January & February Online Income Report

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January & February Online Income Report

Hola!! We are already in March and I seriously don't know what is going on with 2017 because it seems to be just flying. As a bonus you are getting January & February Online Income Report at once because I am lazy!

So far this year has been one that if it had a face I would of punched it to be honest. First we lost a dear family member and we have been the victim of someone draining our debt cards of thousands of dollars.

YES, while we slept in our home in Pennsylvania and our debit card sat in my husband's wallet someone in Arizona went to town and basically drained our account.

What's even worst is that Walmart is refusing to pay us our money back add the fact that I was really sick and it has been one hell of a month for us.

This story will continue because we are not giving up with a fight. We worked too hard for our money and it seems that as long as Wal-Mart go their money it doesn't matter how they did it!

So the year to save big started with our savings being drained (FML), but that won't stop us from saving we just have to be more careful? Well not sure what else to do except just empty our bank accounts and live off cash only.

Seriously, I can't imagine what else to do when we don't even use the debit card the account was drained from.

The reason I decided to combined two online income report is because  I was even wondering if it was worth doing them anymore and then I was like “Joyce, girl, stop playing and write it” and I did.

You will know that so far this year I have made over $200 (which stayed in my business account) because my expenses were too high and for good reasons.

Before I explain all this lets go through the regular online income report reason why I do this.

If you are new to my blog, for quite some time I have started writing about my monthly online income report to help me get out of my comfort zone and for accountability. I became a stay at home mom after working for over 15 years. This journey was rough for me, and not just financially, but emotionally too. I formed some stay at home mom bad habits that led me to get out of my comfort zone, and that led me to start making money starting a blog.

I used BlueHost to start my blog, and personally, never had any issues with them. It is affordable, and for over three years.

*As of December 2016 I made the switch to LiquidWeb and moved all my sites and other sites to save money. I still recommend BlueHost to anyone that wants to start a blog.

After reading this book, How To Blog For Profit: Without Selling Your Soul, I became more confident and decided I could increase my income. The funny part was that I decided to aim low when it came to my income goal. I didn’t dare to dream big at the time.

I joined EBA (Elite Blog Academy) and that changed the way I handled my blog. I learned so much from turning my blog into a business and started from there. It was when I lost a chunk of my income that the drive to make more money from this blog became more important.

In 2016 I made over $11,000 in seven months, and all from the comfort of my home. I didn’t work long hours, and honestly, I didn’t work much on my blog due to health reasons. I am proud of my blog accomplishments today, though. I am also proud that I made that money on my own.

I've also written a post where you can start a money blog this year with free to low cost tools to help you get started!

January & February Online Income Report

Febauray Social Media Update

  • Pinterest  –20,480  March– 21,452
  • Facebook – 10,419   March – 10,562
  • Twitter – 2,003       March – 2,008

Page views for February – 70,120  <— Listen up people, in January my pageviews were 28,731 and something hit me when I was going over EBA 3.0 and in a few days my pageviews went up! Well I worked on that it just didn't magically happened. LOL

Because this is two incomes in one post I'm going to skip how much ads generated and focus on the money that was paid to me and went to my accounts for both months

Google $121.98
Media. Net $0.00
Escalate Media $33.75
Linqia $532.80
iConnect $0.00
Dime Media $291.00
The Blogging Network $352.19
Clever Girl $250.00
She Knows $0.00
Izea $0.00
Partner $231.50
Misc $7.50
TapInfluence $0.00
EBA $0.00
One2One Network $0.00
Amazon Affiliates $62.90
Affiliate Marketing $0.00
$5 Meal Affiliates $3.00
Gross Income $1,886.62


Let's cry for a minute about how high they were, to be honest I didn't go into debt as I save this money and know what expenses are coming, but still ouch.

I am also going to a conference in May and I'm also paying someone to help me with certain things.

Boardbooster $50.00
Canva $20.00
Izea Exchange $0.00
Giveaways $0.00
Advertisements $331.29
Hosting $157.91
Writers $270.00
Domain/design/domains $13.75
Office supplies $133.45
Travel Expenses $375.00
Misc $114.00
Social Media $20.00
P.O. Box $60.00
Total Expenses $1,570.40

You are going to see that Canva is back up in my expenses but I have to work on projects and needed to pay for photos. Also, the expenses are showing some of March paid expenses and I was too lazy to even update it.

EVEN if I take March expenses you can clearly see that they were high. 😛

I'm still trying to find a happy medium about online income report as they are taking a bit longer to do and such, I am thinking of skipping them or maybe jut write them via email only.

So how was your January & February income report? I want to know! Leave your link so I can go and check it out and celebrate with you!


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