What Is The Tastiest Way to Cook Fish? (Plus 30 Fish Recipes)

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Every time fish is on the dinner table, an array of bold flavors and textures awaits your taste buds. But if you’re looking to bring out the best in this dish, it pays to consider how you cook it. Whether you grill, fry, or bake it, various methods offer pleasing results that can transform a typical weeknight meal into something special.

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We’ll take a look at 30 tantalizing recipes with fish as the star ingredient so that the next time you buy fresh fillets from the store, deliciousness will be guaranteed!

Join us as we explore the most flavorful dishes around and discover what makes cooking with fish truly rewarding.

What is the tastiest way to cook fish?

Fish can be cooked in many delicious ways, but some of the tastiest methods involve minimal ingredients and preparation time. 

Whether you’re looking for a quick meal or something special to serve to dinner guests, here are some of the tastiest ways to cook fish: grilling, baking, poaching, and pan-frying are all popular cooking techniques that bring out the best flavor in fish. 

Grilling is an excellent choice if you want to give your dish an intense smoky aroma and crispy exterior. Baking gives fish a milder taste while preserving its moisture. Poaching yields softer results; plus, it allows you to infuse flavors like lemon juice or white wine into the meat as it cooks.

You might enjoy these recipes:

How does Gordon Ramsay cook fish?

Gordon Ramsay is a master of cooking fish. He starts by seasoning the fish with salt and pepper before heating a small amount of oil in a large pan over medium-high heat. He then adds the fish to the hot pan and cooks on each side for 2-3 minutes, flipping only once.

Once cooked to perfection, he removes it from heat and garnishes it with herbs or butter for extra flavor, if desired. Finally, the delicious fish is served immediately with your favorite accompaniments!

What fish is good for dinner?

Many types of fish are available to choose from in the seafood section of your local grocery store. You can find the perfect type of fish for your dinner, depending on your preferences and dietary needs. 

For those looking for a delicate flavor that pairs well with almost any side dish, tilapia is an excellent choice. This white fish is also high in protein and low in fat, providing a nutritious meal option that even picky eaters will enjoy. 

Salmon is another favorite among seafood lovers due to its rich flavor, and Omega-3 fatty acids benefit heart health. It's also easy to prepare at home; season it with salt and pepper or add some herbs before baking in the oven or grilling on the stovetop.

Using an air fryer to cook frozen salmon offers a convenient and efficient method to enjoy a delicious dinner in no time.

What is the best fish to bake?

One great type of fish to bake is salmon. When cooked properly, this fatty, pink-hued fish has an unmistakable flavor and succulent texture.

It can be baked on its own with seasonings or combined with other ingredients such as herbs, citrus juice, or vegetables like onions and peppers for added flavor.

The key to achieving the perfect result when baking salmon is to ensure it’s cooked through but not overdone—this will ensure it remains moist and flavorful.

20 Fabulous Fish Recipes You Need To Try This Week

From starters to main courses, here you’ll find some fantastic ideas on how to whip up a delicious fish-based meal.

Baked Cod with Lemon and Garlic

In less than 30 minutes, you'll have a restaurant-quality baked cod that will impress your family or guests! Serve it alongside some steamed vegetables or mashed potatoes for an impressive yet effortless meal.

Salmon with Creamy Dill Sauce

This simple salmon with creamy dill sauce recipe is a perfect weeknight dinner. The combination of fresh, flaky fish paired with a creamy sauce featuring the bright flavor of dill is sure to please all palates. 

Baja Fish Tacos

These delicious fish tacos are made with a combination of light and crispy fried fish, spicy cabbage slaw, and creamy avocado. The perfect blend of flavors makes them an instant favorite for taco lovers everywhere!

Fish Piccata

This flavorful fish piccata consists of thin slices of white fish, such as sole or cod, lightly dusted in flour and then cooked in a garlic lemon butter sauce. The sauce gives the fish a slightly tangy flavor that perfectly complements the delicate texture of the fish.

Tilapia Florentine

This classic Italian recipe combines creamy spinach, flavorful herbs, and juicy tilapia fillets for a delicious, light meal. Perfect for those looking to get creative in the kitchen or those who want a nutritious dinner option, Tilapia Florentine will quickly become a staple in your home kitchen.

Psari Plaki

Psari Plaki is a classic Greek dish that will please the whole family. This traditional dish consists of fish, tomatoes, and onions stewed in a savory tomato sauce. It can be served as a light dinner or lunch option or used as a star attraction at any special event. 

Baked Sole Fillet

A baked sole fillet is a simple and delicious seafood dish that can be prepared in minutes. Whether cooked with herbs or topped with butter and lemon, anyone looking to add more seafood to their diet can enjoy this easy meal. 

Cornmeal-Crusted Catfish

This is a classic Southern dish that's easy to make and flavorful. This simple Cornmeal-Crusted Catfish recipe will help you create a restaurant-quality meal right in your own kitchen. You can serve this delicious fish with your favorite side dishes for an unforgettable dinner. 

Maple Pecan Salmon

This Maple Pecan Salmon is an easy, delectable dinner that can be made in under 30 minutes. A perfect mix of sweet and savory flavors, this dish is sure to please even the pickiest of eaters. 

Salmon Kabobs

Bursting with flavor and nutrients, this simple dish is perfect for summertime grilling or winter oven-baking. Succulent chunks of wild-caught salmon combined with colorful vegetables like bell peppers and onions make an impressive presentation.

Parmesan Fish Sticks

This classic dish is made with breaded white fish fillets, Parmesan cheese, and a variety of seasonings. The crispy exterior contrasts the flaky interior, making Parmesan Fish Sticks a winner in any kitchen!

Bahamian Boiled Fish

It's a simple yet flavorful Bohamian Boiled Fish recipe made with fresh fish, peppers, onions, celery, and other seasonings. This traditional dish is easy to make and can be served for lunch or dinner.

Lime-Harissa Spicy Salmon

This easy lime-harissa spicy salmon recipe is a flavor-packed meal that comes together in no time. You can find jarred harissa in most grocery stores or make your own at home if you prefer. Once you have it on hand, this recipe is incredibly simple to make.

Tomato-Poached Halibut

Succulent halibut is poached in a tomato broth for an intense flavor that’s hard to resist. This light and flavorful meal will be the star of any dinner table, especially when served with a side of roasted vegetables or a green salad. 

Tuna Tataki Bowl

This Spicy Tuna Poke Bowl is a heavenly experience full of flavor and nutrition. Chunks of succulent tuna, creamy avocado slices, refreshing cucumbers, zesty, spicy mayo, and crunchy scallions cut on the bias and tantalize the senses.

The mix of fresh ingredients is piled atop steamed rice, with each layer lifting the flavors to the next level. Together they create an explosion of taste that will leave you craving more!

Paleo Battered Fish

Make this crispy, Paleo Battered Fish for a healthy, 30-minute meal that kids will love! This delicious meal consists of fresh fish that has been fried until golden brown. The result is an irresistible combination of texture and flavor.

Thai Coconut Fish Curry Slow Cooker Recipe

This Thai coconut fish curry recipe is one I want to try and soon. This simple yet satisfying meal can be made in just minutes, with minimal effort. Add in your desired spices for extra flavor, and let the slow cooker do its magic! 

Oven Roasted Whole Branzino One Pan Recipe

You are going to love this oven-roasted whole Branzino one-pan recipe from Peas and Peonies. This simple yet flavorful oven-roasted branzino recipe is perfect for busy weeknights. With just one pan, you can enjoy a delicious meal that’s full of healthy fats and lean proteins. 

Gluten-Free Fish Sticks

If you are looking for a delicious gluten-free fish recipe, check this one out! Made with fresh whitefish, gluten-free breadcrumbs, and a blend of spices, they offer a delicious way to enjoy the flavor of seafood without all the unhealthy additives. 

Mojo Fish Kabobs

This Mojo Fish Kabobs recipe has everything I love, pineapple, fish, and peppers. The perfect accompaniment to any fish dish is the zesty taste of this marinade, as it tenderizes the meat while grilling. 

Simple Italian Pan Fried Fish

Simple Italian Pan Fried Fish recipe looks delicious! This recipe requires few ingredients and very little time, making it the perfect weeknight dinner option. With this easy-to-follow recipe, you can create an authentic Italian meal right in your own kitchen! 

Spicy Fish Tacos Recipe

This Spicy Fish Tacos Recipe looks amazing and full of flavor. This flavorful dish gets its heat from peppers, which provide an extra burst of flavor without being too overwhelming. Creamy fish sauce is sprinkled on each taco to balance the spice. 

Fishy Italian Fish Soup

This Fishy Italian Soup recipe is a nutritious meal that is sure to satisfy even the pickiest eaters! Serve this soup with crusty bread or croutons for dipping into the soup, adding an extra layer of texture and flavor. 

Stuffed Fish with Pomegranates and Walnuts

Stuffed Fish with Pomegranates and Walnuts is filled with walnuts and pomegranates. The result is succulent fish surrounded by sweet pomegranate juices and crunchy walnuts – it's like eating two dishes at once!

Fish with Eggplant Caponata Sauce

Fish With Eggplant Caponata Sauce is made with white fish paired with a robustly roasted eggplant caponata sauce. The combination of sweet and salty flavors creates an irresistible taste sensation, making this dish ideal for entertaining guests at dinner parties. 

Beer Battered Fish & Chips

Beer Battered Fish & Chips is a classic British dish that’s both delicious and easy to make. The combination of beer-battered cod, deep-fried chips, and a creamy tartar sauce is a favorite for all ages. It’s perfect as an appetizer or main course – ideal for any occasion!

One Pan Fish and Veggies

If you're looking for a super simple and nutritious dinner, one pan of fish and veggies is the way to go. This easy dish comes together in no time, making it perfect for a weeknight meal. Not only is this meal packed with flavor, but also with a combination of protein, fiber, vitamins and minerals. 

Crispy Baked Goldfish Crackers Fish Sticks

Talk about unique check out this fish stick recipe with Goldfish. I can't wait to try this one! A favorite snack of kids and adults alike, these fish sticks are packed with flavor. Get ready to experience the one-of-a-kind taste of Goldfish baked into a crunchy stick for snacking perfection.

Blackened Tilapia Fish Tacos

This Blackened Tilapia Fish Tacos recipe seems to be full of flavor. The vibrant flavors of the blackening seasoning blend perfectly with the delicate sweetness of the fish, creating a dish that is sure to satisfy the whole family. 

Tea Smoked Fish

Check out how to infuse flavor into your tea with this Tea Smoked Recipe. This simple yet flavorful dish is prepared by infusing smoky flavors from tea leaves and spices, giving the fish an intense flavor that can be found in many Chinese restaurants today. 


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