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10 Times When Dads Are Better (Hey Moms, You Will Agree!)

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Hey, home adventurers you are going to love today's post 10 Times When Dads Are Better!

With more than ten mom-bloggers to each dad-blogger, it's no surprise that online parenting talk tends to be mom-centric. Today, I want to turn this trend upside down, giving fathers center stage.

In this article, we'll admire their unique fatherly-flavor, papa-vibe, and daddy-skillset. It's time to revel in their wonderful yet sometimes unusual parenting approach. Let's celebrate those times when dads are better than moms.

Before I jump in, I want to avoid any uproarious upsets or angry allegations. All moms are different, dad's too. I don't want to gender stereotype. This list is true for me and my husband. If you agree or if things are wildly different in your family, tell me about it in the comments.

Moms we love to think that we are better at certain things when it comes to our family, but there are 10 times when dads are better.

10 Times When Dads Are Better

Here are 10 times when dads are super-awesome:

1) Bathtime hero

Dad has been away all day, but he still gets home and makes bathtime an absolute blast! Instead of getting annoyed when cheeky hands splash him in the face, he gleefully takes this as a mandate for a serious water-fight.

2) Ignores pattern clashes

With five minutes to leave the house, Dad doesn't seem to notice that his daughter's self-chosen outfit is ghastly. Mom would no doubt attempt a last-minute change, thus causing them to be late. Fortunately, Dad is impervious to clashing patterns. This means he gets her out the door on time.

3) Gets serious air time

Dad is the undisputed king of launching delighted toddlers high into the air. I'm not entirely sure it’s a good thing, but judging by their opened mouthed smiles, they certainly think it is.

4) Toy tester

Thankfully, Dad takes it upon himself to test out the kids' bikes and scooters, “just to make sure they're safe”. What would they do without him?

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5) Fairy picnic ringleader

With arts and crafts, I'm on it. I'll happily engage with my kids for hours. For some reason, though, I struggle with imaginative play. I can't help thinking of my To-Dos. Five-minutes, then I'm done. Dad, on the other hand: he'll gladly don a silly hat and wrap-up in a blanket, before joining a bunch of dolls for a magical fairy picnic. This roleplay is repeated over and over and over again. (My daughter is a hard taskmaster when it comes to playing.) Hats off to you, Dad, you stick with it.

6) Different rules apply

He unofficially lets the kids jump on the bed. He's not supposed to, and whilst I don't enjoy being the bad cop who breaks it up, deep down, I'm a little bit happy that bed-jumping is part of their lives. (Admit it, you have happy memories of jumping on beds, too.)

7) Sherpa skills

Step aside Tenzing Norgay (first Sherpa to scale Everest alongside Edmund Hilary). On long walks, Dad somehow manages to carry the baby in a sling and a tired kid (or even two) on his shoulders (all at the same time). Without him, we'd be stranded halfway up a hill.

8) Zombie

He does an incredibly realistic zombie impression which makes the kids scream with terrified laughter. (Just, please, don't do it 10-minutes before bedtime!)

9) Big kid

Dad loves ball pits, bouncy castles, and adventure playgrounds more than the kids. As he gets stuck into some serious play (I mean “looks after the kids”), Mom gets an hour to herself.

10) Improvised meals

It's Dad's weekend morning with the children and off they go on another adventure. Unfortunately, the snacks have been left behind (again). Never fear, Daddies have a knack for pulling off awesome, improvised, last-minute meals. (You can read this as using up their monthly fast-food quota.)

Wrapping up

Big love and appreciation to dads. Often, their parenting is unorthodox, but this is what makes them great. Fathers bring sunshine into the lives of their little ones, without even realizing they’re doing it.

Here's to you, dads!

Your turn: Share with us your favorite times when dads are better? Let's have some fun and celebrate dad!

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  1. My husband is the king of baths too! I so appreciate just having to help our oldest shower, while he wrangles the two boys in the tub.

    I also am with you on the sit down play. I have a great imagination, but I can’t let go of all the things I feel I should be doing right now. Definitely something I’m working on, but I do agree with most of these! When he’s out of town, that’s when you realize what kind of superhero Dad is!

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  4. This list is true on behalf of me and my husband. If you agree or if things ar wildly completely different in your family

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  8. My daughter and her stepfather made friends pretty quickly because of his endless patience. He can stand any kind of screams, crazy behavior and endless talking. Dads got some superpower, not less 🙂 They don’t care about rules and just let kids have some fun.

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