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You Could Make Over $1000 A Month Doing This!

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The possibilities of making extra money are there, you just have to look for them. Finding ways to earn extra cash all depends on you. If you are an animal lover, you could earn over $1000 a month just dog sitting.

Dog sitting is a great way to earn extra income by doing something you love. If you love animals and are looking for extra cash, then this is for you.

How to make $1000 Dogsitting

Love puppies? This might be your dream job.

The benefits of dog sitting for an extra income are:

Love of Animals

Think of all the pleasure and appreciation you will receive from these pets. If you love animals, you have to admit that making animals happy and secure for others is very rewarding.

Make your own hours.

In the real world, not all of us work regular hours. Many pet owners want the best for their beloved animals, but sometimes finding the right care can be hard depending on the time of day.

Creating and working your own hours that suit you is a great advantage when your dogsit.

Think of weekends, overnights, and holiday seasons. You will be able to earn good money if you are flexible. There is no better way to work than being in charge of your own schedule!

Earn as much, or as little, as you want.

The amount of money you want depends on you. If you want to dog sit weekends or full-time, the choice is yours.

Make people happy!

Think of how happy you would make a pet owner when his/her pet, or pets, are being treated really well. For pet owners to know that their pets are in safe and reliable care will make them happy!

The links found below are posts about making extra money ideas and starting home businesses:

Earn extra money.

Dog sitting is a great way to earn extra cash doing something you love. For animal lovers, the rewards of making sure pets are taken care of and making their owners happy are one of the best feelings in the world.

If you are interested in becoming an awesome sitter, I recommend you check out Rover!

We’re always looking for awesome sitters to play with dogs, earn money, and make pets and their owners smile.

Best of all, this is a gig you can do at home, any time—you make your own schedule and work as little, or as often, as you want. It’s perfect for when the kids head back to school!

About Rover:

We connect pet owners with our community of more than 20,000 five-star-rated sitters across the U.S. and Canada.

All reservations include:

  • Premium pet insurance
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Daily photo updates

All these benefit so you can travel or drop your furry friends off at daycare with peace of mind.

We also make online booking and payment easy so our sitters can focus on what they love most—animals! And yes, cats and other pets are welcome too.

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  1. I have two dogs that are like kids to me. One of them was abused and has some issues with strangers so it is SO important to me to surround him with people that I 1000% trust. Finding a good dog sitter is just as important as finding a good babysitter for my kids. I love going through services to find dog sitters, because I know I will want to check out a few people and not just the first one I see on Craigslist. Thanks for letting me know about this service as a pet owner, definitely bookmarking for later.

  2. My mom and I used to do this! I absolutely love dog sitting and dog walking. And finding a trustworthy person to take care of your dog, is just as important as finding someone to take care of your kids.

  3. There are quite a few people in my town who do this for a living. It’s totally possible and before I had kids I wanted to do it so bad. Who doesn’t want to work with stuff they can pet all day?!

  4. I have thought about doing this but big dogs …that I don’t know…scare me.

  5. My son has done some dog sitting before for friends on vacation. He has made some decent money for a teen! It would be a great way for teens to earn extra money for sure! I hadn’t heard of that website, but will have to check it out!!

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