Why Are We Spending Money On Something We Can Get For Free?

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Today you are going to learn how to score free magazines because you don't need to waste your money on that if you are struggling financially and want to save every penny you can.

As a frugal mom, I am conscious of my spending and where my money is going. I'd rather spend money on others than myself, so splurging on things I enjoy is a rare occasion.

Since taking control of my finances, I was able to discover that I really didn't need to spend money on one of my favorites things, magazines.

That I could get magazines for free without paying a dime. Yes, free magazines!

Many Americans spent millions of dollars paying for magazines subscriptions when you can find them for free.

Whether you love the real deal magazines or a digital version of one, magazines are something you can learn to find for free.

You can get amazing deals on magazines subscriptions for dirt cheap as well, but I am here to discuss where you can find free magazines without spending a dime, and not feel guilty about spending money on it.

Learn how to score free magazines by mail in 2019 with these five ways and save your money. Finding free magazines with no string attached is possible.

5 Ways To Score Free Magazines


  • Value Magazine – has a section where you can score free magazine subscriptions. These selections do vary, so please check back frequently.  Some of their magazine subscriptions are also digital.

They offer year subscriptions or limited amounts for free; meaning, you will receive 4 magazines or maybe 12 magazines. To score some free subscriptions, click here and then Free Magazine Offer tab.

Other online sites where you can score free magazines:

  • Mercury Magazines –  With this site, you have to tell them your trade, choose up to 3 magazines from the list, and complete a form.

This is where it can get tricky since depending on how you answer the questions, you will qualify for free magazines.

  • Reward Gold – This site is based on points and rewards. I have earned some awesome free yearly subscriptions from them and I love it. I received 18 months of US Weekly through this site.

There are many sites out there that say they will give you free subscriptions for magazines. When it's free, it should be free! Nada. A site should never make you put your credit card number.

No credit card required, no strings attached. If a site asks for this information, then you should skip it and move on.



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If you need your magazine fix, head over to your local library and see what their selection is.

Please make sure you double check with your library, as some magazines that are not in circulation are not available to be borrowed.

That being said, you can also borrow digital magazines using Zinio. Many libraries have partnered with Zinio where you can borrow a magazine digitally.

Ask a friend

Maybe that magazine you want to read was already bought by your friend. Why not ask to read it from them at no cost?

Doctor's Office

Ask around and see if they are willing to give you a free copy of old magazines and such. They sometimes have free magazines to take home with you, depending on your doctor's office.

Deal Sites

Sometimes My Stay At Home Adventures will post a free offer for free magazines.

Many other deal sites will post offers to receive either a free 1-year subscription or less. Take advantage of these posts as soon as possible, because they are very limited.

Not everyone hates magazines, some of us enjoy reading them. Whether you like the paper kind or digital kind, you don't have to pay for them and feel guilty about it. O Magazines, Better Homes & Garden, you can get them for free.

How do you obtain free magazines?


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  1. Will have to check these out to see if I can score Nat Geo for free! Renew it every year at father’s day for my husband, and typically find a great deal, but free is better!

    1. Yeah! I used to love Shape magazine used to pay for it for dirt cheap. Then I found it for free! Now if I could um implement what I read there I would be in a great shape. 😉

  2. I thank you so much for opening up my eyes. I mean when you can do the frugal way, why not. Thanks so much for the advice.

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