Best Place To Buy Or Sell Gift Cards

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I love gift cards I admit it. I also love receiving them as gifts. But let’s be real sometimes we get gift cards from places we never heard of or will never visit. What do we do with these unwanted gift cards or where do we purchase discounted gift cards? Where do we find such a place without buying gift cards in bulk? Is there a place to buy or sell gift cards?

I have written about how we earn free gift cards and how simple it is.  But what happens when you receive unwanted gift cards to stores or places that don't interest you at all? Maybe you have a stash of gift cards sitting around and until now they were sitting there collecting dust?

Having an unwanted gift card is simply a waste of money for you and the person that spend the money on it. If you walked into a store, they will not exchange them nor give you cash for your unwanted gift card.

Maybe you enjoy giving out gift cards, or you are like us and want to earn them for free or simply don't want to pay full price for them. Let's be honest here for a minute here, earning free gift cards can take time and maybe an upcoming birthday or home improvement is coming up, and you need your discounted gift card right away.

The good news is that places like will do!


Best Place To Buy Or Sell Gift Cards - If you want to make cash or save on gift cards finding the best place to buy or sell gift cards can be hard. Learn about a legit place where you an buy or sell your gift cards.Best Place To Buy Or Sell Gift Cards


Selling your gift cards is not as hard as you might think when you use Raise marketplace is user-friendly and within minutes you will be able to place your cards on sale. Below you will find the following steps to help you earn cash for your cards.

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Find Your Cards

  • Enter the brand name
  • Enter the serial number and PIN (if it has one)
  • Check the card’s balance

List For Sale

  • Choose a selling price, which you can adjust at any time until the card sells.
  • Verify your account with a major credit card and will double-check your gift card before your card is listed for sale.

Get Paid

It is free to list gift cards in Once the cards sell Raise will take a 15% commission from the selling price. Selling a physical card Raise will charge the greater of $1.00 or 1% of the value of the card for shipping. accepts all gift cards from local and national brands, and even merchandise credit! For example, if you returned a gift only to get credit to a store you don’t like, you can sell it to get cash back.

The best part about Raise? You, as a seller, control your asking price, so you can earn as much as you’d like! make it easy and safe to earn cash for gift cards.

  • 3,000+ Brands Accepted
  • Free Electronic Delivery
  • 100% Seller Protection


If you are looking for discounted gift card and don’t want to buy in bulk, might be the place for you. got discount gift cards from thousands of brand name stores for your to save on. If you use my affiliate link and click here, you can score $10 off your first purchase over $100 or more.

To purchase a gift card simply head over here and select the gift card you want. You can choose between physical gift card or electronic gift card the choice is yours. has an app where you can buy or sell gift cards anywhere.

As you can see you can make cash or save big when it comes to gift cards. If you are new to Raise, make sure you click here to save $5 on your purchase.















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