Finding Ways to Grow Your Small Business

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Finding ways to grow your small business is not easy at all. I came to the conclusion that as my small business is it started to grow, and it simply became overwhelming to keep up with certain things.

My blog is my business. I made no secret about it and you have all witnessed how growing my small blog into a small business can be fun and challenging at the same time.

Let's be real here for a minute, I'm a mom, a wife, work at home mom, a stay at home mom (to some) and trying to keep up with everything is not as simple as people think.

Honestly, I figured I had it all together and was extremely proud of being able to keep track of my business because hey, it was small enough for me to handle.

Then things got real.

I had a child in the children's hospital, I had emergency surgery after giving birth, and the system I had going for my business was non-existent.

When I thought I had time to get back to managing my expenses it was the holiday season, and you could forget about finding time to sit and figure things out. I just went with the flow and continued to manage family, home, and work.

Tax season was just around the corner, and this was when I realized that I needed to find a solution this madness.

This was when I did my researched and found out about Intuit QuickBooks, even though I have heard of QuickBooks, I never actually saw it as beneficial to me because I thought it would be complicated and because my blog was small.

Of course, instead of purchasing it I decided to give it a few days and continue to look around. The point is that everything kept going back to Intuit QuickBooks and what it could do for me.

Finding Ways to Grow Your Small Business

Blogging is a business where you make a diverse income you are self-employed, and you need to keep up with invoices, payments, and such. This is what makes Intuit QuickBooks an excellent choice for bloggers like me.  Even if you are a freelance writer, this will benefit you so don't go anywhere.


Intuit QuickBooks offers a resource center that has free invoice templates tool. This resource center also has guides and articles on how to your invoices and bills paid faster. A very helpful took to keep my cash flow steady.

And as you already know invoices that are unpaid can impact our small business. Without an invoice being pay, I am not able to pay my bills, buy services that my blog requires or pay my writers. This is why having your invoices paid on time can make or break a business.

Don't believe me? Take a look at the resources below:

Cash Flow

Of course, managing my cash flow is important to a small business and even self-employed.  Intuit QuickBooks makes it easier for me to keep track of positive cash flow and negative cash flow.

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When I log into my homepage, there are visible charts showing me Profit & Loss, Expenses and such. It was these tools that helped me find a financial mistake when a company double charged me! By utilizing their Intuit QuickBooks invoices, you can ensure that invoices are paid on time.

Finding ways to grow your small business is hard. The good news is that there are resources to help you and your small business grow. Learn how here. #WaysToGrow @QuickBooks #AdSelf-Employed

In the world of blogging, you might be considered self-employed and since there are many ways of making an income you might want to consider the self-employed part of Intuit QuickBooks.

Not only did this make my tax season easy it makes paying my quarterly taxes easier as well. You see there is a free self-employment tax calculator for people who are self-employed and it helps to figure out how much taxes they need to pay.

With self-employed Intuit QuickBooks, you can track your mileage automatically which people, claim it has saved them an average of $7393 in tax deduction each year.

As you can see Intuit QuickBooks is helping me grow my business and my one regret is that I didn't use it last year!

To be successful in your business, it takes a lot but having a program that offers free resources for starting, running, and growing your business is a plus.

I was able to learn so much from their in-depth guides, free tools, helpful articles, and videos.  Their resource center is not just for small businesses but people like me, people that are self-employed, freelancers, creatives, and more.

Talking about the good information provided by Intuit QuickBooks, a great guide was just released that is just specifically for women.  It's a Woman’s One Stop Resource for Starting and Financing a Business with significant resources.

Remember that QuickBooks is the #1 accounting solution for small business and it saves their customers an average of 11 hours per month.

I will say that thanks to their tools I was surprised to see a nice income tax return by linking expenses and recipes through their apps. It made it easier for me to work on my taxes and be able to estimate my quarterly taxes.

Overall QuickBooks has given me peace of mind for this year and has taken away the stress of dealing with my business finances alone. It turns out that QuickBooks is more efficient and productive and it helps to prepare for tax time better.

If you are trying to find ways to grow your small business, then my suggestion from experience is to use Intuit QuickBooks. It has everything you need to help you grow your business.

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Your turn: When it comes to finding ways to grow your small business what other tips do you have for us?

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