Ways to Attract More Earthworms To Your Garden

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Learn how to attract earthworms to your home garden with these five tips.

Earthworms are part of an organic garden; they are beneficial to any vegetable garden. They are among the most helpful creatures you want to have in your garden, to be honest.

Why are earthworms beneficial to a home garden?

As stated above, earthworms are beneficial to your garden, and the top 3 reasons are below.

Beneficial to garden soil

Earthworms improve soil by creating tunnels and loosening the soil which help which allows for air and water to penetrate the soil.

Earthworms eats anything in their path

Earthworms eat a lot of soil which includes decaying matter, bacteria, fungi, and nematodes in the soil, which can cause a host of problems in your garden if left unchecked. 

What are castings in earthworms?

Casting is produced by earthworms and it is also known as vermicast. What is cermicast? Worm poop.

Yes, casting is worm manure which is a soil enricher because of what earthworms are eating.

In other words, worm castings also serve as an incredibly rich fertilizer for your plants.  

In fact, a natural abundance of earthworms in your garden is a pretty good indicator of the overall health of your soil.

But don’t despair if your garden isn’t already full of these helpful underground dwellers. Fortunately, there are several ways you can attract more of them to your property.

Here are 5 Ways to Attract More Earthworms to Your Garden: 

Avoid Toxic Pesticides and Weed Killers 

This one is a no brainer for any type of organic gardener. The case against pesticide use in your garden continues to grow as multiple scientific studies show that their use has a detrimental impact on earthworms and the surrounding ecosystem.  

Of course, most organic gardeners wouldn’t knowingly use these products in their own gardens.

The challenge lies in protecting your planting area from pesticide drift from neighboring farms and home gardens. Site selection and the strategic use of physical barriers can help reduce this risk in many cases.   

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Create a Hospitable Environment 

Earthworms ask for very little in return for the many benefits they provide. They prefer to live in a cool, dark, and moist environment and they need plenty of organic matter to consume. 

Mulching your garden will help retain the moisture earthworms and your plants crave. Plus, adding lots of rich compost and organic matter to your soil will keep them well fed.  

Leave Your Soil Undisturbed 

Conventional gardening methods involve tilling the ground to work compost and other amendments into the existing soil. However, doing so disturbs and damages the existing ecosystems within the soil.

Earthworms and other beneficial creatures can be harmed in this process, which is one more reason to consider using raised garden beds or adopting lasagna-style gardening methods.  

Purchase Earthworms for Your Garden 

Although this option is valid, it is listed last for two reasons:  

For starters, if you create a welcoming environment that provides everything earthworms need to thrive, chances are good they’ll find their way into your garden on their own.

Second, there is no sense of introducing earthworms to your garden if it does not yet offer the necessary requirements they need to survive. 

However, once your garden is ready, you can expedite their arrival by purchasing them from a reputable dealer who offers earthworms that are native to your area. 

Buying native species will ensure they have an easier time making themselves at home in your backyard.  

How to Attract More Earthworms To Your Garden (& Why They Matter)

Watch this video and learn why earthworms matter.

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