Throw a Fabulous Wedding on a Budget

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You got the ring, you’ve got an overflowing “dream wedding” board on Pinterest, then you look at your bank account. Ouch. Now what? Does that dream wedding have to turn into a nightmare just because you’re not rolling in the dough? Absolutely not! There are so many ways to have the wedding of your dreams without going into debt. With some simple tweaks you can throw a fabulous wedding on a budget!

You got the ring, you've got an overflowing "dream wedding" board on Pinterest, then you look at your bank account. An a fabulous wedding on a budget is in the makingThrow a Fabulous Wedding on a Budget

20 Ways to Save on Your Wedding

I wrote this post filled with tips to save money on your wedding right after I got married myself! We kept our wedding budget low, and I’d love to help you do the same. You can throw a fabulous wedding on a budget with these simple tips and tricks!

23 Ways to Save Money on Your Wedding Food Bill from My Online Wedding Help

Everyone knows that the food can be the biggest budget killer in any wedding. How can anyone afford a pretty Pinterest wedding without making their guests starve or pay for food? There’s tons of possibilities, and you don’t have to sacrifice your taste buds to stay within a budget, I promise! Check out this post to find new and creative ways to have great food for your friends and family and throw a fabulous wedding on a budget!

Wedding Planning: Sticking to My Budget

This post shares how even I was tempted to cheat on my budget to have a dream wedding, but ladies, I resisted and you can too! Even if your choices don’t exactly pan out, like my total fail at purchasing a used dress for $100 or less, you can still throw a fabulous wedding on a budget!

Wedding on a Budget: Cheap Ways to Make it Look More Expensive from Kennedy Blue

If you’ve got a Pinterest wedding board that’s bursting at the seams, this is the perfect post for you. It is absolutely filled with ideas to take Pinterest-worthy wedding ideas and achieve them without the hefty price tags. From cute framed wedding art to getting the proper lighting, this post has you covered. You can throw a fabulous wedding on a budget, and your guests will be none the wiser!

Frugal Wedding Planning – Self-Uniting Marriage License

In this post I share about how we saved money on our wedding by skipping the traditional wedding officiant. It took a bit of effort on my part to get the licensing set up, but it saved us so much money in the end!

The $3,000 Wedding: How We Did It from Everything Finance Blog

This couple were head over heels in love, but flat broke. In this post she outlines how they threw together their wedding in only three weeks for only $3,000! She covers the venue, the dress, and even the food. If they can do it, why not you?

How to Stick to a Wedding Budget

When you’re trying to throw a fabulous wedding on a budget, you can start hating your budget real fast. You see that cute idea on Pinterest, and sticking to your budget becomes the last thing on your mind.. The wedding world is full of temptations, so in this post I share how to stick to your wedding budget!

Plan a Wedding on a Budget from Love Laughter Forever After

This lovely mama shares about helping her daughter throw a fabulous wedding on a budget with 200 guests for only $3,000! From big ideas like deciding what’s most important to you to a really fun and cheap idea for unique wedding favors, this post is jam packed!

24 DIY Wedding Favor Ideas from DIY Ready

I just love this post! Buying a ton of ready-made wedding favors adds up really quick, but with these 24 fun and adorable ideas you’ll have cute and creative favors for your guests without going broke. With the extra money saved by DIYing your favors, you can throw a fabulous wedding on a budget. I think the bracelets are my favorites!

DJ Your Own Wedding With These 5 Easy Steps from Brit + Co

I know, I know, what’s a wedding without great music and dancing? But getting a professional DJ can get really expensive, and don’t even get me started on hiring a live band! So what’s a bride-to-be that’s trying to throw a fabulous wedding on a budget to do? Be your own DJ! Make sure you check out this post and you and your guests can dance the night away!

Save Money: Say “I Don’t” to These Wedding Expenses from Go Girl Finance

In this post, Kendal goes over tons of typical wedding expenses that you can skip altogether to have your fabulous wedding on a budget! Trust me, these random expenses have such little impact, you (and your guests) won’t even notice they’re not there, but they’ll make a huge impact on your bottom line!

With these tips, you truly can create a fabulous wedding on a budget! Don’t give up on your Pinterest-perfect dream wedding just yet. It’s your day, so make it count!

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