What Killed My Pageviews and Facebook Reach Plus Kindness

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What Killed My Pageviews and Facebook Reach

Unless you haven't read my online income report you will know that instead of my pageviews going up they have been progressively going down. The good news, if you can call it that, is that I know what killed my pageviews and Facebook reach.

The 2016 Elections!

I never thought that the election was going to have so much effect on bloggers. I never expected that the 2016 elections were going to tank many bloggers pageviews.

If you are not a political site or cover anything political chances are your page was fine. Sites like mine and similiar saw many low pageviews that seriously started to scare us.

The same can be said about Facebook reach! We all noticed and talked about how bad our reach was during the past couple of months.

Learn what kill my pageviews and many other pages and what I learned from this experience. Will they ever go back up? One way to find out.Stop and think how the increase of political Facebook pages in your stream. They kept growing and growing because people were sharing and giving them reach. People were not interest in what I had to say, people wanted to only read and talk about politics and that was that.

As the elections started to getting near, my pageviews continue to tanked and the same for our Facebook pages. Keep in mind that big pages were getting hit too! This is not about well you have this amount of followers or pageviews so that's why your reach and pageview is down. No, is not.

Then it hit me the weekend before the elections. This 2016 elections are seriously killing my business. Anyone that posted about politics got the hits and the reach. Those who didn't and didn't jump the wagon didn't get any views nor reach.

Look at your pageviews if you are blogger during Election Day and tell me how bad your pageviews were? Tell me that during Election Day you were searching the web looking at other people's blog? You weren't, you were glued to the television or internet waiting for the results.

Do I think that our pageviews are going to go up? Somehow I think they will, not fast enough, but soon. People are still worrying and talking about politics and I know my blog is not going to see the pageviews it did last year around this time. All I can do is be optimistic and keep doing what I have been doing and learn from this experience.

Politic was the, and still is, the hot topic people want to talk to about, but I am also seeing a trend of people wanting to read about unity and other more happy and positive topics.

The day after the elections she noticed that one of her post was doing well. The well tend into viral well. The viral well went to her surpasing over 100K+ in pageviews alone. As of right now she has over million pageviews in her blog because of one post.

Her post was about a calendar for kids. Not just any calendar printable, but a random acts of kindness calendar for kids that in my opinion, we can all use too! This post gave people hope and what's even funny, a post I wrote about homeless was shared in Facebook too and brought me much needed traffic as well!

My friends this makes me happy because it gives me hope that people are looking for happy things and kindnesss. If you are interested in reading my friend, Corinne posts the link is below.

Random Acts of Kindness Christmas Calendar for Kids

To keep it going below are positive, make you feel good posts to bring us back to being kinds to another.

If you have a good post please share your link below.

Random Acts of Kindness Christmas Calendar for Kids

5 Reasons I Give Money To The Homeless


Now back to what my plans are to grow my pageviews:

Don't give up!

I am not a quitter. Am I upset about this numbers, yes! But, for some reason I can't give up. I see it as a challenge for me to work on in 2017. It also gives me a reality check that the blogging world is constantly changing.

Elite Blog Academy

I always talk about this and I know I sound like a broken record, but Elite Blog Academy will be known as Elite Blog Academy 3.0. This mean that it will be changing into a new direction and honestly, I just can't wait.

The reason why is because I don't want a how to blog course, I need to grow my business. My blog is my business and if I was able to make over $13K in seven month this year, I know that I will be able to make so much more!

Click the image below to receive a free copy of The Blog Structure Blueprint from Elite Blog Academy.

Grab your free The Blog Structure Blueprint, FREE!

So how will EBA help me? Because for me it is more than just a how to blog or make an income course. It is a course that its ever changing when it comes to online business and if you are serious about turning your blog into an online business then this is for you.

Work my a$$ off!

Look I can't say that I busted my behind this year on my blog because I had some other major issued that took priority. However, I am pretty happy with the income this little blog has provided us this year. Now that I know how much I can make, my goal will be shifting into creating a full time income from this blog next year as well as other products.

I need to work harder to achieve this goal and if that means sleepless nights, so be it! In order to get there I have to leave my comfort zone and I seem to get comfortable on certain things and afraid to try new things.

Stick to 2016 blogging goals

This year blogging goals were just about right. Sadly reaching 250K pageviews died sometime a few months ago! I will keep these goals (you can find them here) and add a few when I'm ready to write my 2017 goals.

Continue for focus on social media

I will say that social media is important and one top goal of mine is to reach 10,000 likes in my Facebook page and I am almost there! It seems that Pinterest has a mind of its own and it has been a hit or miss with me, Facebook will continue to be my focus in 2017.

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Now you know what killed my pageviews and Facebook reach and I wanted to share this because if you are having such a hard time with pageviews and reach, you are not alone! Let's talk about your blog growth and social media growth, how do you think the elections affected you?

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  1. I’ve heard quite a lot of bloggers say that this year’s election made an impact on their page views! Crazy.

  2. So interesting. I never thought of the connection between the two! Hope things get better soon. Stopping by from #SharetheWealthSunday

  3. Hmm. Interesting. I think I will go back and take a look at the numbers. I wasn’t really blogging last year so I can’t really compare it with that, but I think I will see if the numbers dropped recently.

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  6. I definitely noticed my pageviews tanked since just before Election day. I figured that was the cause then, but hadn’t considered that it might well be what has kept them down. I’m ready for a rebound!

  7. My pageviews are not anything to write home about but I actually did about “normal” on Election Day. I actually posted a blog that was relevant to voting/elections so maybe that helped me out? Either way, I’m glad you figured out what caused the slump.

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