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Simple Living Tips For You and Your Home

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Today you are going to learn six simple living tips you can start doing today.  Are you ready?

Let's begin!

Does spending more time doing something really make the outcome better? In many cases, the answer is no. Yet many of us keep doing things the hard way. Wouldn’t it be better to be able to kick back and watch Netflix instead of scrubbing the bathtub?

Uh, yeah!

Wouldn't it be better to reduce the stress, stop the material consumption and reduce the consumerism? Let's be real we put way too much focus on material things. We are forgetting what is truly important in our lives because we have been clouded with stress and just too much stuff.

If you’re tired of doing things the hard way, you’ll love these simple living tips.

Learn six simple living tips that will help you live with less stress and worry and help you focus on what matter most, YOU!

6 Simple Living Tips For a Better Life

As we mention before, we live in times where consumerism and materialism seem to be worshipped things that in reality are not really important. With these simple living tips, you are going to learn how you can declutter your life as well.


Do you spend hours cleaning your home? A lot of that cleaning time may boil down to the fact that you have too much stuff. If you find yourself spending hours moving things just so you can dust or vacuum, you may need a good purge session. It can feel so freeing to declutter your home of the items you and your family no longer use.

If the thought cleaning doesn't motivate you to declutter well here's something that might inspire you to get your home declutter done. Have a home full of clutter is bad for your health.

To live a simple life start by decluttering your home and you will see the benefits of having a home with less stuff.

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Munch on Those Veggies

How many fad diets have you been on? Instead of trying yet another crazy diet plan, just eat more vegetables. Eating more vegetables not only adds more fiber and vitamins to your diet, but it makes you feel full and takes the place of some of the fatty foods you might normally eat.

American spends billions of dollars on diet anything! They stress over what to eat, what health plan to buy, what's good and what's right to eat. It's just super stressful to even handle.

When eating veggies have its benefits and heck, it cost you less than dealing with all these diet trends. Keep your diet simple is another simple living tip you might not even know about.

Make Cleaning the Tub Easier

Here's a good simple living tip for you that involves your home.

Scrubbing the tub can be some back-breaking work. Skip all that by mixing equal parts white vinegar and Dawn dish soap in a scrub brush with a refillable handle (check your local Dollar Tree). You will be amazed at how well this combination cuts through soap scum and grime on your bathtub or anywhere else in your bathroom.

To enjoy a simple life at home start using homemade cleaners that do amazing work and reduce your cleaning time.

Get these homemade cleaner recipes:


Is your inbox always filled with emails? Take the time to unsubscribe from many of the places that you no longer need to hear from. Not only will you cut down on how long it takes to go through your email each day but unsubscribing from many of these emails will help you save money. If you don’t know about the next big sale, you won’t be spending money. In other words, it helps prevent temptation.

Setup Automatic Bill Pay

In this day and time, most companies not only accept payments online but also allow you to setup automatic payment. If you find yourself constantly forgetting to pay a bill, this can be a real lifesaver. The key is making sure you have money in the bank to cover the bills. Direct deposit of your paycheck can help ensure this and you won’t have to worry about going to the bank each pay period to cash your check.

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Stop Comparing Yourself to Others

Last, but not least, if you find yourself always questioning your worth or never feeling good enough, chances are you’re comparing yourself to others. Stop it. This only creates chaos in your world. If you’re working on improving yourself, the only person you should try to be better than is the person you were yesterday.

Why live your life to please people you don't even like or know? Appreciate what you have and who you are and start living life on your terms, not others.

Conclusion to Simple Living Tips

People try to make life so much harder than it really is. Take a bit of time to look at what you’re doing. Is it worth it? Are you hurting yourself or your family by trying to overachieve? Try these simple living tips and see how they change your life.

Learn how amazing living a simple life is and start living the life you intended.

Your turn: You read about simple living tips now we want to know your tips and ideas about it. Share it with us!

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