How to Make the Outside of Your Mobile Home Look Nice

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Transforming the exterior of your mobile home can have a tremendous impact on its overall appeal and potentially increase its value. Here are some practical and creative tips to enhance the outside of your mobile home and turn it into a space you'll be proud to call home.

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In the United States, approximately 20 million individuals have chosen manufactured or mobile homes as their place of residence, highlighting the enduring appeal and practicality of this housing option.

However, it's worth noting that the number of mobile homes in the country has seen a shift, with 4.06 million recorded in 2018 and a projected decrease to 1.72 million by 2023. These statistics underscore the importance of enhancing the exterior aesthetics of mobile homes, as they continue to be a significant housing choice for millions of people across the nation.

As you can see, mobile homes are a popular housing option, so it's essential to make yours stand out in the best way possible.

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How can I make the outside of my mobile home look nice?

Start by considering a fresh coat of paint in a color that complements your home's surrounding environment. Adding skirting to your mobile home can also hide the structural elements and give it a more traditional house-like appearance. Installing a well-crafted deck or porch can provide an inviting entrance and additional outdoor living space.

For landscaping, opt for low-maintenance plants and shrubs that thrive in your climate while adding a splash of greenery. Finally, consider upgrading or adding exterior lighting to enhance security while also providing aesthetic appeal during the evenings. Implementing these changes can significantly enhance the curb appeal of your mobile home.

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9 Ways To Make Outside Of Your Mobile Home Look Nice

Here are some ideas for making your mobile home exterior look attractive and inviting:

Assess and Plan

Before embarking on any exterior updates, it's essential to assess the current state of your mobile home and develop a plan. Take note of any repairs that need to be done, such as damaged siding or skirting, rusty fixtures, or cracked windows. Make a list of these items and prioritize them based on urgency and budget.

Once you've addressed any necessary repairs, consider your overall vision and budget for the project. Do you want to make small changes or completely transform the entire exterior? Do you have a specific theme or color scheme in mind? Planning ahead will ensure that you stay on track and avoid any costly mistakes.

Add a Fresh Coat of Paint

A fresh coat of paint can do wonders for your mobile home's exterior. Choose colors that complement the surroundings and reflect your personal style. High-quality paint can also provide protection from the elements.

When selecting a color scheme for your mobile home, consider neutral tones that blend seamlessly with the natural landscape, such as soft beiges, light grays, or warm creams. These colors provide a timeless look and can make your mobile home appear larger and more open.

For a touch of personality and vibrance, incorporate your favorite color with trim or accent areas. This could be a muted sage green, a subtle sky blue, or even a playful sunny yellow, depending on your individual taste and the character you want your home to express.

Choosing high-quality exterior paint is crucial, as it needs to withstand varying weather conditions and resist fading over time. Look for paints that offer UV protection and have a long-lasting finish. Brands that offer specially formulated paints for mobile homes can give you the added assurance that the product you're using is tailored to cope with the expansion and contraction of your home's materials throughout the seasons.

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Upgrade Your Skirting

Mobile home skirting, the material covering the space between the ground and the bottom of the home, is essential for both aesthetic and functional purposes. Upgrading to a modern, durable skirting material can improve insulation and give your home a fresh look.

When selecting skirting, durability should be top of mind—vinyl, metal, and custom stone or brick are popular choices, each with their own benefits. Vinyl provides an affordable and easy-to-install option, while metal offers strength and stone or brick can deliver a classic, grounded appearance.

The color of your skirting is just as important as the material. It's essential to select a color that complements your mobile home's new paint job. Matching the skirting with the main body's color can create a seamless look that visually extends the home's dimensions.

Conversely, a contrasting color can highlight the skirting and give a distinct frame to your home's silhouette. Neutral colors like gray, beige, or off-white are versatile and tend to blend well with most siding colors.

For a more personalized touch, consider matching the skirting color with the trim or shutters, creating a cohesive and well-thought-out exterior design.

In addition to aesthetics, look for skirting options that offer vents to promote air circulation, which is critical to avoid moisture buildup and mold growth underneath your home. Easy access doors or panels are also essential for utility management and periodic inspections.

Remember, a well-chosen skirting material and color not only protect your home but also elevate its appearance, giving it a polished and finished look.

Create an Inviting Porch or Deck

Adding or sprucing up a porch or deck can extend your living space and add curb appeal. Whether it's a space for a morning coffee or a spot for hosting friends, this addition can be both functional and attractive.

When designing your porch or deck, keep in mind the size and style of your mobile home. A small deck may be all you need for a cozy outdoor seating area, while a larger porch allows for more versatility and opportunity to add decorative elements like potted plants or hanging lights.

Choose materials that are both durable and visually appealing. Composite decking is low-maintenance and can mimic the look of real wood, while concrete offers a modern and versatile option. You can also add personality with colorful outdoor rugs, furniture, and cushions.

For a more permanent structure, consider hiring a contractor to build a custom deck or porch that seamlessly integrates with your home's design. This investment can significantly enhance your home's value and provide a comfortable space for outdoor enjoyment.

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Add Landscape Charm

Landscaping can play a significant role in the exterior beauty of your mobile home. Plant flowers, shrubs, or even a small vegetable garden. Choose plants that are easy to manage but add color and texture to your outdoor space.

Native plants are a great choice for low-maintenance options that thrive in your specific climate. They require less water, fertilizer, and pest control while also attracting local wildlife like birds and butterflies.

In addition to plants, consider adding decorative rocks or a small water feature to add interest and depth to your landscape design. These elements can also help with drainage and erosion control in certain areas.

If you're unsure about landscaping or don't have a green thumb, consider hiring a professional landscaper for advice and assistance. They can help bring your vision to life and offer tips on maintaining your landscape in the future.

Install Exterior Lighting

Strategically placed lighting can make your mobile home look warm and inviting. Solar lights along a pathway or string lights on the porch can create a cozy atmosphere and enhance the home's safety.

For a more sophisticated look, consider accent lighting to highlight architectural features or landscaping. You can also install motion-activated lights for added security and convenience.

Choose lights that match the style of your home and provide the right amount of illumination without being too harsh. LED lights are energy-efficient and have a long lifespan, making them a popular choice for exterior lighting.

Remember to regularly clean and maintain your lights to ensure they are functioning properly and to keep your home looking its best.

Refresh Your Windows and Doors

Replacing or repainting windows and doors can have a big impact on your mobile home's appearance. Consider adding shutters or trim for a more traditional look or go bold with contemporary window designs.

The color of your doors and windows can also make a statement. A bright pop of color or sticking to a neutral palette can significantly change the overall aesthetic.

Make sure to choose energy-efficient options that will not only save you money on utilities but also provide better insulation for your home. Look for products with high Energy Star ratings and consider adding window films for added protection against UV rays.

In addition to upgrading your windows and doors, don't forget about proper maintenance. Regularly clean and inspect them for any cracks or damage and make necessary repairs to keep them functioning efficiently.

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Maintain the Roof

Keep your roof clean and in good repair. If needed, install a new roof or apply a sealant for added protection and an updated look.

Consider adding gutter guards to prevent debris buildup and potential water damage. Trim any overhanging tree branches that could damage the roof during storms.

Regularly inspect and maintain your roof to catch any issues early on before they become more significant problems. A well-maintained roof not only improves the appearance of your home but also protects it from potential water damage or leaks.

Accessorize with Outdoor Decor

Personal touches like outdoor rugs, furniture, wreaths, and wind chimes can reflect your personality and make your mobile home feel welcoming.

Choose decor that complements your home's color scheme and style, whether it's rustic, modern, or traditional. Don't be afraid to mix and match different items for a unique and visually appealing look.

Remember to regularly clean and maintain your outdoor decor to keep it looking its best. Bring in any items during inclement weather or harsh winter months to prolong their lifespan.

Remember that the key to a beautiful mobile home exterior is regular maintenance. Regularly cleaning the exterior, trimming plants, and touching up paint can make a significant difference. With these tips, your mobile home will be well on its way to looking its best from the outside.

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