Food to Toss Into Your Garden

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No space for a compost bin or don't need one? Learn nine food to toss into your garden that will help your garden.

A compost bin is not a fit for everyone. Some families don't have room for one or live in a place that doesn't allow them. However, even potted plants can benefit from the compostable foods that come from your kitchen.

The solution?

Toss food into your garden!

Now, before you dump any food into your garden, make sure you continue to read because it is not EVERY food.

There are many foods you already have that you can toss directly into your garden, garden beds, and potted plants that will break down in the soil without a compost bin.

So what food to toss into your garden?

Let's find out!

Food to Toss Into Your Garden

Hands putting eggshell


One of my favorite food to toss into my garden are eggshells!

Eggshells are amazing for adding calcium to your soil. Wash, dry, and run through your blender until you have a fine eggshell powder to speed up the breakdown process. Grinding them is essential because eggshells tend to take a long time to break down.

Using coffee ground as a fertilizer. hand holding a coffee mug full or pressed coffee ground over potted plants

Coffee grounds

Listen up, coffee drinkers! Coffee grounds are great to toss into your garden, raised beds, and pots. So why are coffee grounds good for your gardening soil?

Keep reading.

Coffee grounds are great for adding nitrogen to your garden. You can toss your coffee grounds and even leftover coffee in with plants that like acidic soil. This is a great way to reduce waste and help improve your garden soil without costing you anything.

Don't make your coffee at home? Snag used coffee grounds from your local coffee shop.

Tea & paper tea bags

If you are not a coffee drinker, then good news for you tea drinkers!

Tea and paper tea bags are much like coffee when tossing them in the garden. First, remove staples, strings, or any plastic bagging. Then, remove the tea from the thin bag it came with for a faster breakdown.

Banana Peel Fertilizer - Cut Banana Peels into Small Pieces

Banana peels

There is a fast way to speed up the process when it comes to using banana peels. Banana peels break down incredibly fast on their own without getting a foul odor, making them a great kitchen scrap to toss directly into the garden.

To speed up the process, chop up the banana peel to give your plants potassium helping them grow strong and resist damage from bugs and other pests.

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Fruits and vegetable scraps for compost recycling

Fruit & vegetable scraps

You don't need a compost bin to toss these foods into your garden! Don't want to throw away your fruit and vegetable scraps but have no place to compost them?

You can toss them in the blender with water to break them down and use them as a liquid fertilizer around your garden. Tomatoes and peppers really enjoy this and often produce more when feeding with this simple fertilizer.

Wine & beer

Have a party over the weekend and have leftover wine or beer sitting open? It is pretty much useless now, you plan to toss it down the drain, but instead of throwing it out, your garden would love it.

Beer and wine have natural microorganisms that will benefit the soil and your plants.

Boiling water in a pot.

Reuse water

Instead of tossing water from boiling dinner down the drain, strain it into a large pot and let the water cool.

This water is packed with nutrients from whatever you were boiling, making it an excellent fertilizer for your garden plants.

Shells from nuts

The shells from nuts are great for adding to your garden. They do not break down quickly to add nutrients to the soil, but when you till them into the ground at the end of the season, they add organic matter to your soil.

In the meantime, just tosses them in the garden and let them act like mulch.

Leftovers pepper trimmings 

Use leftover trimmings from peppers to help repel pests from your garden. Run them through the blender with water, strain, and place in a spray bottle.

You can spray this mixture on and around your plants to repel deer, cats, rabbits, and other critters who love to give your garden a munch.

As you can see, these nine food you can toss into your garden are common and budget-friendly. But, instead of throwing these things away, reuse them in your garden to help your garden.

Your turn: What food do you toss into your garden and why? Please share your knowledge with us.

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