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40 Frugal Activities To Do Indoors During Winter

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Maybe I am writing too much about ways to find fun during the winter, but for some reason, it has been a top priority for me as my boys are growing up and it seems like winter storms, and low temperatures keep us inside of our home.

We are thinking of taking a small spring break this year, but in the meantime, we have to continue to keep our fun going during the winter. With kids is very hard, and with active boys and add high function autism we have to come up with some fun and entertaining ideas.

Is about creating memories and bringing out smiles and laughter when the weather is cold and dangerous to enjoy.

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I always believe that you don’t have to break the bank to keep your family entertain during the winter and you can create your own home adventures. No amount of money can buy fun and laughter; those are free, but if you are looking for ways to keep your family entertained without breaking the bank during the winter here’s a list for you:

40 Activities To Do Indoors During Winter

For Toddlers:

  1. Pretend cooking
  2. Pretend playing music
  3. Read a book
  4. Play ball
  5. Swim in your bathtub
  6. Look in the mirror

For ages 4 and up:

  1. Color
  2. Paint
  3. Food Paint
  4. Create fake snow
  5. Do fun science experiments
  6. Build a fort or tent
  7. Bake
  8. Pretend cooking
  9. Play with balloons
  10. Freeze dance
  11. Roleplay
  12. Indoor hide and seek
  13. Play with building blocks
  14. Have a puppet show with your own paper-bag puppets or sock puppets
  15. Cook fun recipes
  16. Play board games
  17. Play simple games using free printables
  18. Make fun crafts
  19. Have a fashion show
  20. Play Simon Say
  21. Play Follow The Leader
  22. Play with play-doh
  23. Create your own play-doh
  24. Pillow fight
  25. Play with flashlights – my boys and husband love playing with flashlights.
  26. Play with activity books
  27. Make homework fun
  28. Play trivia
  29. Plan your summer or spring vacation
  30. Play games online
  31. These scavenger hunts are a great indoor activity for the kids, and a great idea to your readers during the lockdown.
  32. Play Tic Tac Toe with Pepperidge Farm® Goldfish® crackers
  33. Create stop-motion films with your kids you can see more here!
  34. Start a garden by planting seeds

As you can see there many ways to enjoy fun entertainment indoors during the winter that will bring your family closer together with smiles and laughter! It is time to stop thinking that fun is over when winter arrives and stop thinking that you need to break the bank to have a good time.

About Pepperidge Farm® Goldfish® crackers and why we enjoy them:

  • Always baked with real cheese.
  • No Artificial Flavors or Preservatives
  • Colors Sourced from Plants, such annatto extracted from the reddish seeds of the Achiote Tree
  • Baked with Whole Grain Cheddar has 12 g of WG per serving

Why not grab a bowl of Pepperidge Farm® Goldfish®  take in those #GoldfishMoments and enjoy your winter days! What activities do you and your family enjoy doing indoors during winter?

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