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6 Reasons You Need To Get Your Free Samples By Mail

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Let's talk free samples by mail, shall we? Who doesn't love getting something for free in the mail? How about free samples of favorite products?

If you agree with me so far, you will love that free samples in the mail save you money as well. Yes, it is true!

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Even today, you can receive free samples by mail with no strings if you know where to look. You can even request free fabric swatches as well!

I have even tried to keep up with the ultimate free sample post to help you find all your favorite freebies.

Thanks to my lack of time, I can't keep up with the fantastic free samples available almost daily to us consumers. The good news is that legitimate sites inform us of the latest free samples.

The reality is that not only are freebies well FREE, but they save you money.

People laugh and comment about people who love free samples, but they have a reason for their madness: save money!

Requesting free samples is not just for the thrill of getting the item at no cost to you, but if you are smart and use these samples wisely, you could save money.

So before you pass on that free sample, read the reasons below and see why free samples by mail save you money.

Requesting free samples saves you money and time.

When you request freebies by mail for items such as over-the-counter medicine, shampoo/conditioner, body lotions, and other toiletries, you don't have to run to the store when you realize you ran out.

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If you run out of conditioner, checking your freebie drawer for it helps you save money and a trip to the store. Using your free samples will prevent you from paying full price for an item and spending gas!

You try new products before purchasing it.

You have to love new products and learn to love them fast! Many companies give out free samples of their latest products. Please take advantage of this freebie and request it.

Trying out these products first will prevent you from wasting your hard-earned money on a product you weren't satisfied with.

Samples make great gifts.

Freebies can make great stocking stuffers during the holiday season. They make great gift baskets as well. These baskets are so affordable and thoughtful; I personally think they make the best gifts.

Again, this saves you money, and the savings are ridiculous compared to store-bought gift baskets.

Why buy travel size when you got your freebies.

Going away on vacation, business meeting, etc., and you need to purchase travel-size items to take along? Use your free samples! Using your free stuff and not purchasing “trial” size items will save you money.

Donate them to your local shelter.

This might or might not save you money, but I think this is very thoughtful. If you have samples needed by your local shelter, donate them. If you usually purchase items to donate, use your samples as well.

When you request product samples, you get high-value coupons.

There's nothing better than getting a free sample, and a high-value coupon falls from the box. If you genuinely love the product, a high-value coupon seals the deal! Not only do you get a sample for free, but you also get to save money on future purchases.

Websites to Get Freebies Without Surveys or Credit Cards

We’ve discussed all the great reasons you need to get free samples in the mail, but how can you do so without having to jump through a lot of hoops?

After all, no one has time to spend hours filling out surveys. You also never want to fork over your credit card number to get “free” samples. In fact, legit companies aren’t going to ask for your credit card.

So let’s look at a few different ways to get free samples without filling out surveys or entering your credit card info.

Go Through the Company

Companies want you to discover their new products. In fact, they sometimes have free samples on their sites or coupons for free products. It’s also a great idea to sign up for company emails. Companies will often send out coupons and news about free samples in their emails.

Another tip is to contact companies through their email to tell them how much you love their products. Companies love to get feedback, especially something other than negative comments. Include your mailing address and the company may send you some coupons for free products.

Choose Legit Sites

There are so many awesome sites that will help you find free samples.

The company Free Stuff has been around since 2008 and allows you to easily find samples you might be interested in. Best of all, it lists the requirements for getting the sample so you don’t waste your time.

Another great site is I Love Free Things. The site is such a great one because they update the freebies regularly so you’re more likely to find great freebies that are still available.

Free Stuff Times is a user-friendly site that makes it quick to look over the most recent freebies they’ve found.

Lastly, check out Tryspree. The site makes it easy to request free samples by entering your stored mailing address when you request a sample, but if you want, you can also enter your address yourself.

It’s still a great selection of freebies.

Get Boxes of Samples

If you’re willing to write a review or do some social media shares, you can have boxes of free samples sent to your home on a regular basis. Sometimes you’ll even get free full-sized products.

The reason companies send products to sample sites like this is in hopes that customers will go out and purchase the product once they’ve tried it. It’s a form of marketing.

One of the most popular companies is PINCHme. The key to PINCHme, and some other sites, is to make sure to fully complete your profile and answer all the questions. This ensures the company chooses more samples to send you.

If you’ve got a large following, you’ll want to try the company Influenster. The more you share about your samples box, the more you’ll get in the future.  You will have to spend some time working to get your freebies, but it can be worth it.

A similar site is Smiley 360. Do you love to entertain? Ripple Street will send you free products to hand out to your guests and sometimes decorations as well.

There are so many ways to get your hands on free samples. Give it a try and load your mailbox with freebies.

Your turn: When it comes to free samples by mail, what are your tips and tricks? What other ways do freebies save you money?

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