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10 Things You Shouldn’t Buy Your Baby When Struggling Financially

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How did I waste money on my baby? Have you ever asked yourself that? Maybe not if you are the type of person that believes wasting money on a baby is not a bad thing and should never be said.

The truth is that no amount of money wasted will make anyone a great parent, so let's stop that right here.

Material things don't defy you as a parent, and admitting that you were not money-savvy when it came to your newborn makes you human.

Newborn baby sleeping in a basket holding a one hundred dollar bill.

The truth is that this is my story about how I wasted money on my baby, which you might be able to relate to.

Here it goes!

Babies, we love them, and we want the best for them. There are tons of stuff for babies, and as the years passed, there was more stuff.

As the year passed, I asked myself why I wasted money on my baby.

The baby industry is HUGE! We are bombarded with many baby items, and I was a sucker for them. It seems like every year, the latest baby item every new parent wants or is a must-have.

They know we want the best for our babies, and they know where to hit us, and we fall into it and buy it. The sad part is that I should have learned my lesson 20+ years ago, but I never did, thanks to my broke mindset and love for material stuff.

When I had my second child 12 years later, I wanted the latest baby gadget because I wanted my baby to have it all as his sister did. Did I waste money on these baby products? You bet I did!

Then I got wiser, and now on my 4th baby, I avoid wasting my money on baby products I don't need. And you know what? I feel like I am a great mom.

If you are a new parent, we all know that you want it all the first time you have a baby.

You want your baby to look good because you don't want people to say that your baby is not well dressed, which might reflect your parenting skill. So you want your child to have it all!

I get it. I grew up in a culture that judged how we dressed and looked. If a baby didn't have expensive shoes, you would know they would talk about you behind your back.

As you grow up, you get wiser, and quite honestly, you stop caring what other people think. I learned the hard way, and I am here to tell you that stuff doesn't defy you as a person or parent.

So, what baby products did I waste money on? Good question, and I am here to tell you.

Before I do, I want to say that this is from my personal experience, and I am in no way telling you what you should or shouldn't buy for your baby.

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Piggy bank infront of baby clothes in the background.

What I wasted money on:

Bottle Sanitizers

Most of these products prey on parents' germ fears, and my husband is one. The reality is that a pot of boiled water can help with that.

Also, a dishwasher and sterilized setting can help too. I used this one or twice, and I hated that it took up so much space in my kitchen.

Diaper Genie

When my girl was born, I went to get myself my Diaper Genie and was so excited. But, the truth is that I hated the fact that it was a pain in the butt.

I think I used it once, and after dealing with it, I didn't use it anymore. Refills are expensive, and the thought that dirty diapers would be sitting in the room for an extended period annoyed me.

Baby Bottle Warmers

I thought this was an excellent idea, but it wasn't for long. You have to keep this filled with water to stay warm.

You can keep a bottle warm in many ways. Using thermos, keeping the water at room temperature and baby formula aside worked for me. Besides, you can't take it with you when you go out. So for me, this wasn't worth it.

Diaper Caddy

A diaper caddy was another thing I bought, and that caddy just sat on the dresser. When I needed a diaper, I took the diaper and baby wipes and carried them in my hand.

Baby food processor

Baby food processors are cute and expensive, so don't waste your money on them. I made my baby's baby food with a regular one, and it worked fine. So likewise, what you have will work fine.

High-Tech Baby Monitor

I think this gives a sense of security, and we gave in to one. However, the truth is that a lower price with a non-camera does the trick and works well.

DVDs and Apps To Turn Your Child into A Genius

We, um, did because friends swore by it, and well, we gave in. No, it doesn't work. No, they won't become classical music lovers. Stick with reading, singing, and playing.

No DVD or product can say that your baby will be a genius from watching or playing their product.

Baby Wardrobe

This is where I wasted my money, spending money on baby clothing and shoes and things she hardly ever wore once.

Babies outgrow their clothing. Babies don't care about name brands. Babies are comfortable in simple outfits. So stop!

No one will judge you, and your baby won't care. So please save your money and spend it on something else. Buy used clothing and save money as well.

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Baby Wipes Warmer

Why waste electricity on this when you hold it in your hands before applying? It is going to be OK. Your baby will be fine.

Fancy bedding

This is something I wasted my money on as well. So never again, after dealing with recalls, simply with essentials and saving money.

Again, I bought this because I wanted it, not the baby. My son didn't care how his bedsheets looked.

There are many other baby items I can tell you to save your money on things like expensive nurseries, expensive cribs, changing tables, and such.

The truth is that a baby doesn't require many things but a lot of you! Meaning they need to be fed, dressed, warm, and loved!

Remember, those baby things don't matter and don't make you a better mom. So avoid stressing over these things, and take a moment to enjoy your new baby!

How did you waste money on your baby? What items did you buy that you found were a waste of money?

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