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5 Steps To Help You With Your Broke Mindset

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Let’s talk about steps to help you with your broke mindset, shall we?

Taking care of your finances is not easy and can be hard depending on the circumstances. What’s even harder is starting to take control of your financial journey only to fail and give up over and over again.

One of the reasons you might fail may be your mindset. You might be suffering from a broke mindset that is preventing you to succeed financially.

If you don’t have the right financial mindset when it comes to your financial journey, you will fail.

Having a broken mindset affects a lot of people, the good thing is that it can be fixed.

What’s a broke mindset?

First, let’s start by defining what a “mindset” is; it’s a set of beliefs, or a way of thinking, that determines one’s behavior, outlook, and mental attitude. Now, and broke into that; that is the way you view your finances and money.

A broke mindset is having beliefs around money that affect the way you think of money. If you have a broke mindset, you have a negative way of thinking about finances.

You are always broke, you don’t have any money saved, and you are probably surrounded by broke minded people. You seem to think that having more money, or winning the lottery, will complete you.

I’m here to tell you that changing that broke mindset of yours will give you the wealth you need without earning extra money or winning the lottery.

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What is a wealthy mindset?

A “wealthy” mindset is not about having more money or becoming rich. Anyone can have a wealthy mindset; it doesn’t involve being a millionaire.

Think about it this way; a broke mindset is a negative outlook, a wealthy mindset your outlook is positive.

You just have to decide what your definition of wealth is. There will be more about a wealthy mindset in a future post, but for now, let’s worry about changing that broke mindset so you can start taking control of your finances.

Sadly, you can’t change other people’s mentality; but you can sure change yours and this is the reason why I am here with these steps, to help you with that broke mindset.

I will tell you that changing this mindset to a “wealthy” mindset is the most important thing you can ever do. Not only will it change your view about money into a positive one while taking control of your finances; you will be able to look at life and the way you are living life, differently.

Let's take these 7 helpful steps to help you with your broke mindset and help you reach your financial goal today. You won't believe #4!

 5 Steps To Help You With Your Broke Mindset

Change your thinking

You need a reality check, you need to be honest and accept it. You can only change you and that’s what’s important. Also, know that the road to financial freedom is difficult and you have to make sure you are 100% committed.

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Understand your broke mindset

I’ve written about my broke mindset and my struggles with it. The same goes for you and understanding your broke mindset. Ask yourself these questions, “why do you spend money?” “Does spending money provide some sort of relief?” By answering these questions, and understanding your broke mindset, you will determine how to break from it.

Make a plan

Nothing makes it more of a reality when you write it down and create a plan. Now that you understand, and are determined to break from this mentality, it is time to start working on it.

Create clear plans and know that you will make mistakes. Remember, you are changing beliefs that were installed for many years. You are trying to break free from those financial beliefs in order to move forward.

When you create a plan on how to break from this broke mindset, it helps if you make yourself accountable and encourages you to succeed.

Visualize your success in any shape or form

This means to maintain and remind yourself why you are doing this. Always surround yourself with things, or people, that remind you why you are doing this.

It could be something as simple as a photo that gives you encouragement, positive quotes that will motivate you to keep going, or you could read blogs and forums that share the same experience as you.

Appreciate what you have

ALWAYS be grateful for everything you have no matter how broke you think you are. Stressing and worrying about things you don’t have will never get you anywhere. When you appreciate what you have now, more will come. Don’t believe me?

Think of it this way; your finances are a mess, yet you think of wanting more. You want a brand new pair of sneakers. You are waiting for your income tax refund to get more stuff. You are not appreciating, nor are you satisfied with, the things you already have. This is why you’re in the financial mess you are in.

Conclusion to 5 Steps To Help You With Your Broke Mindset

When you change your broke mindset, you will be able to handle money, stop wasting money, and always remain grateful.

Having more money will never solve your financial mess because your mindset will set you back again. A positive mindset will overcome any obstacles and will expand your thinking.

By following these 5 steps I will tell you that dealing with your finances with a wealthy mindset will make the journey even better.

When it comes to these steps to help you with your broke mindset what are your thoughts?

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