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If You Act Like This, You Are Not Wealthy, You Are Broke

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Quit acting like this because deep down you are not wealthy; you are broke!

When we decided to take on our debt and started living life the way we wanted to live it, we didn’t anticipate how much it was going to change our lives.

Over the years we have faced many challenges, and we are not close to where we want to be financially. One of the many changes we faced was changing the way we acted towards money, people, and life.

When you have been living your life the frugal way and have a ‘been there done that' attitude towards being broke, you know how to spot financial messes when you see it.

Don't you believe me?

Read this post and see if you or someone you know falls into this category.

Acting like you are wealthy doesn’t mean you have your finances together. It doesn’t say that you have a wealthy mentality.

It means that you are broke, and no matter how much you try to tell or show others, your broke mentality continues to show. I’ve been there and done that.

I had a good paying career and had amazing things, but I wasn’t wealthy, I was broke.

Always remember that being wealthy is a mindset; before you control anything in your life, including your finances, you must change your broke mindset into a wealthy mindset.

If you act like these examples below, you, mi amigo, are broke. No matter how much you try to impress us or show us otherwise.

Act like this way about your finances and you are not wealthy, you are broke. Learn how to avoid this self destructive behavior are and why change them.

7 Signs You Are  Not Wealthy (But Broke)

Live above your means

If you are in debt because you are spending more than your income, you are broke. Maybe it is time you sit down and realize that you need to stop acting like you have money in the bank when in reality, you don’t.

It is time for you to start thinking about your finances and start taking control of your finances. The difference between a wealthy person and a real wealthy person is that they live below their means.

Stressing over money 

If all you do is stress over money on a daily basis, you are broke. Money should not be controlling your mind and your worries.

You have more important things to worry about than money. If this is the case, you need to start looking at your finances and start gaining some control.

Wealthy people don’t live like this. Why don’t you stress on finding ways to earn extra money instead of worrying about how you are going to pay your bills?

Hang out with ‘broke' people 

When I mention broke people, I mean broke mindset people. If you spend time with people that are negative and are always bringing you down, you need to get away from them.

If people are influencing the way you are spending your money, and are one of the reasons you are broke, get away from them.

During our financial journey, and to this day, many people don’t understand or are just being mean about our financial success. We have been called the dreamers, they want to be rich, among other things.

Instead of being happy for what we have accomplished financially, many have acted envious and cynical toward our financial success.

That being said, we have met and associated more with people who are just supportive, happy, and positive about our decisions.

So which group of individuals do we lean more to? The ‘wealthy' mindset people, because who wants to hang out with negative people like that?

Many know that with hard work and determination, you can achieve anything.

Why do we want to hear things like ‘you are so lucky' after all the hard work we have done to take control of our finances?

If that makes me a snob, so be it. Wealthy mindset people associate, and do better, with wealthy mindset people.

Buying things without comparing prices 

You buy expensive name brand items to impress others because you want others to think you are wealthy.

Guess what?

Wealthy people always compare prices when it comes to shopping. You think just because people have money they are going to waste it like that? It’s part of living below their means, and wealthy people do just that.

Use rebates app for starters:

You think of saving money instead of making more money 

This is something that finally sunk into me recently. We can save and save money, but wouldn’t it be better if we find more ways to make money? If we make more money, we will SAVE more money.

If we just settled for just saving money, how are we going to grow our wealth? Once we paid off our debt, the next step is to find ways to make more money and use that to our advantage.

You have a ‘do it later' mentality

If you know you have a financial situation, and you need to start taking control of your debt and finances, yet you continue to push it for later, you are broke!

You continue to save it for later and yet later never comes. Nothing is going to get solved unless you take control of your finances now.

Putting family and friends first

This is going to sound crazy, but if you continue to use your family and friends as an excuse as to why you don’t have money, you are broke!

The ‘I want my kids to have everything' mentality doesn’t mean everything financial and materialistic.

Just because we don't buy everything we can for our children, so we don't have money left, they see it as a punishment for our kids because of the way we live. Like we are terrible parents because we live below our means.

Going to an expensive vacation because you want your family to have memories of it, yet deep down you are stressing over the financial side of it, simply doesn’t make sense. What are we teaching our kids? What are YOU teaching your children?

Lending money to your friends because they need it, and you don’t?

Money is the leading cause of family and friend arguments. I decided that if I’m able to ‘lend' money, it will be as a gift and never expect it to be paid back.

This eliminates the fights and losing a valuable person over money. What you need to do instead is to have an open relationship with them about money and make them understand about finances.

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Talk about money! Be open about it! Your family doesn't need your money; they need more than that. If you are acting like this, you aren’t wealthy; you are broke. I hope you understand what being wealthy is all about. I always say you can win a million dollars, but if you have a broke mindset, you will be broke in no time.

Being wealthy is not about showing off and showing a make-believe lifestyle that you can’t afford. If you want to be wealthy, quit making excuses and start working hard.

Take ownership and responsibility; make it happen. Wealthy people don’t live to impress others; they live to enjoy their lives to the fullest.

Have you ever pretended to act ‘wealthy,' only to be flat broke? What did you learn from it?

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  1. WOW, Joyce! Well said! I am including this post in our weekly roundup for Fruclassity tomorrow. Very powerful words here, my friend, and I totally agree. SO glad that you guys have changed your mindset too. Hugs, my friend!

    1. Thank you so much Laurie! It’s been a hard journey but no looking back at all. I’ll check it out tomorrow. Thank you again.

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  3. Great job! I, too, write about finances, debt elimination, saving money and money in general on my {tiny} blog- check it out- kristihughes.wordpress.com … keep up the good work!!

  4. I can’t tell you how many friends we have like this. They want everyone to think they have money, but then they can’t pay the babysitter until payday! Such a frustrating way to live! I like to live by the mantra “I can afford anything, just not everything”, it helps me keep my wants and needs in check!

    1. I lived it and let me say an extremely frustrating way to live!!!! I think I spent my 20’s living this way. I love your mantra Elise.

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    1. Its updated so to helped me I named it 2019. You are just getting an updated version is all.

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