Cheap Ways to Improve Your Garden Soil

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My love is gardening and once I became a stay at home adventurer I decided to give gardening a try. I fell in love with gardening and even gardening indoors. Today we are going to talk about cheap ways to improve your garden soil.

You are going to learn why having good soil is important so let's begin!

For a thriving garden, you need to start with a good base. That means you need great soil. Improving your soil doesn't need to cost much if anything. These cheap ways to improve your garden soil will have your garden vibrant and thriving all season long.


Let's learn how to improve garden soil and not spend tons of money!

Starting a garden? Learn three cheap ways to improve your garden soil this gardening season that will make your wallet smile!

3 Cheap Things To Improve Your Garden Soil

Coffee Grounds

Coffee grounds can go directly out into your garden along with any leftover coffee you plan on tossing out. If you don't have your own coffee grounds to toss into your garden you can grab free bags of used coffee grounds from Starbucks to help your garden thrive.

Why are coffee grounds good for the garden?

Coffee grounds, if unwashed, is considering to be highly acidic and this makes it better for those plants that love it.

Still, unwashed coffee grounds have its benefits!

Coffee grounds are used as fertilizers and it improves drainage and how water retains in the soil. It is beneficial to the microorganism by attracting earthworms!

What are the many uses of coffee grounds for gardening?


Use coffee grounds to mulch your plants.

Keeps unwanted visitors away

Coffee grounds help keep slugs and snails away from plants. Many gardeners believe that slugs and snails are affected by coffee grounds therefor avoiding the soil.

Cat repellent

Many people believe that if you use coffee grounds it will keep cats away from your garden.

Feed the worms

When you use coffee grounds you help to feed worms if you are doing a vermicomposting with worms.

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How are banana peels good for the soil?

If you would like to help your plants survive an invasion of aphids or leaf miners feed your family bananas. Cut up the peels and toss right into your garden. They will break down quickly and add potassium and many other vital vitamins and minerals to your garden to help it thrive even when pests invade. 

Banana peel nutrients:

  • Potassium
  • Calcium
  • Phosphorus
  • Magnesium


Egg shells can be washed, dried, and pulverized in the blender to make a dust of calcium greatness to help your tomatoes from tall and strong without costing you a thing.


Great soil has plenty of organic matter. In the fall you can till healthy old plants and leaves right into the soil to add organic matter to fortify your soil.

Starting your own compost is a great way to help improve your garden soil. Toss in veggie and fruit scraps, newspaper, and other odds and ends that will quickly break down into fresh and nutrient-rich soil.

Grow nitrogen-rich plants like beans and legumes. These put valuable nitrogen into the soil and after harvest can be tilled into the soil to add more vitamins and minerals. You can companion plant these near plants that drain nitrogen to help the other plant grow and thrive all season long. This is why green beans and tomatoes grow so well together. 

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