The Ultimate Family Backyard Camping Guide

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When it comes to home adventures, backyard camping is one of our favorites. And you are going to learn why.

Who doesn’t love spending time in the great outdoors? We all deserve a break from our daily hurly-burly and there’s no better way to spend it than going camping.

The incredible serenity of Mother Nature will soothe your soul, calm your mind, and get you thinking straight. You will enjoy lots of fresh air too.

If you don’t want to spend money on campsite fees and traveling, you can set up a camp right in your own backyard.

Backyard camping brings all of the backcountry fun without the hassle. It is a great way to bond with your little ones and introduce them to camping before roughing it up in the woods.

Here are a few tips to help you have a fun, safe, and memorable camping experience without traveling any further than your backyard.

9 Tips For a Great Backyard Camping

Prepare In Advance

The whole idea behind camping in the backyard is to bring nature as close to home as possible. That said, you will need to obtain everything you require for the night, well in advance.

If your supplies keep on running out and you are consistently heading back to the house, then you are defeating the point.

Have a camping checklist of food items, barbecue tools, clothing, bedding, and anything else you deem necessary to keep you warm and comfortable.

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Set Up The Tent

Depending on how big your family is, you may require more than one tent. If you are inviting some friends over, ask them to bring their tents, just in case.

Also, make sure your tent is something you would really camp in. Forget the beach shade. You want a tent that can shelter you from wind, rain, bugs and other elements, and most importantly, keep you warm.

If you don’t have a tent, assemble a makeshift shelter by tying a clothesline or rope between two trees or poles and hanging a large canvas, tarp, or blanket over the top. Be sure the sides are properly covered to shelter you and the kids from wind and cold.

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Prep Your Sleeping Area

Put something soft and warm on the floor to sleep on. Sleeping bags, yoga mats, air mattresses, or even couch cushions will work perfectly.

Throw in camping sleeping pads for extra warmth, especially if you live in an area where night temperatures drop significantly.

If you think you will be spending the night out often, it would be best to invest in camp beds. That way, you will sleep off the ground, which will make the nights much cozier and the experience more pleasurable for you and your family.

Bring Something For The Bugs

Mosquito bites can turn a night full of fun and laughter disastrous, so have enough repellent for the campsite.

You could also use bug zappers or citronella tiki torches and candles to keep the annoying visitors away. Just make sure your kids know not to play with these. Even bug spray can be hazardous if sprayed in the eyes or ingested.

Light Up Your Camp

Camping is a nighttime activity, so you will need some good lighting. Lanterns/lamps and torches will be a great place to start.

And since this will probably be the first time your kids spend a night out in a camp, make them feel involved. Get mini flashlights for them. 

They will not only be a great additional source of light but will also come in handy when playing shadow puppets and such like games with the kids.

What’s more, light is essential for safety. Without it, you won’t be able to navigate through the dark. Hang a bright lamp overhead or get a couple mini flashlights and torches for the tent. You can even string lights around the tent for extra illumination.

As long as you can see and move about your surroundings, your night under the star-lit sky will be wonderful. And your entire backyard camping crew will feel more comfortable being part of the experience.  

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Set Out Something To Eat

You can prepare some food beforehand or even order out. Homemade treats like pizza, fries, hot dogs, popcorns, and cookies will be perfect if you are dealing with a huge group of people. Just don’t forget to hide a few bags of marshmallows and chocolate bars for your kids.

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Top the munchies up with freshly grilled meat, and you will have everyone begging for more nights like this one! You can grill rib-eye steaks, pork chops, or sausages over the camping stove or roast them on your campfire coal.

Have a cooler full of drinks for the night too. If you are a tea or coffee junkie, this is the perfect opportunity to prepare a sizzling cup over the barbecue. In the morning, wrap things up with some eggs and pancakes over an early morning campfire.

Unplug The Fun

Breaking out your munchies supplies and trying out fireside feasts is not the only way to have fun while camping in the backyard.

There are plenty of pastime activities that you and your kids can take part in to unplug the night’s awesomeness.

You can tell campfire stories, sing campfire songs, gaze at the stars, flashlights onto the sky, or make shadow puppets against your backyard walls.

You can also bring some portable speakers for music lovers or project a movie on the wall of your house. All this stuff is fun to do and will keep your loved ones engaged and entertained.

Observe Safety

It doesn’t matter where you are camping – safety should be your number one priority. Set up your tent as close as you can to your house and the fire pit away from combustible elements.

Tie brightly colored ribbons over the tent’s stakes to make them visible so that kids don’t bump or trip over them.

Put your bug sprays and any other flammable material as far from the fire as possible and away from kids. If there is any backdoor living item that feels or looks dangerous, get rid of it.

Keep an eye on your kids to ensure that they are not bringing any fire lit objects or candles inside the tent. Always keep them at a safe distance from the fire, at least 15 feet away.

Moreover, keep rough play to a minimum, especially when the kids are outside the tent. And don’t let them go out barefoot; the last thing you want is critters and bugs crawling over their feet and ending up in their bedding.

Make Memories

You don’t want all these sweet memories to go undocumented, do you? That’s why you will need a camera for the night.

Take silly shots of you dancing to old school music, your kids fighting over the last piece of marshmallows, or friends trying out weird recipes over a campfire. Don’t forget to get a group shot with everyone laughing and smiling in the end.

In A Nutshell

Backyard camping gets you enjoying the thrill of the great outdoors in your own backyard. It’s the perfect way for you and your kids to reconnect with nature without traveling away from home.

You will have fun, spend quality time with the people you love, and create cherished memories. Just make sure to take all the necessary safety precautions to keep yourselves safe. A family that camps together stays together!

Your turn: You read backyard camping guide and now we want to know what are your thoughts and ideas. Share them with us below.

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