Make Kids Eat a Healthy Breakfast With These Tips!

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As a parent, I am constantly looking for ways to make kids eat a healthy breakfast. I'm no perfect mom and that is fine because she doesn't exist, but with my kids' love for anything sugar it is hard to create healthy habits.

As a parent, I am really concerned about my kid eating habits and I am constantly trying to ensure they are eating a healthy diet. The truth is that we know that kids have a mind of their own, and trying to ensure that our children eat healthily is not as simple as we might think.

Not long ago, I considered breakfast a hurry up meal which I would skip and head to work. Fast forward to now and you can find me getting up early and creating breakfast for my kids!

Again, this might sound funny, but in today's world and the influences we have, eating breakfast (especially a balanced one) where you can enjoy some family time can be hard.

Now, the truth is that there are no rules for breakfast. No one is telling you to feed your kids sugar cereal every morning or pancakes. Feed your kids something that they enjoy for breakfast that is healthy.

Of course, I want my kids to eat a healthy breakfast, but I also know as a kid, I want to make breakfast delicious, fun, and nutritious.

Tired of finding ways to make your kids eat a healthy breakfast? Here are some tips to help your kids eat a healthy breakfast.

4 Ways to Make Kids Eat a Healthy Breakfast

Menu Plan

I am an advocate that meal planning not only saves you money, it encourages the family to be part of the cooking process.

Get your kids cooking

I make sure to encourage my kids to help me with cooking. They love to help and they love to pretend they are chefs. This also makes them more willing to try the meal.

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Make it fun

We enjoy laughter in our home and I encourage my kids to have fun while making their meal and while eating them. Mornings don't have to be boring or down, a positive start to your day will be beneficial to anyone.

Be spontaneous

My kids are unpredictable at times, and as much as I love to stick to a routine, sometimes they come up with these ideas or do things that are simply fun or just silly. Adding Nesquik powder to their pancakes? Why not? I know that they are not going to eat everything I want them to eat. I also know that breakfast time is too short for me to be upset that about other things. Let them use their imagination and have fun with breakfast.

Be a role model

I grew up with a not so good diet, and when I became a parent, I realized I had to be a role model to my kids and lead by example. My kids look up to me, and if I want them to eat a healthy breakfast, I must do this too!

Make breakfast fun and memorable for the entire family. Have your child pick the food they want to eat if possible and let them be part of the fun!

Your turn: You read ways to make kids eat a healthy breakfast now we want to know your tips and thoughts on this topic. Share it with us!

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