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5 Money Saving Ideas For 2019 That You Can Do Today

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Congratulations! You are here because you are looking for 5 money saving ideas for 2019!

A high percentage of new years’ resolutions fade as the year progresses, and you can look at the statistics to prove it.

Before you get discouraged,  according to Huffington Post.com (compared to those who don’t make a new year resolution) people that do make a new year resolution are ten times more likely to change their lives than those who don’t.

People fail to keep their yearly goal because they don’t have a plan of action. They also tend to rush into a resolution that quite honestly is a lifestyle change.

You see if you have never saved money before there is no way that in January 1st you are going to start without a plan or idea of what you are doing.

Another major issue as to why many resolutions die is because well we are not committed. When you are interested in something you don’t really commit to it. Meaning if I want to do something I really like and I’m committed well it gets done.

The same can be said about New Year’s resolutions. People that are committed will succeed and have succeeded because the created a plan and stuck by it.

Below are 5 money saving ideas to help your 2019 be a successful financial year.

You will not fail this year when you follow these simple five money saving ideas for 2019 and start implementing them today. Take a realistic money saving step.

5 Money Saving Ideas You Can Do Today

Start a financial challenge

If you have social media, you will come across smart ways to save money throughout the year. I came across the 52 Week Saving Challenge last year and decided to give it a try.

I managed to save $1368 for Christmas. If this is not the challenge for you, make a challenge that works for you.

Transfer $20 a week or try a no spending challenge for a month. The point of a challenge is to keep you focused and motivated.

Again, there are many other money challenges that you can start doing this new year, and you can learn more below:

Save your spare change

Saving your spare change could be considered a challenge to some but is more of a habit. You can make it into a habit by starting it as a challenge, after 21 days it becomes a habit. 🙂

Check out these money-saving posts:

Anyway, saving your spare change into a jar, drawer, or whatever you have, will add up. We use a pickle jar where we put all of our loose change and cash it in when it is time for a family vacation.

Plan on selling your unwanted items

Start the year creating a plan on how to get rid of your unwanted items. Whether you will sell them online, or at a yard sale; creating a plan will help you maximize your sales.

How is that?

Well during spring, summer items will sell better than winter items, and winter clothes will sell better during the fall. Selling big furniture on Craig’s List will likely be better than on eBay.

Start organizing if you want to have a yard sale during the spring, and look for items that will sell. Planning and organizing will help you sell more and get the most money.

Create smaller achievable goals

Create monthly financial goals to keep you motivated. Once you see results, it will help you stay motivated and save money.

If you decided that you want to cut your grocery bills in January, make reducing your grocery budget a goal. Attack one goal at a time. Then after you achieve that goal switch it the next month to keep it exciting and stay motivated.


Cut unwanted expenses

Revise your bills and see what you can cut to save money. Perhaps it’s time to replace your cellphone plan or say goodbye to cable TV.

Cutting on controllable expenses will help you save money.


There are tons of money saving ideas to inspire you to make 2019 a successful year. The key to a prosperous 2019 is to plan, budget, and execute when it comes to finances.

What other money saving ideas you have for us? Share it with us!

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  4. Great ideas! I’m participating in the 52 Weeks Challenge (transfer £1 week 1, £2 week 2, £3 week 3 etc) this year. Already setup transfers through to week 26 now so I don’t have to even consider it!

    1. I love the challenge it was fun for us to do last year. I scheduled my transfers at the beginning of the month. Best of luck let me know how it is going for you.

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