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Blogging Book That Changed My Blog For The Better

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Last fall among planning a wedding and our honeymoon, I decided that I really wanted to take my blog to the next level. Due to my insecurities I didn’t do much to push My Stay At Home Adventures to the level where I wanted it to be. I wanted to improve website traffic, improve email marketing, and how to increase work productivity.

After realizing all what I wanted to do I started my research and found very useful information, but there was this particular book that changed my blog for the better. A book that helped me to improve website traffic, improve email marketing, and how to increase work productivity.

Blogging Book That Changed My Blog For The Better

I love blogging, and I love the fact that it can create an income from something I love. Since becoming a stay at home mom, my goals are to continue with my debt freedom journey, continue to save money, and work from home. If I didn’t want to make an income blogging, I wouldn’t of transfer nor invest money on this blog like I’ve done before.

I moved my site from Blogger to Worpress. I signed up with Bluehost and started to host my site. Months later, I upgraded and bought Genesis frame and set it up all by myself after doing major research. Then I stop, it seems like I get a boost of “Yes I can!” then I give up.

After getting back into my “Yes, I can” mood, I decided to start looking for that particular book or site that will motivated me to keep going and improve my blog.

I had made a few bucks on my blog last year, about $100 for all 2014. Please don’t think that this post is to show you how you can make fast money from your blog overnight and make a living off it in a week, because this is not the post.

What I’m here to tell you is that you can too change your blog for the better like I did. If you seem to be stuck on your blog and taking it to the next level is something you are passionate about I have the book for you.

How I found this blogging book.

One evening I was laying in my bed after an exhausting day, yet I was in the mood to read a good book. I was also trying to look for a few books I could read when we were in our honeymoon. I wanted to sit and relax and read a good book while hearing the ocean waves and enjoy the sunshine.

A book called How To Blog For Profit: Without Selling Your Soul popped in my kindle app recommendation. The title caught my attention and I decided to click and check it out. I have read free e-books related to everything about blogging. From how to improve website traffic, to how to improve email marketing, and how to increase work productivity. Some were good, others were well…

I still had questions and wanted to know more about this book so I asked one of my BFF, Google. Well, helloooooo!!, How To Blog For Profit: Without Selling Your Soul must be some sort of magical blogging book because it seemed like everyone was talking about it and swearing by this book. And where have I been? I have been following many blogs before and never heard of this book or the author.

If you are like me, I’m kind of skeptic and tend to take a long time to buy into what others are selling. I have learned that bloggers can forms clicks to push each other and support each others (this could be good or bad). I have been one that have believed what others bloggers have written about, only to find that it wasn’t worth it or wasn't all that. So when I see a bunch of bloggers speaking about this book, instead of jumping for it, I do more research about it.

I have heard of the Living Well Spending Less blog, but wasn’t a regular reader. I love her recipes and have read a few posts here and there, but other than that I didn’t know much about Ruth Soukup.

Also, big blogs tend to intimidate me and sometimes I feel that the bigger the blog the less personal it gets. I read smaller blogs and I tend to be loyal to a few financial blogs, bigger blogs I read and leave. Hey, I am being honest here and I’m sure a few of my readers feel the same way I do.

What made me decided to purchase How to Bog for Profit: without Selling Your Soul?

What made me decided to spend my Swagbucks and purchase this book, when I read the book sample from Amazon. She sounded like she knew what she was talking about, and she was honest. That caught my attention and with that I checked to see how many Amazon gift cards I had from Swagbucks, talked to my husband about it and purchased it.

Blogging Book That Changed My Blog for The Better

How this book changed my blog for the better was simply amazing. I was able to read this book and see how honest she was. No games, not I think, no my clients do this and that. It was about what has worked for her not others. What system failed her, not other. Do you see a pattern of what I liked about the book? She was talking from her experience, not others.

Her honesty in the book was there all the way till the end and it simply made sense. What she wrote made sense to me so I followed what she wrote about. Not only did she make my blog better, she gave me the confidence that I was lacking. BE ME! BE MYSELF!

With that renewed confidence I left to my honeymoon, because I read the book before we got married, I couldn’t wait. While in our honeymoon, I read the book again and took some notes. I let my blog go on auto pilot for over a week, and took the time to go over what I wanted My Stay At Home Adventures to be.

Once I got back from our honeymoon I was greeted with stupid cold weather, and a confidence to go better my blog. What I loved the most is that my husband was on-board with me and together we have been working on My Stay At Home Adventures.

This book is worth the $10 I spent. Listen, I value my Swagbucks too much to just spend my Amazon gift cards on just anything. Just as much as I value my money! If I’m telling you that this book was worth it and it has better my blog for the better it needs to mean something!

How has How to Bog for Profit: without Selling Your Soul better my blog?

Since reading this book and I decided to give, my girl (yeah we that close), Ruth suggestions a try on my blog. I made a decision that I was going to take this blog to the next level so I made a commitment.

My commitment was to implement what I learned from this book to my blog and see where it went.

And up it went! This didn’t happen overnight. This didn’t happen in a week. My blog improvements happened gradually. I saw improvement on my website traffic. Improvement on how I handle my email marketing. Most importantly how to increase my work productivity.

Social media god, Pinterest, became my best friend. I found a community of bloggers that enjoyed my site and what I do. I stop hiding and decided to go by my true name instead of my hidden name (baby steps). I decided that being me was more fun and to accept my imperfections. Being me is working, people are liking the real me.

Has my blog reached the goals I set for myself? No, but it will. Has my blog income increased? Yes, it’s increasing each month all thanks to this book. I have written what my plans were and I am determined to do it.

Here’s my advice, this book is NOT for those starting to blog or are looking for how to set up a blog. This book is for those who have a blog and seem to be stuck or want to take their blog to the next level. If you are considering starting blogging I suggest you wait and get your blog set before purchasing this book.

How to Bog for Profit without Selling Your Soul changed my blog for the better, but also changed me personally as well. If you looking to take your blog to the next level then this book is for you. I will be reporting more about my blog monthly improvement or failures, but since many of you all want to know what I did to improve my blog, there it is!

What do you think of How to Bog for Profit without Selling Your Soul?


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  1. So glad to hear that – I am always interested in new blogging books! I am a professional blogger – building my list through my blog and may find a new idea – thank you 🙂

    1. Donna, this book is really good. I was impressed at how well my blog has been doing thanks to this book. What other book have you read that you can recommend?

  2. I really need to check out this book. I have been blogging since the 90s and when this book came out I said I was going to read it and still haven’t!

    1. Is a great book, Chrystal. It really helped me out and I was very happy with it.

  3. I completely agree with you about this book! I am so glad I ran across it last summer–it completely changed how I did my new blog. I had been blogging for fun for many years but decided to start over. Thankfully, I ran into Ruth’s “How To Blog For Profit…” around the same time so it set me on the right track. Glad I ran into your blog tonight through Pinterest! Have a great week!

    1. That’s great Jennie. I’m working hard on this one and I am seeing results. Thank you for taking the time to comment. 🙂

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  7. I just found your blog and love this book and article. Thank you for the recommendation. I am new to blogging and really appreciate all the tips all you hard working bloggers are sharing. (Just a note since I would like others to tell me, there is a couple spelling errors referring to the title of the book towards the middle and end of your article) I hope I don’t offend you. Thank you again!!!

    1. Hi and welcome! Thank you for letting me know about the spelling errors I appreciated!

  8. just a quick question. how much a blogger make by reviewing different products of amazon?

    1. Amazon has its own review program. You can get a small percentage when someone clicks and buy using your links. They do have a new program out for bloggers.

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