24 Foods You Didn’t Know You Could Freeze

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To help you save money when it comes to food, we have told you about ways to save money on your groceries. Another way to help you save money is by freezing your food. If you are new to freezing food, here are 24 foods you didn’t know you could freeze.

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24 Foods You Didn't Know You Could Freeze

menu planning pastaPasta

After you freeze and you are ready to eat, add a sprinkle of water and heat it up in the microwave.

potato chipsPotato chips and Pretzels

Via Pure Wow

I know you are just about crying with joy over this: yes you can freeze your favorite potato chips or pretzels by taking the bag and placing it in the freezer.

Simple Shrimp Stock post adChicken broth

Make sure you freeze it into an airtight, freezer safe container. Do not sore in the can.


Just like you freeze pasta, you can freeze rice.


Via Well Vegan

Oh yeah, my friends, you can freeze avocados and in a way that you don’t have to worry about them looking all nasty.

50655c8774c5b64b1d0001a0._w.540_h.536_s.fit_Fresh herbs in olive oil

Via The Kitchn

Gather your favorite fresh herbs and freeze them with olive oil.

freezer-tomato-sauceTomato sauce

Via Leite’s Culinaria

You can freeze your delicious tomato sauce to serve with pasta or tomato soup.

limes-400-kalynskitchenFresh lemon juice and lime juice

Via Kalyn’s Kitchen

Learn how to freeze and store lemon and lime juice.

How-to-Prep-and-Freeze-Cauliflower-Rice-1wCauliflower rice

Via The Pinning Mama

Paleo? This one is for you. Learn how to prepare and freeze cauliflower rice.

1-how-to-freeze-garlic-500x500-kalynskitchenMinced Garlic

Via Kalyn’s Kitchen

Quit paying a high price for minced garlic in the jar. Learn how to make minced garlic for the freezer.

food to freezeMashed Potatoes

Via About a Mom

Check out this mashed potatoes recipe so you can freeze it for later.

Fresh basil

Via Kalin’s Kitchen

Save money by freezing fresh basil

Homemade burger patties

Via Good Cheap Eats

Learn how to create homemade burger parties to help you save time this summer.

Iceberg Lettuce

Via Cooking By The Book

corn_in_freezer_bagsFresh corn

Via Kimberly’s Thought On Just About Everything

During corn season freeze some for later.


Via Can You Freeze This

When you prepare more homemade hummus than you’d expected, all you have to do is simply freeze it.

Organic peanut butter

Store bought peanut butter have at least a year-long shelf life. Freezing organic peanut butter and thawing it will be fine.


Via Momdot.

Freezing applesauce is a very simple process to make and good for you that will make your family happy.

1 measureButtermilk for baking

Via Budget Bytes

Freeze your buttermilk and use it when you need to bake.

food to freeze(1)Chocolate

Via Serious Eats

You can freeze chocolate, and there are some great tips on how to when you head over to Serious Eats.

Cookie dough

Via Sally’s Baking Addiction

Good news, you can freeze cookie dough. This is great during the holiday time and will save you time too!

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Freeze tortillas well and all you need is parchment paper and a freezer bag.


Make sure that when you fill the container you don’t fill it to the top to give room for expansion.

food to freeze(2)Flour

Flour lasts long in the freezer. Some bakers say that keeping flour frozen makes for a flakier pastry crust.

Conclusion of Food You Didn't Know You Could Freeze

Now that you have an idea of what foods you can freeze start implementing and start reducing food waste and saving money.

Your turn: You read food you didn't know you could freeze now we want to know what are your thoughts and tips. Share it with us!

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