Frugal Ways to Start Your Seeds

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Let's talk about frugal ways to start your seeds this season, shall we?

Spring will be here before we know it and starting seeds is a great way to give your garden an advantage. This is very important if the winter ends up dragging on into the spring shortening our growing season.

You don't need a lot of money to start seeds in your home for your spring garden. Just a warm place for let them thrive, a little light, and some upcycled containers to make your seeds thrive.

If you are ready to start using frugal ways to start your garden seeds keep reading.

Are you a beginner gardener? Learn frugal ways to start your seeds this gardening season with items you already have in your home.

What are the frugal ways to start your seeds?

Frugal containers to start to grow your seed

Look all over your house and you will surprise to find containers to start using to grow seeds.

Clear plastic lids

Look for containers with clear plastic lids to act as mini greenhouses. Pie tins with lids and plastic cake boxes from the holidays are the perfect upcycle for your seed starting. Any clear plastic lid will work even plastic wrap over a tray will help create a greenhouse-like environment.

Small containers

Gather small containers that can be reused. In a home filled with yogurt containers, any size can be used to start your seeds. You can also use:

You can also use toilet paper tubes, and packaged food trays the possibilities are endless. Seeds do not all need individual containers, so longer containers from cookies work great for starting a few seeds in a row.

Environmentally Friendly Frugal Containers

More environmentally friendly households may see a different challenge with this one.

Egg shells and cardboard egg holders make great small seed starters. Just rip apart both when planting the garden and bury with your plants. They will break down leaving nutrition for your plants behind.

How to Grow your Seeds Indoor

When starting seeds, you need light to help them thrive. You do not need a large grow light to achieve this. Placing near a south-facing window will help the sun hit your seeds on a beautiful day. If you are not getting much for sun you can opt for a full spectrum grow light bulb that fits into any standard socket.

What soils should I use to start my seeds?

Soil can be a significant cost of starting seeds for your spring garden. If the ground is thawed enough snag soil from your garden to start your seeds. The soil will go back to your garden when you plant your new seedlings after the threat of the last frost passes.

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Conclusion to Frugal Ways to Start Your Seeds

Your learned many frugal ways to start your seeds and as you can see you can use many things you already have to get your garden started this season. Seed starting doesn't have to cost a lot of money, happy gardening!

Your turn: You read frugal ways to start your seeds and now we want to know what are your thoughts and tips? Share them with us.

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