How To Regrow Carrot Scraps (Carrot Tops)

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Can you regrow a carrot? No, you can not regrow a carrot, the rooted orange vegetable itself, but you can regrow the carrot top or carrot plant, and this is what this post is about.

Replanting carrots with carrot tops in water.

Now that you know that you can not grow carrots from carrot tops, you can grow carrots tops and use the seeds from that plant to grow carrots.

You will learn how to regrow carrot tops from scraps on this post.

How do you regrow carrots?

You are about to find out.

Regrowing a carrot top is a fun activity to do with kids, and it is so easy to do as well. It is also a very affordable activity because it only requires items you already have.

You see, if you already have fresh carrots, then you are going to be able to regrow a carrot in your own home.

What other food scraps can I regrow?

Now carrots are not the only food you can regrow. You can regrow:

  • Lettuce
  • Celery
  • Garlic Sprout
  • Green onions
  • Ginger
  • Basil
  • Cilantro
Learn how to re-grow a carrot indoor. It's a simple and fun way to re-grow your carrots and grow a carrot top.

Why is regrowing scraps good for you?

Regrowing food scraps reduces money and food waste. You also know where your food is coming from, and they look great in your kitchen by placing them in cute decorative containers.

How does regrowing save you money?

Regrowing these everyday food scraps will save you money, and as you can see, they don't take much to grow.

When you regrow scraps, you will not head over to the store to purchase these vegetables again.

Also, regrowing scraps might lead to growing other things and the beginning of your garden adventure!

Can you regrow carrots indoors?

As for regrowing carrots indoors, know that you will not grow more carrots. We already covered this. You can regrow the carrot plant but not the carrot itself.

Please don't get discouraged; you can still grow carrots indoors. All you have to do is buy seeds and plant them in a nice size pot.

When you start regrowing your carrots, your kids will love it and get involved, and this activity will also encourage them to eat their veggies!

Carrot top

How To Regrow A Carrot In Doors (Carrot Top)

There are many ways to regrow carrots. For example, you can use water or plant them in the soil. As you can see in the photos, I started mine in water and transferred them to the soil.


  • Carrots
  • Knife
  • small container


  • Cut the carrot about 1 inch in length.
  • Fill the small container with water. Fill it up until it barely touches the bottom edge of the stump.
  • Place the carrot near a window and watch it grow.
  • When the plant is about a few inches tall, you can transplant them to the soil.
  • You will see a flower forming with in months. Make sure your plant is getting 6-8 hours of sun.

**I will change the water often.

How To Re-Grow A Carrot Indoors - Learn How To Re-Grow A Carrot Indoors. It's a simple and fun way to re-grow your carrots and grow a carrot top.

Once your tiny plants are big enough, you can transplant them into a container filled with soil.

Want to see how the finished product will look?


Regrowing carrot scraps is a fun activity, and your kids will love it. You can also grow the carrot and use the seeds to grow carrots.

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Repeated propagation of carrots in a plate with water.

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      1. well shoot we just had some celery yesterday and I didn’t even think that was possible! Maybe next shopping trip! I heard you can also do it with green onions.

        1. Yes!!! I am telling you last year I went a bit nuts with food scraps LOL

  1. I never thought that you could do this. Thanks for the really nice idea. I cannot wait until I try it out next year.

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  3. I’m 62, and we used to this with, with various plants, when we were little. I just showed my granddaughter how to do this a couple weeks. Our little carrot top greens, named Cecile, are already 2″ tall.

    That’s the best part of doing this with kids, carrot tops grow really fast. Kids don’t get bored with it, waiting to see some green.

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