I was going to get a return in my investment, that's when I paid for it. You can say I am very careful with my money and will not go into debt for my business.

With a set monthly budget, and investing on what I viewed as a return of investments, I was able to grow My Stay At Home Adventures to not only reach 50,000 page views a month but to also have passed my previous part-time job income! Losing a nice chunk of income did a number for us last summer, but thanks to our commitment and passion to keep going, we were able to make an extra online income from this blog.

September was the month where I started to see my hard work pay off; and now in December, I made over $1,000, and January is predicting the same amount (maybe even more)! This is just the beginning; from being a shy and insecure blogger that just wanted to stay at home and make some extra income, to seeing a potential of what I can do and how much I can earn.

Blogging is a continuing learning process.

What I love about blogging and earning an income is that you will fail, you will fail a lot; instead of letting my insecurities keep me down, I kept going. This also went with my personal life as well. I didn't give up. I want this blog to work. I wanted my life and goals to keep going. I wanted to reach them and reach my goals big!

I have to say the success that My Stay At Home Adventures has given us is truly amazing. The changes for MSAHA for this year might even shock you!My Stay At Home Adventures New Direction

I want My Stay At Home Adventures to be the motivational blog for people of all incomes when it comes to their finances. When I first started this blog, I was aiming for what I knew best, and that was paying off debt and controlling your finances. As the time passed, and I became more comfortable with my new adventure as a stay at home mom, I decided to try new things I never tried before.

I decided to try my hand at gardening, and what surprised me was how much I was truly enjoying growing my own food. The more I craved financial freedom, the less stuff I wanted to own. I became kind of obsessed with living a sustainable life; I see my family living in a smaller home with a big yard and growing our food and having animals. All these new goals from simply taking control of our finances. Isn't it crazy how our debt freedom journey has changed the way we view life?

It is because of the changes I am seeing in me that I have decided that I want to make My Stay At Home Adventures about other topics, instead of just finances. I want this blog to grow and expand just I have through the years. Though I love personal finances, I enjoy living a full life that includes gardening, earning extra online income, home decorating, and other topics.

I don't want My Stay At Home Adventures to simply be about money, but about other ways to help you simplify your life as well. I want to invite you to continue to follow me on this new journey of my life and My Stay At Home Adventures.

You all have been there for me, and have been my cheerleaders! As much as I love to motivate you all to keep your finances in control and kill your debt, I need you all to continue to motivate me as well, just as you have since the beginning.

If you are new to my blog, and are looking for a new stay at home adventure where you can live a simple life and earn money, I encourage you to join me and follow me through the good times (and the bad times) and learn with me.

What are the new goals for My Stay At Home Adventures for 2016?

A New Look!- I think that my blog needs a more professional look that will help with the new changes. I have not yet decided what I am looking for, but I am working on updating the blog and making changes behind the scenes.

Continue to grow my business – The minute I decided to turn this blog into a business, everything changed for me. I work hard for my business because I want it to be successful. I decided to stop giving excuses, accept changes, accept rejection, and keep going. There is no hidden magic formula to make your blog successful. You have to work hard to make it!

Increase my page views to 250,000 – As I said before, I mentioned that during my 2015 yearly goals I wrote down on my blogging planner (yes, every blogger should have a blogging planner) that my goal for this year was to reach 50,000 page views for the year. If you follow my blog income report, you will know that I have passed that goal and have even reached over 125,000 page views a month.

I think 250,000 will be a good challenge for me as I don't know yet if these increases of page views are due to the holidays. Mind you, my top posts are not even new posts; so I'm assuming I will be ok. I just have to get my butt into gear and keep working hard.

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Earn a monthly income of $2,000 a month – As I was timid and didn't want to sound like I was asking for too much, I set out to write down in my blogging goals that I wanted to make $500 a month from my blog. I wanted to make as much money as my part-time job.

The problem was that when I lost my job, I wasn't making as much as I wanted to. That lead me to really work hard, and within a month, I started to see the money starting to grow. The heck with my insecurities, I really wanted this to work.

When I passed $500 and started earning over $1,000, that's when I knew I was on the right track and this was what I needed. I am careful of what work I take, but I have to be honest and say the work pays more as your blog grows! Don't let others tell you otherwise. Also, remember that every blogger can make an income in so many different ways.

Help others – This blog is about helping others and motivating others. I also love helping other bloggers succeed. I think this is one of the best rewards from 2015; knowing that I have been able to help other bloggers, and other bloggers have helped me as well.

For this reason, I wanted to focus 2016 on my blogging journey as well. I wanted to show people how a one woman blog can achieve success. Of course the realistic ways; I don't have a team helping me out and all the promotions and such are done by yours truly.

To see how far I can take this blog, I want to write about my blogging journey and also include my failures. I hope you all enjoy this part of My Stay At Home Adventures as much as I will.

In conclusion

I want to, once again, thank you all for your support in making my blogging goals a reality. I truly would love for you all to continue to stay and follow me with this new journey and hope we all benefit from it. Thank you for making My Stay At Home Adventures a success and I hope you all love the changes coming soon!

What are your business goals for 2016?

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  1. SO proud of you, my friend!!! Keep up the awesome work. I know 2016 will be even better than 2015!

    1. Thank you Laurie. If it wasn’t for your wise words of encouragement I wouldn’t be here. Thank you! THANK YOU!

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