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23 Helpful Ways To Save Money This 2021 (Pandemic Edition)

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2020 just proved to us how thing can change very quickly. More than ever it is time to find more ways to save money for 2021.

Who doesn’t need helpful ways to save money that will grow their savings?

I mean I know I do!

But the reality is that not everyone saves money, and saving money doesn’t have to be painful. Again, during 2020, millions were affected by the pandemic and financially as well.

For those who had money saved, it was hard at times, now imagine those with little savings or none.

Of course, we were not dealing with a bad economy, we were dealing with something more and beyond our control.

Our economy has its shares of ups and downs, but this time we were dealing with a virus and human health.

Seriously, saving your money doesn’t have to be as hard as you might think.

The good news is that by using these 23 helpful ways to save money, you will be on the right track this year to save money and make money.

You will see how many ways are there to save money. How much you will keep during the year and how much fun it can be to save money!

Remember that it is not only about money but about the right mindset when it comes to saving money and taking your finances under control. These money-saving tips, when followed, will help you save money.

Powerful Ways To Save Money This 2021

Create a budget

Nothing will get fixed when it comes to your finances if you don’t have a budget in place.

Learning where your money is going is a crucial part of learning how to control your money.

A budget is a spending plan and will help you manage your finances and make things easier.

If you want to save money this 2021, you need to start with a budget that reflects and works for you and your family’s needs.

Write your budget down, use a spreadsheet or app to help you keep track of your money.

You can find budgeting resources below:

Don’t focus all of your attention on paying off debt

This might not be something you hear commons from many financial gurus out there, but one thing I have learned from my experience.

If paying your debt is a priority, good! Great! But if you have no money saved, don’t have an emergency fund, your chances of getting into more debt are higher.

Here’s why? If you only have saved $1000 and have used every dime, you have extra debt, and you get sick, and you can’t work for 14 days, or your car transmission breaks down.

Chances are this will cost more than just $1000, and you will have to rely on credit cards to get you to buy. You might not be able to pay your bills one time, which will add more fees.

Debt is negotiable, saving money is not.

I am not saying that you should go out there and not pay debt, but what I am saying is that to save money, don’t make paying off debt a priority and nothing else.

Pay yourself first! Invest on yourself first then pay debt.

You can save money and pay debt at the same time. It is possible with a plan, consistency, and determination.

Use coupons and Money Rebate Apps

The way we shop for groceries and most of everything has changed, and they took a major change during 2021 for sure.

Home delivery, subscriptions, and store pickups are new ways for many people to shop for goods.

What has not gone out of style is finding ways to save money, including coupons and apps.

Coupons have revolved, and thanks to technology, it is available to just about anyone. Even paper coupons are still available, and we do offer them on our page on our Print Your Coupon page.

If you are shopping online, many apps and sites offer you cash backs and rewards, which you turn into gift cards.

Rebates apps:

Read more about coupons:

Set aside any extra money

Making extra cash on the side is not as hard as you might think. In fact, I started this blog to make some money on the side when I became a stay-at-home mom.

There are tons of ways you can make extra money on the side and then use that extra cash and add it to your savings.

Why settle for your regular income when you can make some extra cash and you might even find your future career!

Once again technology has helped us in this department and you can make money while watching videos, shopping, and even playing games!

If you have a smartphone then you might be able to make some extra cash while on break from your job.

You can also check the resources below for ideas to help you make extra money:

Buy items on sale

Every week stores have weekly sales. Take advantage of the items that are on sale each week to save some money. Don’t forget to use the store reward cards, coupons, and apps to save even more money.

If you prefer buying items in bulk, then check out the posts below:

Use a shopping list

Always shop with a shopping list. Write down what you need and stick to your list. This will help you avoid buying unwanted items. There are many benefits to using a grocery list, and below are some:

  • Saves you money
  • Saves you time
  • It is a great tool to use when meal planning

Write a menu plan for the week

If you haven’t thought about writing a weekly menu plan, then I suggest you check these reasons why you need to start creating and using a menu plan:

  • Saves you money
  • Saves you time
  • Reduces food waste
  • Good for your health

You can learn more about menu planning below:

Quit eating out

With what began in 2020, eating inside a restaurant was limited, but delivery and take-out were still available.

Ordering take out and not cooking your meals will cost you money. Reduce how much you eat out and save that money.

Pack your own lunch

This is simple, bring your food from home and save the money of buying it at work.

Calculate how much you spend buying lunch and snacks at work, and you will see how much you are spending.

This could save you more money than you think by simply packing your own lunch to work. You could take leftovers to work!

Make your own coffee

Adding the cost of that coffee you buy every morning on your way to work will surprise you.

Why not make your own coffee at home and take it to work instead? You will save a lot of money this year by doing this.

Buy Energy Star rated appliances and lightbulbs

Energy Saving appliances not only help you reduce your electric bill but also helps the environment.

Purchasing energy-saving lightbulbs might be pricy but will pay off in the future since they will reduce your bill, and you don’t have to replace them as often as traditional incandescent bulbs.

What are the top lightbulbs that will save you money?

  • Halogen incandescent
  • Compact Fluorescent lamps (CFLs)
  • Light-emitting diodes (LEDs)

Have a yard sale

Yard sales are the best way to earn extra cash for things you no longer need or want. Now to have a successful yard sale, you have to make sure you follow these tips below:

  • Make sure your items are priced
  • Make sure your items are clean
  • Don’t price items too high
  • Advertise

To learn more about yard sale mistakes to avoid check the link below.

Insulate your home during the winter

Take the time to insulate your home this winter properly. This will help you reduce your heating costs. Here are some tips below to help you winterize your home this fall.

Schedule Maintenance Service for Your Heating System

During the fall is time to schedule maintenance services for your boiler and other heating services. You want to make sure your equipment is running properly and safe now rather than during a nasty winter storm.

Get Ready for The Winter Season

Make the time and take advantage of the not so cold weather to get your home ready for winter. Look for leaks around the windows and doors. Cover your windows with plastic to avoid cold drafts.

Change Your Filters

Just like spring, it is time to change your filter on most HVAC systems. This will prevent clogs due to dirty filters.

If you don’t do this, it can cost you a lot of money on your utilities. It can even burn out your system if left unchecked for too long!

Turn Down the Temperature Of Your Water Heater

By turning down your water heater’s temperature to a warm setting of 120F, you will use less energy and save money.

Don’t Use Holiday Decorations That Require Electricity

To keep your cost of bills down, make sure you keep your holiday decorations to a minimum. Remember, the more lights and decorations that required electricity, the higher the bill.

Homemade Meals

Home meals don’t have to be difficult at all. I am thankful for slow cookers, bread makers, and such. 🙂 You can find hot deals at Target, Wal-Mart, or Amazon.

Turn off and unplug your appliances

If you are not using it, then unplug it. This helps bring the cost of your electric bill down, and it works.

We do this at home, and you can see a difference in your statement. If you have children, make it a game and assign them to be “Power cops” to check daily things that should be unplugged. 🙂

Use Swagbucks to earn free gift cards

Start using Swagbucks now and start accumulating points so you could score big on gift cards later in the year!

Get rid of cable

You don’t need all those channels. Find other alternatives to watching TV like Hulu, Amazon Prime, Netflix, and such. I can guarantee you that there will be tons of Christmas movies there.

You can learn how to reduce your cable bill today with these tips.

  • Ask For Discount
  • Stick To The Basic
  • Digital Antenna


As much as we speak about cutting our spending and saving money on this blog, you will know that I have a solution to help you save money. One way to cut back on spending is by cutting cable or satellite.

You all know cable is expensive, and if you are struggling financially, I will tell you that you can watch television with the help of a Mohu antenna.

Free TV, brought to you by the Mohu antenna, offers unlimited access to free, over-the-air (OTA) broadcast TV (including ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX, etc.) budget-friendly, one-time fee.

Find the right mobile plan for you

Do you need a smartphone? Compare service plans and see what plan works for you. You might be surprised how much money you will save. Check out this hot deal from Republic Wireless $15/month no contract!

Find a cheaper mobile plan?

Tello Mobile is a great service I am using with my iPhone and pay $11 a month for 1 Gig.

Switch Insurance

Every two years, switch insurance. Maybe this is the year you need to look at your house, car insurance and shop around. Any amount of money you save is worth it.


There are many ideas out there that will help you save money, but I am pretty sure that these 20 helpful ways to save money will definitely help you grow your savings.

Now your turn: What other helpful ways to save money do you have for us? Share it with us!

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  2. #18 has been one of the best decisions we’ve ever made! We’re 2 years free of cable/satellite and don’t plan to go back! Great ideas!!!!

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  6. Love your list! I really need to start using coupons when I go shopping and stop going out to eat and visiting Starbucks! Definitely need to do some cutting back this year!

    1. Start small so you don’t feel so overwhelmed with cutting back is what I suggest. 🙂 Starbucks cold turkey? EEEeeek! 🙂

  7. These are such great tips. I got rid of cable yesterday. Best feeling ever. Our family got us hulu gift cards instead. I plan on applying all these to our lives.

  8. Love the suggestions! I found when we write down all that we spend, we see where money goes and where we can stop the outflow. I also changed insurances recently, and my agent was so offended, he was actually kind of rude. I told him we were saving $1000 dollars a year, and he started lecturing me on loyalty, and I thought what about trying to keep customers happy. We had been with him for about 15 years, and he couldn’t match what I found with the new company, and he agreed that the new company I was switching to did good business. I like to be loyal, but $1000 is a lot of money.

    1. When we first started doing our budget and saw where our money was going I cried! I did the same thing with my insurance company I was with them for close to 10 years and had to part ways to save me tons of money like you. I agree $1000 is a lot of money. Good for you!

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