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Why Are We Afraid To Look At Our Personal Finances?

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This is not a topic that many of us want to talk about, nor do we want to face it until it is too late. We know we have money trouble or financial problems, but we pretend like they don’t exist. Why are we afraid to look at our personal finances?

Why are we afraid to look at our personal finances? Why?

This is a problem that I (yes, yours truly) have dealt with from time to time. I am not perfect, and I am here to tell you that you can overcome this fear of dealing with your personal finances issues.

The truth is that when we know we are not doing so well with our monthly budget, we tend not to look at our personal finances because of fear.

Why? The truth is that we are afraid to look at them because WE KNOW we are slacking. There are many other reasons why we are afraid as well, and it is not just me, but many others as well. This is why I wanted to talk about this and be as open as possible with you all.

If you don’t know if you are afraid of facing what the reality of your finances are, then ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you look at your bank account at least weekly?
  • Do you avoid looking at your credit card bills?
  • Do you avoid creating a monthly budget?

The truth is not pretty, and it does hurt; believe me. Being truthful to yourself is key to taking charge of your finances. This is in no way meant to punish you and make you feel bad about yourself.

Millions of people are in denial about their finances and afraid to look at their own personal finances.

If you live worrying and in fear of your personal finances because you know you are overspending, you know yourself that you are afraid to look at your personal finances. I know this because I lived it!

Ignoring your personal finances NO ES BUENO! Is not good!

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Ignoring your personal finances will hurt you!

Why are we afraid to look at our personal finances? Learn 3 reasons most of us are afraid to look at our finances and learn how you can overcome this fear and start taking control of your finances with this steps.

3 Reasons We Are Afraid To Look At Our Personal Finances

Deep down we know that this is wrong and it is going to hurt us, so why do we do this? Why do we ignore and avoid looking into our own personal finances?


We fear what we are going to find when we take a deep look at our personal finances. We don’t like to face the reality that we are out of control and need a reality check when it comes to our finances.

To take control and fix our finances we have to get rid of this fear.

We have to accept responsibility and face reality.


Believe it or not, laziness is part of it. People are just simply in a rush to do things, and the thought of sitting down and looking at their personal finances is just too much work.

Afraid of numbers

You might think that this is funny, but many of us find numbers intimidating. Some of us are just not good with math, and others are afraid of technology. You might think this is funny or dumb, but it is the truth.

So what will happen if you continue on this path of avoiding your finances?

Continuing to ignore your finances will hurt you more than you might think. You are digging yourself into more debt and you will not be living a financially stress-free life. When you ignore your personal finances, you are more likely to:

  • Get into more debt
  • Pay more fees
  • Pay more interest
  • Waste more money

Yes, by being afraid to look at your personal finances, you are going to pay more; way more! You might even have fraudulent transactions, but because you don’t even look at your personal accounts, you would never know.

Everyone hates dealing with their own money problems. The majority of people are so afraid of them that they don’t even talk about money. Worrying about your finances and how bad they are can cause:

  • Stress
  • Marital/Relationship problems
  • Get you into more financial troubles

How to Overcome Our Fear of Facing Our Personal Finances

You need to understand that you when it comes to getting rid of looking at your personal finances, you are not alone!

Seriously, you are not alone at all!

To overcome this fear of looking at your personal finances, here are some helpful tips to help:

  • Look at your bank accounts at least once a week.
  • Create a budget
  • Create financial goals
  • Open your credit card bills
  • Open all your bills for that matter
  • Get help from a professional if needed

Start doing this as soon as possible and start taking control of your money!


Being afraid to look at our personal finances is something that we all fear at some point in our lives. We know that once we look, reality will slap us in our faces. As bad as this may sound, sometimes we need a good reality check in order to get us back on track.

Once you overcome this fear, you will be able to start having control; not only of your finances, but of your life as well. I am writing from experience and can tell you that you can overcome this.

Have you ever been afraid to look at your personal finances? What were your reasons? How did you overcome this fear? Why do you think we are so afraid to look at our personal finances?



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  1. I think fear is a huge factor. That, and worrying that you can’t do anything about the situation anyway. But as you and I both have learned, facing up to the truth means finding the ability to create a solid financial life. It’s well worth facing your fears to do so!

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