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12 Unbelievable Tips For Not Spending Money This 2023

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We all know that spending less than we earn is the key to a successful financial future. This blog post will discuss 12 tips for not spending money this 2023! Following these simple tips can save you a lot of money in the long run!

So let’s begin, shall we?

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Why do we overspend money?

The truth is that we love to spend our money, maybe too much.

We overspend money for many reasons:

  • We were poor as kids.
  • It gives us a sense of power.
  • To maintain our lifestyle.
  • For immediate gratification.
  • To maintain an image.
  • To avoid dealing with issues.

The first key to not spending money is to understand why we overspend in the first place. Many of us were poor as kids or had a lower-income upbringing, and we are trying to make up for that by overspending now.

Additionally, spending money can offer us a sense of power or control, and it can be tempting to continue overspending to feel more powerful in our lives.

Another reason many of us overspend is that we are trying to maintain our current lifestyle or keep up with others. Whether it’s a wealthy friend, partner, or family member, we may feel compelled to spend more to keep up and not be perceived as “less than” them.

In addition to these psychological reasons for overspending, many practical and immediate gratification factors are at play. For example, we may need to buy new things to stay up-to-date or fashionable, or we might experience an impulse to spend money on something that will make us happy at the moment, even if it’s not a necessity.

Finally, some of us overspend because we are trying to avoid dealing with our underlying issues or problems in life. Whether it’s stress from work, anxiety about our relationships, or other unpleasant feelings and emotions that we would rather ignore than face directly, spending money can be a way to distract ourselves and avoid having to deal with these other issues.

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We can try several methods and strategies to overcome our tendency to overspend. Some of the best tips for not spending money in 2023 include:

Start with a Budget

One of the most important things to do when trying to stop overspending is to create a budget and stick to it. This means carefully tracking your income and expenses, ensuring that your spending does not exceed your income.

Shop with a list

A helpful strategy for not spending money is creating a detailed shopping list before going to the store. This will help you stay focused and avoid impulse purchases that can lead to overspending.

Set goals

In order to stay motivated and on track with your financial goals, it can be helpful to set specific, measurable goals that you can work towards. For example, you might commit to saving a certain amount of money each month or to paying off a particular debt by a certain date.

Set a Limit

A key strategy for avoiding overspending is to set limits on your spending. Whether it’s a certain amount of money each week or a maximum dollar amount that you can spend in a given period, setting parameters and adhering to them can go a long way in helping you avoid overspending.

Avoid Deal Websites

One of the most important strategies for not spending money is to avoid deal websites and other sources of tempting deals and discounts. These sites often lead to impulse purchases and can derail your efforts at financial control. By simply avoiding these temptations, you can stay on track and achieve your financial goals in 2023.

Avoid Going Out for Leisure

Another great tip for not spending money in 2023 is to avoid going out for leisure or entertainment. Instead, try exploring free or low-cost activities in your area, like hiking, walking around the city, or visiting local museums. Not only will this help you save money, but it can also be a fun and rewarding way to spend your time.

Avoid Temptation

Curbing your spending is to avoid temptation wherever possible. This might mean staying away from places you are likely to be tempted (such as expensive stores, flashy restaurants, and other high-end venues), unsubscribing from marketing emails and other promotions, or simply turning off the TV when commercials come on.

Find Ways to Save

One of the best ways to prevent yourself from overspending is to find ways to save money in other areas of your life. Whether it’s making small lifestyle changes, like carpooling or bringing leftovers for lunch, or looking for more substantial ways to cut costs, such as refinancing your mortgage or finding cheaper insurance options, there are many simple ways to save money that will help reduce the amount that you need to spend on unnecessary items.

Avoid Buying Items You Can Get For Free or cheap

A great way to avoid spending money in 2023 is to be mindful of the items you buy and to look for ways to get them for free or at a low cost. This might mean checking out thrift stores, taking advantage of free samples and giveaways, or even getting things for free from friends and family. By recognizing opportunities to get items you need for free or cheap, you can save money and keep on track with your financial goals.

Create a Meal Plan

Another useful strategy for not spending money is to create a detailed meal plan. This can help you save money by ensuring that you only buy and prepare the ingredients needed for your meals and by helping you stick to a budget when grocery shopping.

Analyze Bad Habits

Analyze your bad habits and work on breaking them. This might mean identifying the triggers that lead you to overspend, such as feeling stressed or anxious, and finding other ways to deal with these other issues. It could also mean identifying your “weak spots”, such as shopping malls or online retailers, and avoiding these places when you are trying to control your spending.

Index cards with handwritten  that says It's OK to say No.

Just Say No

Finally, one of the most important strategies for staying on track with your spending is to learn to say no. Whether declining that expensive dinner invitation or ignoring those persistent sales calls, you can take control of your finances by simply refusing to spend money when it is unnecessary. With these simple steps, you can stay on top of your financial goals and avoid overspending in 2023.

In order to successfully avoid overspending, it is essential to make smart financial decisions and cultivate good money-management habits. By avoiding temptation, finding ways to save, analyzing your bad habits and just saying no when necessary, you can stay on track with your financial goals this 2023. Best of luck!



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  1. These are great ideas, Joyce! And I’m happy to say that we’re doing a few of them already. Setting a budget wasn’t quite as difficult as I thought it would be.

    1. When I started I was “copying” others budgeting style. It took a bit to find a budget that worked for us. Thank you Kori.

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