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My Stay At Home Adventures Search Engine Traffic Increase Plan

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My Stay At Home Adventures Search Engine Increase Plan - Read how I am improving and understanding how to increase my search traffic.Since deciding to take My Stay At Home Adventures to the next level and reading and researching about ways to increase page views, organic searches, etc, one thing that really left my mind drained was SEO and how it worked. Today I have found the solution to create a keyword plan and SEO that will help me increase my organic search traffic.

If you are a long time reader of My Stay At Home Adventures, you know that I am as honest as it gets. Sometimes a bit too much, but the fact is that I tell you what works for me and what doesn't work for me in order to help you. I will tell you how much I make monthly on my online income report each month.

I am as honest and as open when it comes to showing you all ways to save and earn money from home in order to help you to get your finances under control. When I tell you that I read books about SEO, I took courses about SEO and felt that maybe I just wasn't getting it. It wasn't working, or maybe social media will be my only main source of traffic.

When I read information about SEO and keyword planning, I was left confused or they were simply too genetic. I wanted to see how their ways helped them increase SEO searches. Yet, no one was as open with how their strategy worked. Everyone has their own way of doing things and some people simply pay money for something that others claim is easy.

None of the articles included a photo or proof of how their keyword plans and SEO plans worked for their own blog or business. I am a person that loves to see how it works. I'm a visual person and I also want to see proof that what you are telling me actually worked for you. I want to know what strategy you used to help you increase your traffic search.

As thankful as I am of the social media traffic, I know that if any of the social media outlets were to implement changes, my traffic will suffer. That's why I say never be too satisfied with social media outlets and focus on that only. I am not saying you shouldn't, but I always worry about things like that, and as someone that is trying to make an income from this blog, I worry about it.

As a “young” blogger, I have implemented many of these tactics. Heck, at one point I was obsessed with the green light (you know what I'm talking about) and saw some organic search increases, but not as much. Not as high as I wanted them to be, and not like Alexa's!

As a blogger  I want to take My Stay AT Home Adventures to the next level. This includes increasing my organic search traffic. Read how I am planning on doing this.My Stay At Home Adventures Search Engine Traffic Increase Plan

A few months ago, a friend of mine, Alexa, wrote her monthly income report. I have been following Alexa's blog, Single Moms Income, from the beginning and saw how she has grown and how she is growing her online business; it's motivational for all moms that want to work from home.

One thing I truly enjoy about Single Moms Income is that she writes so people like myself understand and get it. I am not that technical, and when she writes something, it's for us to understand. I had asked her how she has managed to increase her organic search traffic to those impressive numbers, since the majority of bloggers are now relying on Pinterest traffic to increase page views. I didn't expect Alexa to be so open about it a few weeks ago when I received a long email full of step by step information regarding keyword planning and SEO.

She emailed me a detailed email of what she has done and what worked for her, I was simply shocked that she would take her time to write such detail of what has worked for her and I what I needed to implement for my organic search to increase. She was honest and so full of knowledge that sometimes I wonder why she gives this information for free, while others make a living off things like this.

Though her technique is not a quick increase of page view, this is for bloggers that want to be around in the long run and want to increase their organic search, well, organically. Not only does this work, this will help you receive more money from your ads!

The Guide

Alexa wrote about increased ad revenues and how she does it (I think she says too much for free!) and the information was simply knowledgeable to the point where I suggested she should consider creating an e-course.

Why did I say that? It's because her knowledge, and results of what she does, works and is working for her; and honestly, her readers, yours truly, are amazed to see her technique is working for her. As I read her blog, I am witnessing these results first hand and I want My Stat At Home Adventures to reach the same level of success as hers.

I had the pleasure of obtaining a free copy of Alexa's new SEO guide called, Increase Your Search Engine Traffic – Real strategies that REALLY work! This 11 page eBook is full of a one year long strategy that Alexa herself implemented in order to increase her traffic.

Since July 2014, Alexa has managed to increase search engine traffic  5+ times! This is extremely impressive! If you don't think 55,296 visits that resulted in 87,921 page views is not impressive, well, I don't know what is. I'm sure you have a bigger and better blog than me, but believe it or not, some of us don't. 😉

I know many of us bloggers want those kind of numbers from SEO search. Though Pinterest is a wonderful source of traffic, what would happen if Pinterest decides to make changes that would affect traffic?

What would you do if you can't count on your Pinterest traffic due to changes? Do you have a plan? Would your organic searches be enough?

If you are like me, I suggest you grab this guide and start implementing these strategies. No need to pay for courses and overpriced books that will tell you tactics that don't work for you, or are simply too genetic.

This guide will explain how it works and how to implement it right.

SEO book cover photoWhat this guide will cover:

  • Use the three free tools that are crucial to this strategy
  • Figure out exactly what type of posts your blog will rank for
  • Come up with a custom keyword plan for YOUR blog
  • How to write your posts so that you have a better chance of landing on the front page of Google
  • How to do on-page SEO
  • How to fill out an SEO plugin for maximum results
  • What you need to do AFTER you publish your post

Click here to view more details

This book is $9 for 11 pages full of strategies to help you improve and understand SEO searches.

I'm implementing what I am learning and I'm starting to see results. The problem I was having was that I was so wanting the traffic right away, that I overlooked what was important. I also forgot the most important part, it doesn't happen overnight.

What is your search engine traffic goal? Do you think My Stay At Home Adventures goals are realistic?

*This product was given to me free in exchange for my personal opinion.


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  1. I am SO glad that you found it helpful!! I really like to talk about SEO and was going to make that a blog post until it turned out so long.:) I do think think that it will work for anyone who sticks with it! Thanks for all the kind words!!

    1. I mean it girl! I have learned so much from you and I appreciate everything you have done. This guide is really clear and I’m starting to see the results. Thank you!

  2. I’ve been eyeing Alexa’s booklet for a while now. I really appreciate having your viewpoint on it! I actually love SEO, but have only found a modicum of success while utilizing many of the principles. It really does seem like a smart way to increase reach without worrying about the fussiness of pinterest or Facebook. Keep us posted on how your strategy is working!

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