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40 Ways to Save Money That Works!

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Let’s talk about the top 40 ways to save money that you can do. That are realistic and achievable and has helped many, including myself.

Let’s begin.

Saving money is always on my mind and one of the hardest to maintain throughout the year.

As simple as it may sound, saving money is one of the most challenging when it comes to keeping up with our personal finances. To help you start saving this year, here are 40 ways to save money that work!

We talked about saving money, a lot, on this blog; and if saving money was so easy, we wouldn’t be in such financial messes in this country.

We are more focused on spending money than saving money it seems at the moment; and if any of these 40 ways to save money inspire you and helps you to save, then our job here is done.

If you are even wondering how to save money fast on a low income to answer your question, yes you can! No matter your income you can save money with these 40 tips and ideas.

The truth is that we have about covered every way to save money here, and it seems that as the year passes, new ideas to help you save money just keep coming. Just this year, we started using Digit to help grow our savings, and we simply love it.

Why is saving money important?

Money not saved will cost you more money.

As stated above, if you don’t have the funds to pay for an emergency, it could cost you more money.

Not having money to fix your car, you decided to charge it to your credit card.  Credit cards will charge you an outrageous amount of interest if it is not paid in full that month.

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If you don’t use your credit card and use a cash advance place, you will pay fees and interests as well.

If you decided not to pay one of your bills and use that money to pay for your car service bill, you would pay a late fee for not paying your bill one time.

There is even a service reinstated fee for having your service shut off due to no payment.

Do you see the effects of not saving money? Credit cards, cash loan services, and not paying your bills are not ways to pay for emergencies.

The money that you have saved is what you need to pay for your emergencies. No extra cost at all, and no stress!

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Peace of Mind

Knowing that you have money saved will reduce your stress level. No more worrying about how you are going to afford for that unwanted emergency (like that noise in your car’s engine that is quickly getting worse).

As you save money, your stress level will go down because you know you have the money to cover it.


When you save money, you have more control over your life. I didn’t enjoy my job, and I wanted to stay at home with my kids.

We had enough money saved that when I had to quit my job, we knew we would be OK because we had the funds to helps us get to the next chapter of our lives.

You can control your money and not let money control you. Fast forward to today, and I work from home, and every time we continue to save, we tell our money where to go; not the other way around.

Now that you know why saving money is important, I hope you get inspired by these 40 ways to save money that will work!

40 Ways to Save Money Today

Live by the adage: Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without

This alone says it all! If you have something use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without! In today’s world, we seem to forget and want more, spent more and acted like everything is a need.

Budget – track every single dime you spend

Tracking everything you spend and your income is what needs to be done. Seriously, do you sit and track every penny spent?

Believe it or not, many people don’t take the time to track their finances at all! If wanting to save money is what you want.

Buy used

Buying second-hand and used is by far a great way to save money. A great example is to buy second-hand baby clothes because honestly, babies grow fast and buying new clothes for a newborn is a waste of money sometimes.

Don’t buy it on sale if you don’t need it

The assumption that if an item is on sale, you must buy it doesn’t mean you are saving money. The question you need to ask yourself is if you NEED this item. Remember spending money means you are not saving money.

Scrape containers for the last bit

Scrapping the last of your toothpaste or the last of your shampoo doesn’t make you a bad person at all. It makes you a smart, savvy person, my friend. Nothing wrong with getting that last of toothpaste or gel from that container, you paid for it!

Pay all bills on time

Many people don’t realize that paying your bills late means you are paying more. When you don’t pay your bills on time, you are paying late fees and sometimes disconnection charges and connection charges.

Avoid impulse buying

To avoid impulse buying let me give you some tips. Use a shopping list; don’t go out shopping if you don’t need anything. Have an urge to spend money? Wait it out at least 3 days!

Coupon, shop around for the best deals

There is nothing wrong with taking the time to find the best deal on an item. Take the time to shop around and see if there are coupons available to maximize the sale.

Maintain your things

The reason behind maintaining your things is so they can last longer and save you money. Keeping your home maintenance is a great example. Keeping yearly cleaning on your home gutters and AC unit is a great way to save money.

Avoid buying coffee

The average price of a tall coffee in Starbucks is about $3.00! Sorry, my friends but you don’t NEED Starbuck coffee to survive. Many of us have done a great without it.

As trendy and as good at it coffee may sound, buying coffee from your grocery store and making it at home will save you money

Pack lunch

Just like purchasing coffee the same can be said about buying your lunch every day. Seriously think about packing lunch because the truth is that you will be saving money. TONS of money.

Utilize leftovers

Leftovers are a great way to save money! Let’s be real food waste equals money waste.

Cook at home

Just like avoiding buying lunch at work, cooking your meals at home will save you money. Create simple meals with affordable ingredients to keep your costs even lower.

Freeze meals

If you made a meal and know you have enough to freeze for later, do it! Freezing meals not only save you money but it saves you time in the kitchen.

Buy in bulk

Sometimes buying in bulk saves you more money. One thing to remember is that the entire point of buying bulk is to purchase items with the lowest price-per-unit as possible.

Buy generic

Generic brands are not always bad or “cheaper” knockoffs. If you take the time to read the ingredient and who manufactures them, you will be surprised.

Create a shopping list

A shopping list is a great tool to have to help you stick to what you need to buy and not overspend at all.

It also avoids missing essential items you need that you might have to go to the store to buy again. Before heading to the store, create a list of the things you need and only purchase those items on your list.

Don’t go grocery shopping hungry

Going to the store when hungry has to be the worst thing I do. Ever enter a grocery store and smell those delicious bakery items and your stomach screams I WANT THAT!

The truth is that going shopping will cause you to overspend more. You are not thinking with your head but with your stomach so before you go out, eat something.

Replace soda with water

The cost of soda is up, and it is also not good for you! Now when we say water, we don’t always mean bottled water as sometimes bottled water can cost as much as soda!

Water is free and if you don’t trust your tap water invest in a filter. We have bottle waters with filters, and it saves us money.

DIY soap, laundry detergent, and dishwashing soap

Want to save even more money, DIY your home cleaners and soap. Seem like vinegar is the best thing around when it comes to a home cleaner.

Check out these DIY home cleaner recipes and find the best homemade cleaner for the job.

Cut cable

Yes, you can live without cable many people do it and you can too! There are many alternatives out there.

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Cut music subscriptions

Try Pandora or any other free music service that lets you listen to music for free!

Cancel gym memberships

Try-at-home workouts because you can exercise without spending money.

Get magazines at your local library instead of buying them

You can get magazines for free now a day, and you don’t have to spend money on subscriptions. Learn how to score free magazines when you read this link.

Rent movies from the library instead of buying them

If you didn’t know the library has movies you can rent for free! You can also ask your friends and family to borrow movies.

Find free or money-making hobbies

My money-making hobby is now my source of income! I started blogging as a hobby never thinking it was going to pay me well!


Nothing wrong with carpooling, my friends!

Never buy toys new

Buying brand new toys is seriously a waste of money we parents and many people fall for. Toys are fantastic, but you remember as a child how we treated our toys and what happens to them after a while.

Kids love toys, and I agree with that, but kids don’t care if they are new or used. Spend the money purchasing used toys. Kids are not going to care!

Plan gift-giving ahead of time

Planning ahead will save you money and the reason why is because you won’t be rushing. You will be having time to prepare and budget right.

Turn holed jeans into shorts

Be creative! The good thing about jeans is that even jeans with holes are stylish! But if you have to they need to, then turn your jeans into shorts!

Resell unused clothing

Reselling your unused baby clothes and kids’ clothes and even gently used clothes is the way to go. Take the money you make and either save or invest in buying used clothes.

Learn how to sew buttons

Learn how to sew buttons is just more to that; it’s about learning to be able to fix things to save a buck.

Buy clothing used

Again, buying used clothes will save you money, tons of money!

Shop clearance racks

Nothing wrong with buying clearance and creating a habit to visit clearance racks will benefit you and your wallet.

Find discount chains

Discount chains are stores that sell products below the market price. To take it a step further you can find a liquidator store and score big on products you need around the home.

Shop out of season

Buying items out of season will guarantee you best prices if they are on sale or clearance prices. During spring it is the best time to buy winter clothes. February is the best time to buy coats on clearance.

Avoid fads and trends

Fads are trends that mean paying more. Seriously, just skip them at all costs.

Keep your wardrobe flexible for a mix-and-match

Limit your wardrobe and make it manageable for mix-and-match you will also save time and money on laundry.

Avoid spending temptations

One thing I do is avoid deal sites, reading ads and anything that tempts me to spend money. Avoid anything that triggers you to spend money.

Enjoy living in financial security!

There is nothing better than living in financial security knowing that your debt is low and you don’t have to worry about paying credit card, loans and wondering where your money is going.

40 Ways to Save Money List

40 Ways To Save Money Free Printable
  1. Live by the adage: Use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without
  2. Budget – track every single dime you spend
  3. Buy used
  4. Don’t buy it on sale if you don’t need it
  5. Scrape containers for the last bit
  6. Pay all bills on time.
  7. Avoid impulse buying; wait 3 days before buying anything
  8. Coupon, shop around for the best deals
  9. Maintain your things
  10. Avoid buying coffee
  11. Pack lunch
  12. Utilize leftovers
  13. Cook at home
  14. Freeze meals
  15. Buy in bulk
  16. Buy generic
  17. Create a shopping list; stick to it
  18. Don’t go grocery shopping hungry
  19. Replace soda with water
  20. DIY soap, laundry detergent, and dishwashing soap
  21. Cut cable
  22. Cut music subscriptions; try Pandora, Amazon music, or iTunes radio
  23. Cancel gym memberships; try at-home workouts
  24. Get magazines at your local library instead of buying them
  25. Rent movies from the library instead of buying them
  26. Find free or money-making hobbies
  27. Carpool
  28. Never buy toys new
  29. Plan gift-giving ahead of time
  30. Turn holed jeans into shorts
  31. Resell unused clothing
  32. Learn how to sew buttons
  33. Buy clothing used
  34. Shop clearance racks
  35. Find discount chains
  36. Shop out of season
  37. Avoid fads and trends
  38. Keep your wardrobe flexible for a mix-and-match
  39. Avoid spending temptations (people, locations, websites)
  40. Enjoy living in financial security!

Download the 40 Ways to Save Money free printable here.


There you have 40 ways to save money that you can start doing today! The path to financial freedom is not an easy one but with these 40 ideas you can start saving and getting close to the journey.

Your turn: What are your thoughts about these 40 ways to save money? What would you add?

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