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5 Tips on How to Be a Positive Parent

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This is about 5 tips to be a positive parent and it is sponsored by ZERO TO THREE and The Motherhood all opinion expressed in this post are all my own.

I think that many people romanticize parenthood before their first child is born.  It usually doesn't take long for reality to set in though. Being a parent is the hardest job on the planet! Everyone wants to be a positive parent, but it isn't always as easy as it sounds when you are in the trenches day-to-day.  These 5 tips on how to be a positive parent are practical and can help you achieve your goals of a happy home for your children.

These 5 Tips how to be a Positive Parent are practical and will improve the quality of your parenting and your child's home environment. #ad #Zero-ToThree #ParentLife
5 Tips on How to Be a Positive Parent

Have Realistic Expectations

Many times we set ourselves up for failure because we have unrealistic expectations of ourselves and of our children. One of the biggest expectations that parents have is that their kids will exhibit self-control before the child is developmentally ready to do that.  This causes a lot of stress and frustration for parents and just confusion for the poor child!

I have been in this situation many times with my children.  Luckily I found a wonderful resource to help me really understand the brain development and how much self-control my kids really have at different ages.  ZERO TO THREE has some great materials to help parents get through this Expectation Gap period.

Learn to Manage My Own Emotions

Motherhood is an emotional roller coaster for me.  There are moments of pure joy that can quickly turn to moments of pure frustration.  All of these emotions can leave me feeling tired and impatient.

When my patience wears thin I know that positive parenting is not going to happen.  I have to learn to manage my own emotions so that I can remain a positive, loving mother.

Breath In, Breath Out is a great article from ZERO TO THREE that really showed me some ways to manage my emotions. I know once I master my own emotions I will be on the road to becoming an even more positive role model for my kids.

Ask For Help

Some people are afraid to admit they need help.  We want to be perfect parents all the time, but that isn't realistic.  I learned years ago to ask for help when I felt like I was drowning as a parent.

You may need to ask for help so you can have a break or you may need help learning more about your child's development. There are a lot of great resources available for parents if we will take advantage of them.

I have found a lot of support from ZERO TO THREE.  Their mission is to ensure that all babies and toddlers have a strong start in life.  They know that when babies and toddlers have emotionally nourishing relationships it is the foundation for lifelong health and well-being.

It is Never Too Late to StartI may have a bad day and I may not be feeling like the world's best mom.  The problem comes when we give up and stop trying to improve. It is never too late to start incorporating positive parenting practices.

Every small improvement is a step in the right direction. Each of these steps adds up to a more positive and loving environment for our kids!

Keep Smiling

No matter how hard the day might be or how many tantrums your toddler has thrown…a smile can change everything.  Smiling really does improve our moods and can lighten our child's mood too.

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Crack a joke, act silly, have a dance party….SMILE!  Smiling at your kids will always bring some positivity to the situation.  Tomorrow will be another day and things can always improve a little bit with a smile.

5 Tips on How to Be a Positive Parent #ad#ZEROTOTHREE #ParentLife
What are Your Tips for Positive Parenting?

So what are your tips on how to be a positive parent? Share your parenting stories with ZERO TO THREE today!  You can also sign up for more information, monthly tips, tools and story-sharing opportunities HERE.

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