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How to Live Green On a Budget? Today we are going to answer this question! Let's begin.

When you are a parent, your priorities change. You no longer are reckless about the consequences of your actions.

You think before you act and want to provide a better future for your kids and a better environment for them to grow up in. At the same time, your finances change, and you have more responsibilities as you have to provide for your kids.

Living green has never been easier. If you run a household, managing a few things around is easier than it seems. A sustainable household is something you can do to handle both problems. The quality of life for your kids and your financial needs.

By using better products around the house, be that food or cleaning products, you affect the quality of life your family lives. When you make sure that the food you buy is grown and produced sustainably, you are instantly ingesting better quality food, and therefore you will be healthier.

The same goes for cleaning products. Whatever chemicals there are in them, they are not good for your health, especially kids' health. By using alternative and bio cleaning methods, you make sure you are not harming your children.

The financial factor is another thing that plays into the equation even if you’re a working mom. While there are many flexible jobs for working moms, most of them work full hours and don’t have the time to think about ways to make their household green.

Everyone knows that having kids is not cheap. New expenses, ones that you never thought existed, come forward and you have to deal with it. Turning your home into a sustainable oasis helps you save money at the same time as providing you with a better quality of life.

11 Ways To Live Green On A Budget

Below, you will find some quick tips on how to turn your household into a sustainable one.

Reduce your food waste

Waste is one of the most significant problems concerning sustainability. By buying more than you need and throwing away food, you’re not only hurting your own pockets, but you’re also harming the environment.

Food waste releases chemicals that are harmful to the point they can decompose other products. Make sure to be measuring what you’re cooking and paying attention to your grocery list, as that way you save money and you enhance your pro-environmental deeds.

Use reusable materials

Plastic is one of the biggest polluters of land and ocean. It is one of the biggest problems in the environment and something we can have a say in.

By using reusable dishes and saying no to plastic you are instantly reducing your environmental footprint. So buy your water in a bottle which you would like to use more than once, and that is not plastic.

Walk, bike and use public transport

Some research says that in fact, transportation is the biggest polluter together with factories, specifically old vehicles. By using public transport, a bike, commuting with your coworkers you save yourself some money, and you’re doing the environment a huge favor at the same time.

Change your light bulbs

When it comes to green living, changing your lightbulbs is the first step towards achieving the goal. This is something everyone can do to shrink their electricity bill and their environmental footprint.

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Recycling is an obvious one. Whenever we think of climate change and the environment, recycling is the first thing that comes to mind. The process is quite easy. You divide your trash into categories and later sell it to recycling companies, and they deal with the rest.

Besides, you can have your children use some of these recyclable materials and let them go loose with their creativity. They’ll absolutely adore the idea!

Make your own cleaning products

This is not only eco-friendly but also health-friendly. Many cleaning products contain chemicals that damage your respiratory system, and you are better off without them.

Vinegar does wonders alone, whereas combined with baking soda you will have all the elements you need for your cleaning routine. And you know what ingredients you are using, so it's a win-win situation.

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Unplug your devices

You might think that leaving your electronic devices doesn’t have a massive impact on your electricity bill, but that is not true. According to a study, 23 percent of all residential energy consumption comes from electronic devices that were plugged in, but not being used.

So, consequently, unplugging your electronic devices can save you up to 23 percent of your electricity bill. It will also lead you to a sound sleep, as leaving these devices on can also impact on the quality of your sleep as well.

Install a water-efficient showerhead

Your showerhead is the biggest water waster in your house. By changing it to a new model, you could save up to 20 liters of water a minute. This helps you save your money and control the amount of water you want to waste, making you a responsible earth citizen setting a good example.

Consume locally-produced foods

Most of the pollution causing climate change comes from the transportation of goods. While some products need to be imported, most are produced locally. So next time, when you’re buying your groceries, consider buying local, as they usually cost less, and besides, you're encouraging people from your community to keep investing in local products.

Create more indoor space

There is a reason that the concept of tiny houses is being discussed so much lately. People are thinking as minimalists, throwing away what they do not need and only keeping what they believe is necessary.

Lots of furniture we buy only exist through animal cruelty, and animal cruelty is not environmental friendly. Not difficult math to do right? So we avoid them, and we stick to the basics instead.

Go outdoors

Walking through parks and enjoying some nice weather on green grass does not require any money, last time I checked. So make sure to take yourself outside, take your kids out, do gardening together.

Let them know that nature is not to be taken for granted. Make sure they grow up developing a deep appreciation for mother earth, as they will contribute to saving it in the nearest future.

Your turn: You read 11 Ways To Live Green On A Budget now we want to know your thoughts and ideas about this topic. Share them with us!

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