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3 Step Guide to Frugal Living

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Let me give you an idea on how you can start frugal living to help you change your lifestyle!

There’s saving money and then there is living frugally. There is a difference in the two, although they will sometimes overlap.

People who live frugally like to save money but they cut back in other areas more than your average money-saver.

They may do without things other people or families wouldn’t do without and it’s not always about the money.

Sometimes it’s because they want to live a simpler lifestyle without the hustle and bustle or the worry over money and bills.

How to Live a Frugal Living Lifestyle

There’s saving money and then there is living frugally. There is a difference in the two, learn the difference with the 3 step guide to frugal living.

If you want to begin frugal living, you might not be sure where to begin. There aren’t really any rules to it but here are some guidelines to get you going.

If you want a frugal lifestyle, here is how you can get it started.

  1. Determine why you want to do this. This is going to be very important because there are times when you may have to sacrifice or do without something you would normally buy so remembering why you are making this decision will help you stick to it.
  2. Live thrifty. Use it, make it, get by with it, or do without. Being frugal is about being crafty at times. Can you repair that hole? Can you repurpose that broken item? Can you really make it stretch a little longer if you wanted to instead of just tossing it out? Chances, are you could!
  3. Get started now. Even the small changes you implement can start making big changes. Most people think about the idea of frugal living, even read up on it or plan it, before they ever actually get started. Sometimes you need to take a page out of Nike’s book and just do it!

Only you can decide exactly what frugal living is to you but these steps are basic and can apply to any situation.

So keep it in mind and also continue to have fun with your decision and remember that you are doing a positive thing for yourself and for the environment.

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  1. Being thrifty is something that often trips me up. Either it’s lack of imagination or simple exhaustion from working so much and tending to a family. This doesn’t mean I’ll give up trying though!

  2. Get started now is great advice! It’s so easy to put things off till tomorrow or until all your ducks are in a row and sometimes it just never happens.

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