How to Be Mindful of Retail Workers

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Shopping during quarantine is not the same as it was weeks ago. It’s more complicated, it requires following rules to keep every one including customers and shoppers safe.

Look. Our world isn’t what it was just a few weeks ago. We are being forced to stay in our homes for our safety. Yet, there are those that are considered essential workers. These are the people on the frontline, keeping our country running.

Let’s stop and give thanks to the nurses, doctors and medical staff. receiving an outpouring of help and gratitude (as they should), there are others that don’t receive a second thought. These are the retail workers that are ensuring your family has the supplies they need.

Medical workers know the drill when it comes to dealing with this issue. They have protocols to follow and enforce them in order to make everyone safe and keep their hospital running.

But the same can not be said about retail workers and believe me the list of essential workers is pretty big and I want to thank each and every one of you!

Today we will focus on retail workers as this is my background. Retail for me is in my blood and I love it and miss it.

I have family and friends in the medical field and in the retail field and in the manufacturing field.

Now that we cover that, let’s talk about five tips to be mindful of retail workers, shall we?

Before you head out the door for that much-needed gallon of milk, consider how you might treat those that are working hard to keep America running.

Remember we are ALL IN THIS TOGETHER!

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These tips and ideas came from customers and fellow retail workers who are working crazy hours to help keep store stock for you.

Be Courteous to Everyone

First things first. Be kind when you’re out shopping. Smile and offer a kind word to the retail workers you interact with.

 Some people seem to forget that these are people, too.

These are people that are working long hours and during unprecedented times and putting themselves in danger of becoming ill.

Think about how many people these workers see each day. In a city where the virus is spreading like wildfire, these people are at a much greater risk of catching the virus and taking it home to their family.

Even if they never show symptoms, they can still be a carrier.

Appreciate them. Wish them a nice day! Be kind! Make them feel like they matter!

Follow the Rules

Here’s some tough love for you.

Stay 6 feet away! Follow CDC rules when to prevent the spread of this virus.

Don’t be that person that acts like a complete ass by clearing the shelves or trying to buy more than is allowed.

There are rules in place to help ensure that as many people as possible can get the supplies they need.

When you try to break the rules, it just creates more work for the employees. Be mindful of the rules in place and, if you have questions, ask them nicely.

Another way to follow rules is to well don’t use senior hours to shop. Number of stores are reporting people shopping and grabbing items set for senior hours for them to shop.

If this is you, stop it! Be mindful of not only retail workers but your seniors! Again, this might be hard for many people, but this is not about you! It’s about everyone. We are all in this together.

Remember it is not about you! Calling to speak to a manager is not going to get your more toilet paper!

Let It Slide

Chances are you’re going to run into retail workers that are a bit cranky. These people are working long shifts and dealing with a lot of crap from people who are disrespectful.

They are humans.

They are trying to stay healthy.

So, you can shop for your food and more!

If a cashier’s friendliness level is not up to your standard or just doesn’t seem friendly, let it slide. An employee didn’t wipe the cart to your standard, ask to be done again or do it yourself.

Listen, everyone is cranky. Everyone is scared. This is not about you, its about everyone. Remember to be courteous to everyone.

These people are doing the best they can and are under a lot of stress. Worse yet, they are being paid a small wage to take a big risk.

Smile and try to make their day a little bit better. Remember to keep your distance.

Your Local Store is Not for Social Gathering

Many states are on lockdown with restrictions to only go out to buy essentials and go home. Again, be mindful of the retail workers. You know, they are just as valuable as you and me and everyone else.

The fact that they are dealing with a high volume of customers in their store due to the quarantine, puts them at risk of exposure.

They are also trying to get their job done and having you and your family, friends and all gathering there for an hour to socialize is not:

  • Being courteous
  • Following the rules
  • Doing what you can to be mindful

Again, this is not just about you, but about everyone else. These social distancing rules about preventing the spread of this virus.

We are all doing what we can, we might not like it, but its what we can do to help one another. Remember we are all in this together.

You are socializing in the middle of the aisle for 45 minutes with your friends and family and let me add no social distancing is being practiced is not being mindful of the retailer workers.

You are in their way.

You are not promoting ways to prevent virus exposures.

Shop alone do not bring your entire family, this is serious.

Do What You Can

Last, but not least, consider doing something nice for the employees at your favorite stores. It can be something as big as having pizzas delivered to the store.

Or, it could be something small like asking the cashier what her favorite candy bar is and buying it for her while you’re checking out. Any gesture is going to mean a lot. The fact that you care at all is going to mean the world to someone.

Give them a shoutout via social media. You can also call and give the person’s name and tell them your experience with them.

Call corporate offices and demand that they take good care of their workers. Ask them what they are doing for them.

Many companies have given them temporary raises, are hiring, and also feeding them.

Please be mindful of retail workers when you’re out shopping. These people are being worked hard during this pandemic.

They’re doing it for very little money and putting themselves at a much greater risk of contracting the virus. Don’t be a douche by making their day worse. Be the person that makes their day just a little bit better.

Take advantage of Walmart Grocery pickup (if available), Walmart delivery, and drop services if you can.

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