How to Landscape Your Front Yard: 7 Tips To Help You!

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Are you driving around town admiring everyone else's front yard landscaping?  Do you wish your yard looked better for spring and summer?

Once you have spring-cleaned your outdoor space, it is easy to make a big difference in how your yard looks.  Keep reading to find out how to landscape your front yard.

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Lush landscaped garden with flowerbed and colorful plants.

How do you landscape a front yard for beginners?

Landscaping a front yard can seem daunting for beginners, but there are easy steps to get started. Begin by planning out the area and focusing on the front yard first. Consider the mature size of any trees or shrubs you may want to plant, as this will help you avoid having to move them later.

Once you have a plan in place, start from the house and work outward. With the right guidance, landscaping a front yard can be an enjoyable and rewarding experience.

To get started, read our complete guide on landscaping for beginners, where you'll learn everything from creating an attractive design to maintaining your new outdoor space.

That said, one nice thing about landscaping is that there is no right or wrong way to do it. It is all about your personal choices and likes. Plus, any improvements you make will increase your property value.

Work With What You Already Have

When it comes to landscaping your front yard, it is always best to start with what you already have. Creative elements, such as shrubs and bushes, can be added to add color and texture, while a well-defined lawn shape and ornamental grasses like carex or pampas can provide a low-maintenance solution. 

Most homes have some flower beds and some sort of garden area that all they need is some upgrade rather than starting from scratch.

You will need tools such as a spade, garden rake, hand trowel, and wheelbarrow which may require an investment on your part. 

Lastly, be sure not to hide any focal points like the front door, as this should be the highlight of your front yard. With these tips in mind, you are sure to create a beautiful landscape for your front yard.

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Get a Good Look at Your Yard Before You Start

Another way to landscape your front yard is to take a good look before starting any project. This is important as it helps identify the yard's focal point, such as the front door. It also helps identify any hardscape features, such as buildings, fences, patios, and walkways. 

Furthermore, it helps identify any existing plants that can be used in the landscape design. This assessment allows for the selection of plants that complement each other in terms of color and texture. Evergreens, trees, grasses, and shrubs can be chosen for structure and form. 

Finally, a bird's-eye view of the property can be drawn to help envision the final landscape. Taking a good look at your front yard before starting any project is an important step in creating a beautiful landscape that adds visual appeal to your home.

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Front yard garden.

Think About the Future

When landscaping your front yard, thinking about the future is always important. Consider how much time you plan to devote to it in the future. If you make the right decisions now, it can save you a lot of work in the future. 

For example, avoiding planting trees and shrubs that will outgrow their allotted space without frequent pruning will help ensure your landscape is low maintenance. 

Also, using power tools can help make short work of some of the more tedious tasks. Finally, planting perennials, which take more than two years to complete their life cycle, can give your garden an elevated look with minimal effort on your part. 

Considering all of these factors, you can create a beautiful landscape that requires minimal effort in the years ahead.

What is Your Landscape Color Scheme?

Many yards that I see have an actual color scheme.  It isn't just the color of the house either.  The plants and flowers have been selected to coordinate with each other and the home.

I love seeing a neatly coordinated yard.  When you are selecting plants and flowers, think about how they will look together.  Don't forget to think about how they look when they are dormant and how they look when they are in full bloom.

front yard landscape with different trees.

Trees Please

Trees can add a lot to a front yard landscape project.  There are some important things to remember, though.  How big will the tree get?  Does it “shed” anything onto your yard?  Will it impede mowing?

You also want to be careful where you plant trees because the roots can cause many problems with your water lines if you plant in the wrong location.  Planting trees too close to your home can cause foundation issues when the tree grows.

If you plant a tree from a tiny sapling, it may not survive.  Consider whether it is worth the investment to buy a larger sapling.

Lawn mower cutting tall green grass.

What About the Lawn?

Your lawn can make or break your front yard landscape project. To ensure your project looks its best, it's important to choose the right grass for your yard. Tall fescue is an excellent option, as it has coarse, sturdy blades and deep roots that can handle high-traffic areas.

If you want something more eye-catching, ornamental grasses like Carex Pansa are perfect. They are easy to care for and add movement to the landscape with the wind blowing through them.

Choosing the right grass for your yard will create a beautiful front yard landscape that will last for years.

Extra Front Yard Decor

Front yard decor can enhance the beauty of your landscape. From elegant garden ornaments to intricate birdhouses, there are many ways to add a bit of charm and personality to your front yard.

Decor can also be used to draw attention away from any unsightly features in your yard. For example, if you have a tall fence that you want to draw the eye away from, you can use potted plants, hanging baskets, or other decorative elements to create a more attractive focal point.

Additionally, adding outdoor lighting can help create an inviting atmosphere for visitors. You can turn your front yard into a welcoming oasis with a few decorations and strategic lighting.

Place some items around your yard in unobtrusive locations.  The right yard decor can really enhance the look of your front yard landscape!  Here are some fun ideas:

Creating a beautiful and welcoming front yard doesn't have to be complicated or expensive. Following our simple tips, you can easily design and landscape your front yard.

And once you're finished, you'll have an outdoor space you can enjoy for years. So what are you waiting for? Get started today and see the transformation for yourself!

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  3. Love the article. We started using annuals this year to highlight some of our areas in the yard with different colors. This allows us to give each area a mini makeover to go along with the season

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  5. My husband and I bought a house a year ago (we’re on 2 acres) and the landscaping options seem really overwhelming – not to mention expensive! I appreciate the advice about thinking how much time/commitment we want to make on the plants and layout we choose.

  6. Thank you for mentioning all the different ways you can plant things like shrubs and small trees that are low maintenance to prepare your yard for the future. Spring is just around the corner, so I wanted to figure out how to jumpstart our new yard and make it a great attraction to visitors for years to come. To do that, I’ll ask a landscape expert to help me out when the season comes and get these kinds of plants started.

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